Monday, December 8, 2008

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival'09 to embark on schedule

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival LogoThe ethnic extravaganza, the spectacular Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2009 will be officially unveiled to mesmerize the globe as per its annual schedule i.e. 20th to 22nd January, acquaints the Organizing Committee of the PPWF’09 here, today.

With the ├ęclat celebrations of previous year still enduring, the Organizers are optimistic that the PPWF’09 will magnetize more global guests this year as it has decided to introduce some new fascinating formats into the festival frames. The Organizers enlightens blithely that the PPWF’09 has
determined to broaden its scope by incorporating more incredible tribes and traditionPangsau Pass Winter Festivals of amazing Arunachal and mesmerizing North East, respectively. The resurrection of the ancient heritages of exodus era in these 3 delightful days of ethnic celebration is presumed to entice and entertain the global back packers and culture hunters. Besides, experiencing the exuberant spirits of multi-culture amalgamation and nibbling the indigenous cuisines, the mega event will also exert superfluous efforts to regale the eco-aficionados by opening its enthralling corridors to explore the nature’s treasure house and it’ll also proffer the rarest opportunities to wreath and revere on the grave of bravest soldiers of the war at the World War- II Cemetery, adds the report.

MapTwo splendid years down the line, with little flaws and prudence’s, the assiduous endeavors to depict the tribal heritages, indigenous cuisines and ethnic etiquette along with the sighting of mindboggling bio-assets have become the hallmark of this mammoth carnival and as ever, it is sure enough to mesmerize with its flamboyant presentation and extensive ecoexploration, says the release.

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  • Arif Siddiqui

    Thanks AG for putting this up in your popular blog.
    We are getting quite a good response this year. Most likely the Department of Tourism, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh is going to adopt festival this time.
    Wish, if you can visit this time.


  • AG

    Glad to hear that Arif. This festival should have been adopted by Department of Tourism from the beginning itself, but better late than never :)

    I wish I could make it to Pangsau Pass Festival but as of now no chance.

    Hey, did you updated about the information on this festival in your site? Last time I visited, just after uploading of this post, I couldn't find any information on this festival in your site.

  • Arif Siddiqui

    Rightly pointed out AG but information is yet to be updated on the website. Actually our webmaster Kamlesh, all of a sudden has to go to his native town for some urgent domestic affairs and mean while I had already released the mails without knowing this. He will be soon back and will do the job on priority basis.

  • Rome Mele

    AG and Arif,

    After going through the blog posts on Arunachal tourism and stuffs around it in internet, its only the changlang side that I get to see. Quite a good effort from people who are there and willing to bring in some changes and let people know the beautiful things around. And on similar note... over the period I'vent seen any other people from AP working so much hard on this front. And a big hand goes to Arif... atleast people ... infact tons of us now know your excellent photography, no wonder Changlang will be very glad to have.

  • Ajay

    Yesterday I visited the ArunachalHouse in Delhi after reading this info but was told that we are not allowed into Pangsau,so cannot see the festival.
    Ajay Prasad

  • AG

    Hi Ajay,
    The roundabout to getting entry into Arunachal Pradesh to be part of Pansau Pass Festival would be to apply for ILP to visit Changlang District-more specifically Jairampur and Nampong (the venue for the festival). I guess this would help you in getting permit to enter Arunachal Pradesh and be part of the festival :)

    For more info on the festival visit Changlang District's official site here or visit this link to know how to reach the venue, where to stay or about the tour operators that would help you into this festival.

    Hope the above information is of help to you.


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