Monday, December 22, 2008

Two houses devoured by fire at Hapoli

At about 6.00pm yesterday evening, a fire broke out from the house of one Tasso Kaya, situated some distance beneath the PDS godown (earlier CPO), taking along with the house of one Hage Sambyo which were reduced to ashes.

Considering the Town Planning of Hapoli Township or rather lack of it (there was no way that a fire engine could reach the spot), bunch of arrogant and insensitive people who cut the hose when firefighters somehow managed to bring the hose to the site by coupling hoses together and was trying to douse the fire and the mute spectators that were blocking the passage of those tending the fire; it was thought that it would turn to a major catastrophe engulfing almost half of Hapoli market area but for the sincere efforts of those who despite all the odds were able to contain the fire from spreading.

At the time of fire, it is reported that the occupants-a group of youngsters who were residing and looking after the house, the owner being at Itanagar, had gone to village to mend fences. People says that fire probably started from electrical short circuit arising out of loose electrical wiring done for decoration for Christmas day celebration and left unattended owing to power cut due to load shedding. However, exact cause of fire is not known yet.

Thinking of yesterday evening's fire and the thought that it could have burnt almost half of Hapoli Township, sends down chill in my spine, still. There was no way that fire could have been controlled without the help of fire fighters. I'm surprised as to why those bunch of insensitive people cut the hose almost putting Hapoli Township under jeopardy? Why don't they just let the professionals do what they are trained to do? Now, from yesterday's incident I come to believe that it's not the fire service department that is at fault always. Somehow, I feel it's people like us who don't let the professional do the work and clear the way for them to do their work, more responsible for letting the fire cause more damage. Time to think twice.

Also, it's time we seriously give a thought to the town planning and settlement in Hapoli Market area. But who would make the first move?


  • taj

    This act of blaming the fire department after every fire accident should stop. Way back from 1979 onward we got to see this type of re-action from the populace of Ziro. In that year there was almost huge uproar over the delay of fire brigade in coming to call of duty during a major fire accident at Bula village. Worse was to happen, involving the entire student community of Ziro H.S.School. SP was taken hostage, firing was resorted to,many student and general public were affected from the re-action of law and order machinery.

    Even in not so distant past, this type of mis-advanture took place in Hija village, the people there broke the wind shield of Fire Brigade's vehicle. And, the most recent one occured at Kalung village.

    We as an Apatani are proud to bark around as one of the most educated, lo and behold, this is what we do. we should educated the general mass how to avoid such catastrophe in the first place and if not at least the disaster management method for such emergencies.

    Next time if any such foolishness occurs, Govt. should consider withdrawing the Fire Department and see how all takes a lesson from it.

  • AG

    You pointed out rightly, Taj and I agree with you that there's lot to be done to imbibe civic sense among we Apatani's and hopefully we would learn from such incidents happening day in and day out. Or would we?

    Regarding disaster management esp. in the case of fire disaster, I would say we Apatani are highly evolved. Take for instance the steps taken to contain fire, rehabilitation and resettlement of affected families which hardly takes 3 days.

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