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Thank You

Indibloggies-2008 results are out. Unfortunately, Arunachal Diary could not make it to the winning lists.

So, am I disappointed?

On the contrary, I’m not. In fact, I’m overwhelmed. Being a blog focusing on a niche subject of Arunachal Pradesh and having very limited reach, I was not expecting that much vote (see the result stats here) and considering the other widely read blogs to which it was pitted against, I was expecting Arunachal Diary to be in the bottom in category to which it was nominated for. But you’ve proved me wrong. Thank you guys for taking out your valuable time to vote for Arunachal Diary.

Also congratulation to all the wonderful blogs that has won the award in the categories to which their blog was nominated.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Vote for Arunachal Diary

Your very own Arunachal Diary has been nominated for the IndiBloggies Award-2008 under Best Group Indiblog Category along with ThinkChange India, India PR Blog, Indian Muslims and Mutiny.

The voting has begun and will continue till 10th of December, 2009. So why wait, head over to the voting page and vote for Arunachal Diary to make your very own Arunachal Diary a winner in the "Best Group Indiblog" Category.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2010: Magic Continues


by Tom Simai

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival LogoIn 2007, a simple idea of then Legislative Speaker, Setong Sena resurrected the ebbed period of the bucolic tribes, which was lost somewhere in search of contemporary comforts. Thankfully, three years later, the petite perception now offers international exposure to not one tribe but most of the tribes of Arunachal, including the neighboring nation, Myanmar. Traditions has altered Arunachal, changed the modern mindsets of Changlang District. It has also modified a sweet sleepy town like Nampong and its neighborhoods into global village or tourism hub, integrating the distinct tribes and cultures that once drifted due to religious differences. It’s admirable that the sincere efforts of Tangsa community has coalesced the countless tribes of Arunachal to script together, the triumphs of tribal legacy. Interestingly, this mammoth fair has been able to flatten the many fallacious myths that persisted prior to its origination which was hampering the harmonious subsistence and socio-cultural growth of the tranquil state.

It’s an enchanting voyage to the distant land. An adventurous journey to the hidden terrain. The mystic soil ofPangsau Pass Winter Festival

Tangsas, they are one of the major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, inhabiting in most part of Changlang districts. An unforgettable occasion is unfolding, offering the pleasure to blend the New Year with ethnic amusements. An enriching experiences of Arunachal Cultures and Cuisines. The Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2010 is the gateway to the shrouded paradise - Arunachal Pradesh

As the odyssey of discovery penetrates the heart of the ethnic extravaganza, events spontaneously begin to weave unforgettable memories. The rustic lanes, the endless greeneries, the dense foliage obscuring the motor tracks, the plummeting rivulets near the historic Stillwell Road, the birds diving through the tree canopies and the insects in the forest floor makes the visit worthwhile.

During the three-day extravaganza from January 20 to 22nd 2010, survive the heady thrill of the folk songs and dances, fashion shows, the ethnic food fiesta, traditional sports, the Pangsau Pass expedition, sightseeing, eco-trekking, boating on the Rima & Namchik river, Burmese culture, as well as visits to the World War-II Cemetery, the Border bazaar, The Lake of No Return & The Hell Gate etc.

“Secy. Tourism informed that cultural troupes from other parts of the North East will participate in the festival, adding that she will also invite cultural troupes from North India to give a boost to cultural understanding with other parts of country.”

For more details on this festival visit Amazing Arunachal or Contact:

Director Tourism
Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar.

Additional Deputy Commissioner, Jairampur
Fax – 03800-223000

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Khandu allocate portfolios to his new Ministry

Lifting the veil off suspense over who would be allotted which ministry, finally, portfolios has been allotted to the 11 Ministers inducted into Khandu Ministry. Following are the portfolios allotted to the Ministers:

  1. Tako Dabi – Home

  2. Nabam Tuki – PWD and UD

  3. Jarbom Gamlin – Parliamentary Affairs and Power (Electrical)

  4. Setong Sena – Finance and Lottery

  5. Kalikho Pul – RWD and Tax and Excise

  6. Bosiram Siram – Education

  7. Chowna Mein – PHED

  8. Tanga Byaling – Health

  9. Atum Welly – WRD

  10. Takar Marde – RD and Panchayat

  11. Hongchun Ngandam – Horticulture

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dorjee Khandu set to become CM for second term

Putting rest to speculation surfaced prior to Arunachal Pradesh going to polls on October 13th that the Pradesh Congress was divided over post of Chief Ministership with Dorjee Khandu and Nabam Tuki trying to outdo each other, the newly elected Congress legislators in a CLP meeting today unanimously elected Dorjee Khandu as the leader of Congress Legislature Party.

He is set to become Chief Minister for second term once a formal nod is given by the party president.

Should Dorjee Khandu continue as CM of Arunachal?

No, says the Arunachal Youth Federation, when media speculates that Dorjee Khandu is set to take over the reign of the state for second term.

The reasons (source -The Arunachal Times):

  1. The state has seen deteriorating law and order problem, nepotisms and corruption reaching its peak under his regime.

  2. His close affinity with the spiritual leader Dalai Lama and his cultural and social similarity and his deep concerned for the Tibetan cause.

  3. Highest rate of corruption especially in department of Hydropower and civil supply during his regime and

  4. Repeated Chinese claim during his regime.

Well, what do you think about their allegations?

Outcome of Election Result brings Capital of Arunachal to standstill

Have you been following Arunachal Diary's tweet recently? Then, you might remember that yesterday I tweeted (1, 2, 3) about commotion at Itanagar which resulted in closure of shops and deployment of para-military forces all along Itanagar and Naharlagun township.

The commotion at twin-township of capital complex, according to report appearing in today’s edition of The Arunachal Times, was resultant of the outcome of result for the candidature of Itanagar constituency. The supporters of losing party i.e., INC went on rampage threatening the shops at Naharlagun, Itanagar and Ganga to down their shutters moving in a group in about 10 vehicles. The reporter, who was witness to the entire mayhem at Akashdeep complex at Itanagar, put their act akin to the act of ‘Taliban’.
Group of people in around 10 vehicles zooms past market area and asks all the shops to close their shutters. In helter-skelter everybody close shops and run for the cover. Well, this is not the scene from any Hindi Movie; this was the scene at Akashdeep Market in central Itanagar on Friday.


Capital Complex police have arrested 7 people in this regard and all have been put behind the bar.

According to the police all the detained men are supporters of Indian National Congress (INC) and further investigation is on.


Those guys sitting in a car and shouting all shops to close, was so much behaving like way Taliban often does in Afghanistan. They had no regards for law of the state and were having fun by creating terror.

-The Arunachal Times.

Now I wonder, why was Cr.PC 144 withdrawn just after the counting day by the district administration when it was clamped anticipating disturbance owing to outcome of result of Itanagar constituency? Had it been enforced for another couple of days, I guess we would have not witnessed the commotion as we witnessed yesterday; luckily no loss of life or property was reported.

Also it has made me wonder, why can't the losing party or it's supporter take the defeat gracefully?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Arunachal Assembly Election-2009 Results-Live Update

Counting of votes has started and by evening fate of the contesting candidates would be known. Arunachal Diary would try to update the Assembly Election -2009 Results live. Do watch this space.

I'd also like to request readers of Arunachal Diary to help Arunachal Diary in updation of results live by putting in the data of results from their constituency in the comments section below.

In the meantime Arunachal Diary has closed the poll on "Which Party would form the next government in Arunachal Pradesh?" the result of which is follows:

Majority of people voted feels that INC would be back in power.

Let's see if the people's prediction tally's with the actual result.

Result Arunachal Assembly Election-2009-Live Update

  1. INC-Leading in 8 seats. (Already won -3)

  2. NCP - 0

  3. AITC- 0

  4. BJP - 0

  5. Others - 0

Update: 9.22 am

  1. INC - Leading in 15 seats

  2. NCP- 0

  3. BJP- 0

  4. Others- 1

Update: 10.27 am

Karikho Kri and Chow Tewa Mein both INC candidate wins from Tezu and Chowkham Assembly Constituency respectively.

Update: 10.33 am

Nacho- Tanga Byaling, INC wins

Liromoba - Jarbom Gamlin INC wins

Sagalee- Nabam Tuki, INC wins

Panging-Tapang Taloh, INC wins

Hayuliang- Kalikho Pul, INC wins

Namsang- Wangki Lowang, INC wins

Update: Phurpa Tsering, PPA wins from Dirang, Kumar Waii, INC wins from Bameng, Jarbom Gamlin INC wins from Liromoba, J.K. Panggeng INC wins from Mariyang-Geku

Update: 10.54 am

Khamta Lowang, AITC wins from Khonsa

Update: 12.02 pm

List of Winning Candidates- Updated: 1930 hrs

1LumlaJambey TashiINC
2TawangTsewang DhondupINC
3MuktoDorjee KhanduINC
4DirangPhurpa TseringPPA
5KalaktangTenzing Norbu ThongdokINC
6Thrizino-BuragaonKumsi SidisowPPA
7BomdilaR.T. KhunjujuINC
8BamengKumar WaiiINC
9Chayang TajoKarya BagangAITC
10Seppa EastTapuk TakuAITC
11Seppa WestTani LoffaAITC
12Pakke KesangAtum WellyINC
13ItanagarTechi KasoNCP
14DoimukhNabam RebiaINC
15SagaleeNabam TukiINC
16YachuliLikha SaayaINC
17Ziro-HapoliPadi RichoINC
18PalinTakam TagarPPA
19NyapinBamang FelixNCP
20TaliMarkio TadoPPA
21KoloriangLokam TasarINC
22NachoTanga ByalingINC
23TalihaPunji MaraINC
24DaporijoTapen SigaBJP
25RagaNido PavitraINC
26DumporijoTakar MardeINC
27LiromobaJarbom GamlinINC
28LikabaliJomde KenaINC
29BasarGojen GadiINC
30Along WestGadam EteINC
31Along-EastJarkar GamlinINC
32RumgongTamiyo TagaBJP
33MechukaPasang Dorjee SonaINC
34Tuting-YingkiongAlo LibangNCP
35PanggingTapang TalohINC
36Nari-KoyuTako DabiINC
37Pasighat-WestDr. Tangor TapakBJP
38Pasighat-EastBosiram SiramINC
39MeboRalom BorangNCP
40Mariyang-GekuJ.K. PanggengINC
41AniniRajesh TachoINC
42DambukJomin TayengNCP
43RoingLaeta UmbreyAITC
44TezuKarikho KriINC
45HayuliangKalikho PulINC
46ChowkhamChow Tewa MeinINC
47NamsaiNang Sati MeinIndependent
48LekangChowna MeinINC
49Bordumsa-DiyunC.C. SingphoINC
50MiaoKamlung MosangINC
51NampongSetong SenaINC
52Changlang SouthPhosum KhimhunINC
53Changlang NorthThinghaap TaijuINC
54NamsangWangki LowangINC
55Khonsa EastKhamtak LowangAITC
56Khonsa WestYumsum MateyINC
57Borduria-BogapaniWanglin LowangdongINC
58KanubariNewlai TingkhatraINC
59Longding-PumaoThangwang WanghamINC
60Pongchau-WakkaHonchun NgandamINC

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Poll Officials suspended in Arunachal

Six Presiding Officers of Likabali Constituency under West Siang District has reportedly been put under suspension for dereliction of duty by the District Election Officer Amjad Tak. Read the full story here.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creativity at its best during Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Election, 2009


This Assembly Election, Arunachal Pradesh was witness to two very different kind of creativity. On the one hand creativity was applied for smooth poll process whereas on the other hand creativity was applied to disrupt the poll process.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Glitch

Arunachal Diary is in the process of fixing a glitch that this site encountered recently...We promise we would be back soon with all the lost posts posted since September 2nd and with new updates.

Do bear with us till Arunachal Diary is back in it's normal self.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Prime Minister to address election meeting at Arunachal today

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would be addressing an election meeting at Pasighat today in support of party candidate for October 13th Poll.

I wonder what would be Beijing's reaction to this visit considering the resentment shown by Beijing when he visited Arunachal the last time.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Was the report by Times Now news channel on Chinese incursion into Arunachal Pradesh farce?

I had never been a fan of Indian private news channel because of their insensible reporting and their dubious distinction of sensationalizing the case to increase their TRP ratings. And when it comes to reporting on North-Eastern states (which is negligible), these news channel has almost made us to believe that the news report would always be far from the truth and would be based on concocted facts to make the viewers believe what they want to project.

Take for example the case of NETV that we reported earlier. The news channel in order to sensationalize the case, reported that National Liberation Front of Taniland (NLFT) is an ‘Apatani’ underground outfit fighting for separate homeland for Apatani Community. That, their headquarter is based at Ziro-the primary dwelling place of Apatani community, which is some 15 kms from China border. The report-all farce and based on concocted facts.

Now, it is turn of yet another news channel, Times Now, who I presume, in their over-zealousness to report on recent Chinese incursion into Indian territory had presented a report based on concocted facts to the viewers.

How do I say that?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dorjee Khandu to retire from politics after five years?


Well, it seems Dorjee Khandu has suggested in a recent interview to Taro Chatung that he would retire from active politics after 5 years.
Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, in an interview said that he would retire from active politics after five years, ruling out chances to stand for the 2014 Assembly Election. He said that he wanted to quit from active politics but he made up his mind to continue in order to implement the Prime Minister Mega Package and devote some more time for the development of the state.

-Source The Arunachal Times.

But what if after five years, implementation of Prime Minister Mega Package is not complete and say, if center decides to give another mega-mega package to the state, would then his decision to retire from active politics change?

Which party would form the next government in Arunachal Pradesh?

During the midst of CoSAAP’s agitation and seeing how the government was handling the situation, Arunachal Diary had run a poll asking it’s reader if at all the handling of CoSAAP’s agitation by the ruling Congress government would have any effect on Party’s prospect in the ensuing assembly election slated for October, 13th. The readers of Arunachal Diary voted wholeheartedly and total of 126 votes were polled, which is the second highest number of votes polled in any poll that was run in Arunachal Diary so far. So, what does the reader of Arunachal Diary felt? The result is given below (see snapshot):

[caption id="attachment_434" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Result of Poll on Would the present handling of CoSAAP's agitation by the Government affect their prospects in forthcoming Assembly Elections?"]Result of Poll on Would the present handling of CoSAAP's agitation by the Government affect their prospects in forthcoming Assembly Elections?[/caption]


88% of the voters felt that it would certainly affect Congress Party’s prospect in the ensuing assembly election, while fraction of the voters, precisely 6% felt that it would not have any effect on INC’s prospect and remaining voters were unsure if it would have any effect. The details of poll result can be found here.

With ‘anti-incumbency factor’ running high, the general notion that it would affect the prospect of ruling INC government in ensuing election felt somewhat true. Then there was this (once regarded) dynamic leader in Mr. Rijiju, who people thought would be the factor in unbalancing the equation of power in the Assembly Election slated for October, 13th. But with his joining INC shortly after the Lok Sabha election, it has left the people disillusioned. Nevertheless, the 'anti-incumbency' factor may play a major role this assembly election.

What is the present equation?

Indian National Congress (INC) has fielded 60 candidates of which 3 candidates viz., Present Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu (Mukto Constituency), sitting MLA Tsewang Dhondup (Tawang Town constituency) and debutant Jambey Tashi (Lumla constituency) has been elected unopposed.

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) - 36 candidates.

All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) – 26 Candidates.

Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) – 18 Candidates.

Peoples’ Party of Arunachal (PPA) – 11 Candidates

Janata Dal (United) (JDU) – 3 Candidates.

Independent – 3 Candidates.

Which Party would form the next government?

With INC already securing 3 seats even prior to state goes to poll on October 13th and the party being the present ruling government, it is speculated that INC would garner enough seats from the rest 57 constituencies that they fielded their candidate from, so as to form the next government. However, the equation may be disturbed by other parties and by the 'anti-incumbency factor' running high among the general masses. The result will only be known only when the state goes to poll on October 13th and poll results declared.

In the meantime, Arunachal Diary has started a new poll (see sidebar). Do vote in and let's know which political party do you feel would form the next government.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How much is "enough"?

When it comes to Arunachal Politicos', it seems sky is the limit of their desires/requirements. Why would an individual need 50 or 25 or for that matter even 1o gun licenses?

In its' September 26th edition, The Arunachal Times reported that Education Minister Tatar Kipa, sitting MLA Lokam Tassar and ex-Minister Kafa Bengia had got issued 50, 10 and 25 arms license respectively against their names vide government order dated August 24th under special quota; barely a week before the enforcement of Model Code of Conduct. This has drawn the attention of Arunachal Pradesh Trinamool Congress Party who questioned the state Chief Secretary regarding issuance of the same and has sought action against the issuing authority.
On one hand Election Commission of India make it mandatory to deposit arms with the Police while on the others the government has issued 85 new gun licenses under special quota against three individuals. Education minister Tater Kipa requested for 50 gun licenses, sitting MLA Lokam Tassar asked for 10 while former minister Kapa bengia had 25 issued against his name. The government orders are dated Aug 24 barely a week before Model Code of Conduct was enforced.

The issuance of such large number of arms license has raised so many questions in my mind? Why would any politico need such large cache of arms? For personal security? But why 50 or 25 or 10 and not 1?  Has it got anything to do with the assembly polls slated for October 13th? If issuance of such large number of arms licenses to an individual (even under special quota) is permissible under Arms Act/Rule? (I would need an input on this from legal experts.) Whatever I've read or come across about the Arms Act/Rule, there is provision of only 3 (three) arms to be possessed or carried by an individual. So, has the issuing authority flaunted the Act/Rule?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Home

You are at the new home of Arunachal Diary and Arunachal Diary is in midst of moving to it's new home i.e., self hosted platform. So, till the new site is straightened out, do bear with us.

In the meantime, if you feel like accessing earlier posts and comments, visit here. All the posts and comments have been imported.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We'd be back soon. Do keep visiting.


Almost done. All the posts and comments have been imported. The theme has been modified. If the connectivity remains as it is as is now, hope to straighten out Arunachal Diary in a couple of hours or so.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

‘Boli’ banned in Capital Complex of Arunachal- one month ultimatum to wrap up the game


Off late, one game has taken womenfolk of the Capital Complex by storm. If hearsay has to be believed, most of the womenfolk in and around Itanagar and Naharlagun are gripped by this game called ‘Boli’, which involves million of Rupees. Some say this game is a social evil which causes conflicts in the families and leads to broken family; whereas, those who are ardent fan of this game say otherwise. They say that for this game they are able to meet their financial needs for educating their children, medical treatments, buying of properties etc.

So when the Capital District Administration banned playing, conducting or propagating ‘Boli’ in any form across the State Capital, terming  it is disturbing the social fabric and causing conflicts in families, the organizing committees cried foul over District Administration’s decision to ban the game. They said that responding to show cause notice issued to the organizing committee of the game by the Deputy Commissioner, they had met Deputy Commissioner and apprised her (the DC) of the benefits of the game. They claimed that impressed with presentation on game, the DC had decided against banning the game and had rather shown interest in joining the game.

However, withholding her earlier decision to ban the game, the Deputy Commissioner has asked the organizer of the game to wrap up the game within one month time.

So, what is ‘Boli’?

Boli’ is a Hindi term literally meaning bidding. Thus, ‘Boli’ is a bidding game where huge sum of money exchange hands and where the person who bids the lowest is declared successful in a round of game which consists of several rounds equivalent to the number of members in a group.

How it is played?

It is played in a group, the number of which, the amount (usually in millions) for which it is played and the frequency of the game  (i.e., in how many rounds the game would be finished) is decided by the organiser. Each member then deposits an amount equivalent to the total amount divided by number of members in a group in each round. For example, if there are 10 members in a group and the  game is played for an amount of 2 million then each member has to put in an amount of  20,000/- in each round.  Then ‘Boli’ or rather bidding starts. However, prior to commencement of the game, a rule is framed. The rule is framed for the maximum amount a person can bid for, which is usually 80% to 90% of the amount for which the game is being played (decided by the committee). This 10% or 20% of the total amount as decided by the committee is then distributed equally amongst the members. Thus, the amount left for bidding is 80% 0r 90% of the total amount.

Now, based on the personal requirement of money at that time, the member bids how much minimum amount they are ready to take from the available amount for bidding (i.e., total amount minus 10% or 20% of the total amount as decided). The member who is ready to take the minimum amount is the winner and draws the bid amount from the available amount for bidding. The remaining amount i.e., the amount left after deducting bid amount from the available amount for bidding is then distributed amongst the members. The member who is declared successful in bidding is further barred from bidding in the subsequent rounds of the game, though in each round the member has to contribute equal amount as decided earlier.

Does it affect the societal set-up?

No matter how hard the fan of ‘Boli’ may try to justify this game by saying that it has helped them to meet financial requirement for educating their children or for medical treatment or to buy properties etc., a simple arithmetic calculation shows otherwise.  The fact is that only few of the members do actually get benefitted and remaining needy members who had drawn money, by bidding amount much lesser than the amount available for bidding do get exploited monetarily, who shell out more money than the rest. In order to draw large sum of money at one go (for whatever financial requirements), it is said that people tend to borrow money at a very high interest rates falling in debt trap which finally leads to conflicts in the family and resultant disintegration of the family. So, it would not be wrong to say that ‘Boli’ has in one way or the other has affected the societal set-up.

On a lighter note: It was overheard that  ATM’s at Capital Complex are not able to dispense cash because the ATM’s become empty as soon as ATM’s are replenished with cash as huge sum of money are drawn from the ATM’s to be put in ‘Boli’

The district administration has spoken and declared ‘Boli’ illegal and I too have put my perspective on it. So, it’s your turn to say if ‘Boli’ is a social evil as some section of the society and the district administration says or if it is the means for weaker section of society just to mitigate their financial needs as advocated by the fans or rather players of the game. Do put in your views.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Arunachal Pradesh to go on poll on October 13


Arunachal Pradesh along with  Maharashtra and Haryana would go to poll on October 13th, as declared by Chief Election Commissioner Navin Chawla on Monday. The counting of votes would be done on October, 22nd and the entire process will be completed by 25th of October. Below is the schedule:

  • Issue of notification — September 18
  • Last date for nominations — September 25
  • Date for scrutiny of nominations — September 26
  • Last date for withdrawal of candidature — September 29
  • Date of poll — October 13 (Tuesday)
  • Counting — October 22 (Thursday)
  • Date before which the entire election process will be completed — October 25 (Sunday)
  • Model code of conduct comes into force with immediate effect
  • Poll in these states will be conducted at all polling stations using EVMs

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kiren Rijiju joins Congress


The BJP ex-MP from Arunachal Pradesh, Kiren Rijiju has joined Congress ahead of forthcoming assembly election scheduled about 2 months from now.

Considering the political history of Arunachal, it is not surprising but it was not expected either.

I remember, when I chanced to meet him at Ziro during his poll campaign of recently concluded Parliamentary election, I heard him saying to public, “What come may, I would never change my party.” He even went on to say that he was tempted by Congressmen with money to join Congress but he declined. This had put him in my high esteem and I thought this is the right man, the man who would take Arunachal in the right path; who refuses the monetary benefit offered to join the rival party because he feels that Congress is responsible for all the mess that we are in. If you remember, I even vouched for him in my earlier post, even though I’m not a staunch supporter of BJP.

But now if I get chance to vote for him, I would not do so. He has shown that all the politicians of the state are the same who change color based on the color at the centre. He has shown that he is no exception but sheep of the same flock.

Now, the question is why did he took this step after hope was pinned on him, that may be our state would see a change; come this assembly election. Was his step a fallout of the turmoil in the central BJP leadership? Was it because he was not projected as CM candidate for forthcoming Assembly election by the state BJP unit? After all who does not want power? Or is there any exception?

Well, putting aside the speculation, let’s see what Kiren Rijiju has to say on his joining Congress.

Explaining the reason for his joining the Congress, Rijiju said he was determined to serve the people of the state at maximum capacity and after thorough retrospection, he felt Congress was the right platform for the purpose, keeping in mind the political scenario of the country where people’s mandate were in favour of the party after the recent Lok Sabha polls.

-Source Echo of Arunachal

I’m not sure whether there is any connection between serving the people of the state at maximum capacity and changing of party. Or is there any?

Further, he says,

“I don’t see much role as member of BJP to serve the people and the state,” he commented. Stating that his joining was ‘unconditional’, Rijiju said he has decided not to contest in the Assembly polls due in October next.

-Source Echo of Arunachal

Well, Mr. Rijiju, you could have served better to the people of the state if you had become leader of opposition if your party (BJP) is not able to form government in ensuing assembly election rather than changing party. And I would not be surprised if you contest in Congress ticket even though you have said that joining Congress was ‘unconditional’ and that you would refrain from contesting the poll due this October.

This very act of 'Rijiju joining Congress' has once again proved that our politicians has no political ideology or loyalty to any political party.

Thanks Rijiju for disillusioning us.

Friday, August 21, 2009

How to share GPRS connection on your WinMo (Widows Mobile) based phone with laptop over Bluetooth


Does the title of this post seem quite off topic for Arunachal Diary? Sure it is. Then why am I doing a post on this in Arunachal Diary, you would wonder. So, here is the story. (If you’d like to skip the story part and like to jump directly to How To…then click here)

The Story

Having moved places, I was looking for a service provider that could provide me with a broadband connection so that I could continue with updates on Arunachal Diary. Having better facility than Ziro in my new place, I thought it would not that be difficult to get one; only to know that it is not as easy as I thought it would be. So, in the meantime I thought of activating the GPRS service on my phone so that I could update Arunachal Diary with short post over GPRS through my WinMo device (I’m using HTC Touch with Windows Mobile 6.1). But updating Arunachal Diary with short posts over WinMo device was not a smooth sail either. (I bet, those using touch devices would surely vouch for the pain in typing out using onscreen keyboard) So, I decided to share the GPRS facility on my WinMo phone with my laptop; but the question was how do I do? After ‘Googling’ for a while, I found out how to share the GPRS connection so that I could surf the net on my laptop using GPRS connection on my WinMo based phone. And I thought why not share the little knowledge that I gained over the net so that you readers gain from my experience; hence this off topic post.

How to share GPRS Connection in WinMo based phone with your laptop over laptop?

A picture says thousand words, but in this tutorial I would not be using any snapshots of WinMo screen but would rather use words only to tell you how to share your GPRS connection on WinMo device with your laptop. Here are the steps: -

  1. Pair your WinMo PPC with your laptop.
  2. Go to Start>Programs>Internet Sharing in your WinMo PPC.
  3. Select Bluetooth PAN in PC Connection selection box.
  4. Select your network connection in Network Connection box.
  5. Press Connect button.
  6. Now right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the system tray on your laptop and select Join Personal Area Network.

That's all and now you can use the GPRS service on your phone in your laptop to surf the net.

Have fun!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An Arunachalee ready to conquer Bollywood...

Did I heard it right? Well, yes you have.

The actor of internationally acclaimed Arunachalee feature film 'Sonam', Hage D. Appa has been cast in a Bollywood flick 'Shivam' directed by Anshuman Barua where he will be playing a cop. The film would be shot extensively at Guwahati, Shillong and Mumbai and is expected to hit the theatres at the end of this year.

Hope Hage D. Appa would make a mark in Bollywood with this film and Arunachal Diary wishes him all the best.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wrong depiction of Arunachal Pradesh due to mistake in processing new data says Google Spokesperson

Google spokesperson via his comment in Arunachal Diary has stated that wrong depiction of Arunachal Pradesh map data was due to processing of new data wrongly and that it would be reverted back to it's old data shortly.

"Earlier this week, as part of a routine update to Google Earth, we published new data for the Arunachal Pradesh region that changed the depiction of certain place names in the product. The change was a result of a mistake in our processing of new map data .We are in the process of reverting the data to its previous state, and expect the change to be visible in the product shortly. We would like to clarify that this issue did not impact our depiction of international borders.

Google spokesperson"

Can we expect now that Google would become wise and would update it's data sensibly instead of fuelling the boundary dispute issue between India and China when both the countries are trying hard to settle the age old boundary dispute?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Local media reacts to Google Earth's representation of Arunachal Pradesh

Representation of Arunachal Pradesh as an "Independent Nation or a Chinese territory" by Google Earth is not new and it was discused at Arunachal Diary almost two years back and quite recently Arunachal News had pointed out that Google Maps has started showing Arunachal Pradesh as Chinese Territory and all the places are marked in Chinese with Chinese names.

Now, the local media has finally taken notice of the errors made by Google Earth toward representation of Arunachal Pradesh; apparently after News Live channel reported on the same.

In it's todays edition, Arunachal Front has reported that Google has shown Arunachal in China.

"Only three days prior to the crucial 13th round Sino-India talks in New Delhi, world famous Google website has been showing Arunachal Pradesh in the map of China and this development is expected to echo in the ongoing Parliament session tomorrow."

Further, the author questions if the site has been hacked or if the error is deliberate to please China by Google Authority.

"Now the big question is - whether some hacker has corrupted the site or is it handiwork of the Google authority to please the Chinese who are laying their claim oa Arunachal and tried to unsuccessfully block an ADB loan for the state."

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Echo of Arunachal goes online

I've been bit late in informing you about this. Perhaps by now, quite few of you might be knowing that apart from The Arunachal Times, Epitome and yours only Arunachal Diary, there is yet another site that you can visit to satiate your news updates on Arunachal Pradesh.

But for those who are not yet aware, another vernacular of the state has gone online and this time, it's Echo of Arunachal which went online couple of week back. Not only did it went online but it's paper version has become 8 pages color daily.

P.S. I'd be doing short posts till I get my broadband connection.

Friday, July 24, 2009

A farce reporting in NE TV


Electronic media resorting to farce and unverified report is not new. This time around NE TV has shown that it is not far behind.

The special report on a new insurgent outfit National Liberation Council of Taniland is a headline of the channel since last 24 hours. The report says:

  • the outfit is active in Arunachal Pradesh as well in Assam-Arunachal border areas;
  • it receves aids and training from China;
  • it has forged links with ULFA;
  • it’s headquarter is at Ziro (which the report says is only 15 km from Indo-China boder);
  • the outfit is fighting for cause of Apatanis and demands separate homeland for Apatanis;
  • H Tamang, SP Papumpare denied having report of the outfit being active as of now. He said that there was instances of extortion notice being served in name of this outfit by some misguided youth who got training from NSCN(IM) in the April last. The Commander in Chief along with 19 others and some youths from NSCN(IM) outfit were arrested and the outfit was cracked down. He also was not in opinion that this outfit received training and aids from China.

The reporters of NE TV whosoever they are should know while preparing the report that:

· Ziro is hundreds of km away from Indo-China border;

· ‘TANI’ in National Liberation Council of Taniland is nothing to do with Apatanis. TANILAND as I could understand from various media report is the area comprising a part of Arunachal and of Assam inhabited by so called descendents of Abo Tani such as Adi, Apatani, Nyishi, Galo, Mishings etc.;

· Dragging the good name of Apatani community into the report is being resented by Apatanis across the country.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still far from regular updates...

Thank you guys for all the get well soon wishes.

And I'm recuperating very well.

But when I thought I'd be updating AD, I've to move place. So, till I'm settled at new place..get my phone and broadband connection...updates would take back seat again...may be another couple of weeks.

However, in the meantime, I've asked Cho and Tallo to keep you updated about Arunachal till I'm back to regular posting and I hope they would do. So, do keep visiting Arunachal Diary for regular updates.

P.S.: - No, I was not threatened ... it's just my health :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Down with flu...

This is just a short post to announce that I've been down with flu since past week and the updates on Arunachal Diary has taken a backseat.

Hope to start updating and replying to your comments very soon.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cartoon-o-scope # 2

How many of you reader still remember that Arunachal Diary had earlier started a series called Cartoon-o-scope? Not many I guess.

So, here is another cartoon to continue the series. Enjoy!

The above cartoon is part of the series of caricature of the LS Election candidates, that I'm trying to do based on my observation of poll campaign speech and the candidates themselves. Watch out for this space for rest of the series.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Shopping online

I don't know how many of you are comfortable with shopping online? I never had.

Though the advent of online stores has given consumers the convenience to shop for product/s from the comfort of their homes and with a mouse click, I had never preferred shopping online but rather always preferred the conventional way of shopping. The reason may be because I was and am apprehensive that my account would be compromised while transacting online, that I don't get chance to see and feel the product before making purchase as in conventional way, that I would not be delivered with the same quality product that I ordered for or that the product may not be delivered to you safely.

However, putting aside my apprehensions, I thought of finally to give online shopping a try-at least for experimental sake. So I Googled for online stores. Apart from plethora of online stores thrown at by Google to me, I quite liked this site, which though basically not an online store, but nevertheless which helped me in carrying out my first purchase online.

Now you would ask how's that so? Well, apart from listings of online stores ShopWiki has an user or rather consumer generated product guides on plethora of products like cameras, kitchen appliances, books, clothing, movies and music, food processors, consumer electronics, hand mixers, stand mixers, memorablia, dinnerware, flatware, appliances, computers and softwares, and so on. And the product buying guide listed over the site helped me in selection of products to buy.

Now that I have carried out my maiden online shopping, let's see if the experience will wash away all my apprehension about online shopping or would it embolden my apprehensions.

And coming to you, share with us how was your online shopping experience?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Is the freedom of speech and expression being challenged?

Article 19 clause (1) sub-clause (a) of the Constitution of India guarantees to its citizen the right to freedom of speech and expression subject to reasonable restrictions (as laid down in Article 19, Clause (2)) on the exercise of this right relating to:

  1. defamation;
  2. contempt of Court;
  3. decency or morality;
  4. public order;
  5. incitement to an offense;
  6. security of the state;
  7. friendly relation with foreign state;
  8. maintenance of sovereignty and integrity of India.

But recently when Nabam Tuki, Minister PWD and UD and APCC President threatened to lodge an FIR against one Tana Takang for expressing his views in a popular local press media, it made me wonder if the 'Freedom of Speech and Expression' conferred to its' citizen by Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution has been challenged.

A brief history of the issue

In it's April, 08 edition, The Arunachal Times published a letter of one Tana Takang in its' 'Readers' Forum' column, wherein the author, apparently fed up with the political rhetoric dished out by the political parties and their candidates; allegations and counter-allegations during their campaign for LS polls appearing in the local dailies, had asked both the parties-ruling and opposition (read INC and BJP) to debate it out in a common platform in line of Presidential elections of US of A, so that the common masses could decide better and select the right candidate to represent them in the parliament. Well, this seem the core of the letter to me.

The letter, however, did not go down well with the ruling Congress Party and a press statement appeared the next day where APCC President Nabam Tuki threatened to lodge an FIR against the said person terming the letter was written with the intend to malign the area.

"Tuki further referring to a Readers' Forum published in this daily by one Tana Takang said that as per their observation, there is no such person residing in the said locality. He said that whoever is behind the letter was doing it with intend to malign the area and it needed to be punished as per law. The party will lodge an FIR against the said person to trace out the reality, he added."
-The Arunachal Times, 09-04-09 issue
under heading 'Sonia to address Itanagar rally'

After going through the statement of the Minister in the paper, my first reaction was how could anyone try to curb one's 'Freedom of Speech and Expression' by threatening. However, instead of reacting to the statement instantly, I decided to put aside my emotional outburst and try to see if the author had put reasonable restrictions as laid down in Article 19, Clause 2 while expressing his views or not. So I went through the said letter again, and I could not come up with anything objectionable that could have suggested that the author have not put 'reasonable restrictions' while expressing his views. Or have I missed something that others may find objectionable in the letter that might suggest that the author had not put reasonable restrictions? Go through the letter (reproduced below) for yourself and put in your comments if the letter was objectionable to attract the ire of APCC President and an FIR threat.

Letter of Tana Takang

Was the letter intended to malign the area as put by the Minister?

Now coming to the Ministers' allegation that said person does not reside in the locality and that the letter was written with the intend to malign the area, in which case I guess the area under question is Chimpu, Itanagar, I could not quite comprehend how the letter was intended to malign Chimpu. Apart from mentioning Chimpu, Itanagar in the address, there is no mention of Chimpu, not even once in the body of the letter itself, whether with good intend or bad intend. :) And on their observation that letter was written by a person not 'physically' residing in the locality; does it really matter? In fact, I found the allegation quite flimsy and childish. The charge seem more of to bully the person who quite openly appreciated the opposition candidate through his letter.

So, is it the case of curbing one's freedom of speech and expression by bullying tactic or indeed the author of the letter has not put restraint while expressing his views?

Arunachal goes for re-poll

This was expected.

In a state where the Lok Sabha seats are almost always secured by the candidates of a ruling government and with a candidate, whose popularity amongst the masses rose to an extent that it threatened to crumble the 60 member team, it was expected that there would be instances of poll rigging, booth capturing and damage of EVM's during this Lok Sabha polls in the interiors of the 1-Arunachal West Parliamentary Constituency considering the fact that the security would be lax at the polling stations due to logistical problems owing to difficult terrain.

But it came as a surprise when majority of the polling stations, where re-polling was ordered owing to instances of booth capturing and damage of EVM's was from the polling stations situated in and around the state Capital and not from the interiors as was expected. Where was the security arrangement? It was reported that at each polling stations only 2 to 3 security personnel's were deployed. Did the administration thought that this arrangement would be enough to thwart any attempt of disturbing the poll process? Or was there shortage of security personnel to be deployed? But then, why additional para-military forces was not asked for, if that was the case?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Predictions for Lok Sabha Polls in Arunachal???

Sinlung has predicted that both the seats in Arunachal would be swept by BJP in this Lok Sabha polls.

But, what's the basis of their post and prediction?

Wished they had given the basis of their poll prediction...Sigh.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Awareness and Change is the need of hour says Rijiju

Kiren Rijiju addressing the rally at ZiroQuite frankly I had never attended or rather never tried to attend any election rallies in the state for I expected that there would be the same political rhetoric of development that the party has brought about which in actuality wouldn’t have been achieved; for there would be same political bashing of the opponent whether truth or cooked up; for we have known all the time that the contesting candidates are the same sheep in different garbs (read different political parties) and for they would be promising us stars which would vanish as soon as their sun shines.

But having heard so much about one particular candidate who had been named one of the most powerful debater in the opposition bench of the parliament earlier, who didn’t change his garb but stuck to his garb even when tempted to and who have been designated as ‘one man army’ in his quest for re-election to the same seat by the oh-so powerful party in the state having cent percent majority in the state assembly, I couldn’t stop myself from attending his rally to hear him live, what he has to offer/say. And yes, I’m talking about Kiren Rijiju, the BJP candidate from Arunachal (West) constituency who brought his campaigning trail to Ziro-Hapoli yesterday. And here I must tell you that I didn’t attended the rally because I’m staunch follower of BJP or it’s ideology or I’m a huge admirer of Kiren Rijiju, though I’ve said earlier that off late he is gaining appreciation from me, but because I wanted to hear an Arunachalee and not a BJP member, who has brought Arunachal Pradesh to national attention by his oratory or his debating prowess, whatever you may say.

Ziro Rally
And to my amazement and delight, he didn’t resorted to making sky high promises that could never be achieved but rather his speech was more or less concentrated on his performance during his tenure as an opposition MP and what he did to highlight the issues of the people in the parliament and to bring Arunachal Pradesh to national attention and why one should elect him as their representative. For instance, he explained how he brought about nomenclature change of Nyishi from Dafla, an issue pending since 1978, by coaxing the member of parliaments to the 2/3 majority to pass the Bill.

But as expected, he however, didn't fail to utilize the opportunity to take a dig at the Congress either. He questioned, when the Congress government is not able to enhance the GB honorarium, enhance the minimum wages of the labor which is apparently lowest in the country and when they are not able to implement 6th Pay Commission Recommendation due to fund crunch, from where did they generated INR 3 billion to be distributed to the voters to defeat him in this Lok Sabha Election? And why the Congress is so afraid of this ‘one man army’ so as to utilize money and muscle power when they say that peoples’ support is there for the party and the party is backed by 60 MLA’s? “Let’s fight the election in a democratic way by winning the peoples’ heart with one’s performance and not with money and muscle power”, said Rijiju.

It was soothing to ears to hear him say that it’s time that people become aware, aware of their rights and challenge the government when the funds are misappropriated and make them accountable. It’s time people distance themselves from petty ‘money’ politics and elect the right representatives. It’s time people bring about change and reverse the attitude that government is above the people. Only when people are able to make government realize that it is for the people, of the people and by the people then only we would be able to see the development in Arunachal in a true sense.

Rightly said Mr. Rijiju. It’s indeed right time that we became aware. Time to introspect and see who would be the right candidate to represent us in the parliament irrespective of the party affiliation. It’s the right time we bring about change by exercising our rights and electing the right candidate. If we are able to send the right candidate to the parliament, it would be one step towards change, towards taking Arunachal in a developmental path.

So guys, have you decided your right candidate?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Provision for online processing and application for ILP to enter Arunachal Pradesh, soon

Apart from poor infrastructure and lack of knowledge about the region it was always thought that one of the major deterrents to tourists intending to visit Arunachal Pradesh has been the cumbersome and complex entry formalities.

The other day one of the readers of AD commented why not provision for applying and processing ILP be made online? And as if his thought had been heard, the Government is contemplating putting into place the online processing and application of ILP just after the Lok Sabha elections.

State tourism department sources said the Central government has given the go-ahead to it for setting up an online system to process and clear permits, a move, they said, will bring rich dividends to the state known for its mountains and monasteries. Visitors entering Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Mizoram need the inner-line permit issued by the respective State governments.

The permits were presently being obtained after filling up necessary formalities at designated offices in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Guwahati besides others. The department has already made a blue-print for the project and the real work on the schem e will start soon after the Lok Sabha elections, sources said. (Source: The Hindu Business Line)

Hope the blue-print of this scheme includes online tracking of the application too, which would help the potential visitors to finalize their itinerary. :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Election Agenda of BJP Candidate from Arunachal for Lok Sabha Polls

I was quite appreciative of the initiative of 'The Arunachal Times' to let the citizen know about their candidates for better decision making this Lok Sabha Election, when they started a series called 'Know your Candidate'. However, after carrying a series on INC candidates namely, Takam Sanjoy and Ninong Ering who are in the fray for LS seats from Arunachal (West) and Arunachal (East) constituency respectively, they altogether discontinued their series; well, this was what I felt having waited...waited and still waiting for the article on other party candidates vying for the 2 LS seats, in their 'Know your Candidate' series. This has made me wonder if this local daily is affiliated to particular political party and is not unbiased in their reporting as was thought of earlier. But then, this didn't come as a surprise either considering the fact that most of the major national media are affiliated to one political party or the other.

Now, having gone through the election agenda of INC candidates for Lok Sabha seats from Arunachal earlier, let's see what BJP candidates has to offer if they are elected to represent us in the parliament.

In an advertorial appearing in 'Arunachal Front' Kiren Rijiju, the BJP candidate from Arunachal (West) has to say:

Vote NDA to Power and I assure the following commitments for Arunachal Pradesh:
  1. Complete payment of 36 months arrears for Government Employees as per 6th pay commission recommendation.
  2. Regularisation of services under SSA.
  3. Creation of Labour Welfare Fund.
  4. Declaration of special status for Arunachal Pradesh for fast development.
  5. Enhancement of Gaon Burah Honorarium
  6. Enhancement of Student's stipend.
After the discontentment of state employees over the implementation of 6th Pay Commission recommendation, this issue seem to have become 'hot cake' among various political parties with each party trying to make the most out of this issue by promising to implement the 6th Pay Commission Recommendation in toto, if voted to power. And with more than 85,000 state workforce along with their family members and relatives (which equates to a large chunk of votes), no wonder if prospective candidates are trying to woo them with their promise.

Like INC agenda, it appears that the agenda of BJP is also more of a political rhetoric than that can be achieved or fulfilled in reality with no logical instances on how they are going to achieve it.

For instance, how's BJP going to implement 6th CPC recommendation in toto if they are voted to power? Considering the financial crunch the state is in, are they planning to divert 'Peace and Green Bonus' to pay the arrears? But then, would the people allow it?

No doubt the services of the SSA teachers are required and indeed calls for their regularization but, how they are going to pay for the regularized SSA teachers? How they are going to mitigate the 90% funding from Center for this initiative when SSA teachers' are regularized? Is there any action plan?

I only wished if the politicians instead of giving their political rhetoric convince us with proper action plan that they are going to adopt if voted to power, to make Arunachal Pradesh developed, self-reliant and prosperous.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tawang Monastery named 'The Spiritual Wonder of India'

Tawang Monastery has been named 'The Spiritual Wonder of India' along with Taj Mahal and Golden Temple which has been named 'The Wonder of India' and 'Peace and Harmony Wonder of India' respectively in the finals of '7 Wonders of India'

The year long campaign initiated by NDTV in association with Union Tourism Ministry to unravel the 7 best natural and man-made marvels in the country came to an end with the announcement of 7 Wonders of India at a gala ceremony held at Delhi on Monday, the 30th of March.

The '7 Wonders of India' chosen through nationwide poll are:

  1. Sun Temple, Konark
  2. Khajuraho
  3. Red Fort, Delhi
  4. Jaisalmer Fort
  5. Meenakshi Temple
  6. Nalanda University
  7. Dholavira site.

Arunachal Diary thank all it's reader who had voted for Tawang Monastery in the race for '7 Wonders of India'.

Eight candidates in fray for two LS seats in Arunachal

Here is the (final) list of candidates who would be vying for 2 LS seats in Arunachal, (that is if they don't withdraw their nominations by tomorrow):

Arunachal (West)
  1. Kiren Rijiju (BJP)
  2. Takam Sanjay (INC)
  3. Taba Taku (Lok Bharati)
  4. Subu Kechi (Independent)

Arunachal (East)

  1. Tapir Gao (BJP)
  2. Ninong Ering (INC)
  3. Lowangcha Wanglat (AC)
  4. Dr. Samson Borang (PPA)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Land of 'Khusi-Khusi'?

This re-affirms Arunachal Pradesh is a land of 'Khusi-Khusi' (Assamese term loosely translated to 'at one's own will').

Anything is possible in Arunachal, buddy. ;)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Subu Kechi to file his nomination tomorrow (Updated)

Speaking from Along to Arunachal Diary, Subu Kechi, independent candidate has confirmed that he will be filing his nomination at Along tomorrow to contest from Arunachal (West) constituency for Lok Sabha seat.

Earlier, BJP candidate Kiren Rijiju and INC candidate Takam Sanjoy had filed their nominations for Arunachal (West) and Ninong Ering (INC) and Lowancha Wanglat (ADA) for Arunachal (East) Constituency.

As 30th is the last date of filing the nomination, it is to be seen if BJP candidate Tapir Gao and Lok Bharati candidate Taba Taku (Taba Taku filed his nomination on Saturday) would file their his nominations too tomorrow for Arunachal (East) and Arunachal (West) constituency respectively.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

NES denies issuing press statement supporting candidature of Rijiju

This had to come.

I was in for a shock, when I came across this news item carried in local dailies yesterday where it was stated that NES along with ANSU and Central Nyokum Committee has decided to support candidature of Kiren Rijiju, BJP candidate from Arunachal West Constituency for the coming Lok Sabha Election.

Nyishi Elite Society has decided to support the candidature of Kiren Rijiju in the ensuing parliamentary election for the western seat. The state would go to the polls on April 16.

Its president Bengia Tolum said that decision to this effect was taken at a joint meeting of Nyishi Elite Society, All Nyishi students Union , Central Nyokum Committee.

He said that NES is grateful to Rijiju for fulfilling long pending demands of the community by changing its nomenclature from Dafla to Nyishi last year during his tenure as a Member of Parliament.
(Source: Arunachal Times)

The reason being:

Can a non-government non-political organization, which I presume NES or ANSU is, show support to any political party openly?

And true to the apprehension, NES came out with a statement today in local dailies stating that yesterdays press statement was 'forged' and has demanded the state government to find out the culprit within seven days.

The Nyishi Elite Society today disowned the press statement that appeared in cross section of local dailies where it declared that NES is supporting Kiren Rijiju as the West Parliamentary candidate in the coming election.

In a press conference today at ANSU office, NES president Bengia Tolum clarified that press statement did not emanate from the NES but by some miscreants.

Expressing shock and anguish at the same time, he said that he was in Yazali since March 10 last so question of writing the press release on March 20 does not arise.

Meanwhile, the NES said that it will lodge complaint in the nearest police station against fake press statement and demanded the state govt to find out the culprit within seven days.
(Source: Arunachal Times)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Suggest a Post

Suggestions TabYou might have noticed a green 'Suggestions?' tab lurking at right of the page (see snapshot at left). Have you wondered what's that and what's that for?

Quite often, most of the bloggers do tend to go into a condition called 'writer's block'; well at least I presume so :), and I am no exception either with yours truly encountering a 'writer's block' quite off and on.

What is writer's block?

'Writer's block' is a phenomenon involving temporary loss of ability to begin or continue writing, usually due to lack of inspiration or creativity. Writer's block can also be a hindrance even when the writer feels that they already have a story in mind but can get no further than part of that story. (Source:Wikipedia)

Well, you can help Arunachal Diary overcome this 'writer's block' by suggesting a topic or a link on which you would like Arunachal Diary to carry a post on, by using the 'green tab' at right of the page which is nothing but a service from Skribit. Alternately, you may go directly here to suggest a post to Arunachal Diary.

If your suggestion/s stir my creativity and become inspiration for a new post, Arunachal Diary would carry a post on your suggestion/s, with a credit of course. ;)

So what are you waiting for, guys. Start pouring in your suggestions for a new post. :)

Your suggestions made so far can be found under 'Active Suggestions' at the footer section down below.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Arunachal Democratic Alliance announces it's nominee (Updated)

Arunachal Democratic Alliance (ADA) has finally announced it's nominees for Lok Sabha Polls. The conglomeration of 6 political parties comprising Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), People's Party of Arunachal (PPA), Janata Dal (United), Arunachal Congress (AC), Lok Bharati and Lok Janasakthi Party, has decided to field Bida Taku (Lok Jansakthi) and Lowancha Wanglat (Arunachal Congress) in Arunachal West and Arunachal East constituency respectively. It may also be mentioned that earlier C.T. Manpoong (Arunachal Congress) and Taba Taku(Lok Bharati) had been nominated for Arunachal East and Arunachal West constituency respectively. Now, with announcement of names of L.Wanglat and Bida Taku by ADA, is it to be presumed that earlier nominated names of C.T. Manpoong and Taba Taku stands cancelled?

L.Wanglat, the former Congress Party member who resigned the party over his resentment on not being given party ticket for contesting the Lok Sabha Polls has said that he would give tough fight to Tapir Gao (BJP) and Ninong Ering (INC) and would give them crushing defeat as the constituency is his 'bastion' where he has more mass following than BJP or INC candidates contesting the poll. Also, reiterating the allegation of Kiren Rijuju where Kiren Rijiju had alleged Congress candidates of using muscle and money power to garner votes, Wanglat said that he would not contest the election with 'money power' unlike Congress candidate Ninong Ering but with support from the people.

"I vow to fight my opponent Ninong Ering, who lacks mass base in the Tirap, Changlang and Lohit districts, which is my bastion. Changlang, Lohit and my native district Tirap have more than two of the three lakh voters in Arunachal East. I have the unconditional support of the voters of Tirap and Changlang, which have been demanding Patkai Autonomous Council, for long. Unlike Ering, I will not fight with money but with the people’s support. I am confident of giving a crushing defeat to my opponents, the Congress’s Ninong Ering and the BJP’s Tapir Gao,” he said.

Now with the declaration of nominees by ADA, the updated list of candidates so far, who would be contesting the Lok Sabha Poll in Arunachal Pradesh are as follows:

Arunachal West

  1. Kiren Rijiju (BJP)
  2. Takam Sanjoy (INC)
  3. Taba Taku (Lok Bharati)--?
  4. Subu Kechi (Independent)
  5. Bida Taku (Lok Janasakthi)--?

Arunachal East

  1. Tapir Gao (BJP)
  2. Ninong Ering (INC)
  3. C.T. Manpoong (AC)--?
  4. Lowancha Wanglat (AC)--?

The candidate for Arunachal West is Taba Taku and not Bida Taku and Chou Tan Manpoong has surrendered his proposal for contesting from Arunachal East in favor of Lowancha Wanglat. (Source: Arunachal Front)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bandh called against March 27 public hearing of Dibang Multipurpose Project

The public hearing for Dibang Multipurpose Project fixed on March 27 at New Anaya is again being asked for cancellation. This time it’s the organizations from neighbouring Assam that has stepped in demanding for scrapping of Dibang project and hence no public hearing. Demanding cancellation of the public hearing, the Sadiya Mohokma Suraksha Samiti, All Tai Ahom Students Union and various political parties from Sadiya have given a bandh call on March 21. The All Assam Students Union has also extended support to the strike call given. Following the bandh call, the Assam organizations have further declared to intensify its agitation by putting complete ban on vehicular movements towards the state of Arunachal Pradesh into the district of Lower Dibang Valley starting March 23 till the day of public hearing. The decision for the strike and vehicular blockade was taken in a meeting held on March 15 between All Idu Mishmi Students Union and the representatives from the organizations of Assam held in Chapakhowa. The representatives in the meeting have decided to target the NHPC vehicles and to prevent it from entering Arunachal. Besides Assam organizations, the Dibang Valley Students Union led by Anduwa Mihu has also given its clear stand on Dibang Project and reiterated its earlier stand of no dam. The DVSU supporting AIMSU and ICLS call for No Dam has also decided to call for bandh in the Dibang Valley district demanding cancellation of public hearing. The union said that the public hearing fixed few weeks before the parliamentary elections will influence the decision of the local affected people. The people during the election time will be influenced by their political affiliations and hence there will be no true opinion aired during the hearing.

The public hearing for the Dibang project have been so far cancelled for ninth time and besides repeatedly demanding for cancellation of public hearing, AIMSU and ICLS had written earlier to MoEF not to accept application for environmental clearance without the conduct of public hearing. It is evident that neither the govt of Arunachal Pradesh nor the organizations opposing the dams in Dibang basin will concede to their stand on Dibang Multipurpose Project. The community based organizations in Dibang have also called for declaring Dibang Valley as ‘Ecologically sensitive Zone’ which as per the provisions in the Environment Protect Act can put halt to all huge infrastructural projects. Having used all means and strategies in effectively preventing the public consultation process to complete, the ICLS along with AIMSU have come up with a 16 page report to make up a case in invoking the concerns that attracts the provisions under Section 3 sub section (2), clause (v) of the Environment Protection Act, 1986. The Act provides safeguards to ecologically sensitive fragile areas from industries, operations, processes and activities inimical to the conservation and protection of the environment of such areas. The provisions of the act have been used time to time in certain parts of country prohibiting operations of industries and processes.

In a separate statement, AIMSU General Secretary Tone Mickrow has demanded for a college in Roing. The union says that besides the anti dam movement in Dibang, it will also focus on demand for a college. The union puts it that a college is a development project that involves community participation and unlike dam it does not involve any risks. “College can be the best development project that the govt of Arunachal can give to people of Dibang”, said Mickrow. With AIMSU and ICLS demanding to stop the never ending circus of development, the protest in Dibang seems never ending.

Happy Myoko

Seems like yesterday when we observed 'Myoko' but I've to come out of stupor and believe that a year has passed by since we observed 'Myoko' and it is now turn of 'Hiichi' belt to observe 'Myoko' this year and they would be officially declaring 'Myoko' open with 'Sama Piniing' tonight.

Well, wish you all a Happy Myoko from team Arunachal Diary.

So, what now? Being guest this year, we are planning to do a round to host villages to taste their 'O'-local rice beer, that they had so diligently prepared this past couple of weeks to welcome us, what else :).

Here we come host villages, keep your 'O' ready ;)

For uninitiated, find about relevance of 'Myoko' here or you can go through a bit of mythology on 'Myoko' and a Photo-feature here.

Vote-not-to vote: The lesser known voting rule; Rule 49-O

One of the reader of Arunachal Diary asked me if I could throw some light on Vote-not-to vote rule or rather Negative/Neutral vote or 'Nota' (None of the above). As it would have been a long reply almost sufficing a single post, I thought of doing a post on itself.

Post 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, one lesser known rule of 'The Conduct of Elections Rules, 1961', has been doing round in blogosphere and social networking sites and has been a subject of debate. It is the Rule 49-O of 'The Conduct of Election Rules, 1961'-the rule, which as a matter of fact I too was quite unaware of. It was triggered by hoax email that was doing round the web, apparently since past couple of years but which gained momentum post 26/11 Mumbai terror attack.

So what is Rule 49-O of The Conduct of Elections Rules, 1961?

It says that if elector decides not to record his vote, then the elector may do so by notifying the presiding officer and putting signature or thumb impression in Form 17A which exposes the identity of the elector and making them vulnerable to threat and intimidation. It also defeats the purpose of 'secret ballot'.
49-O. Elector deciding not to vote.-If an elector, after his electoral roll number has been duly entered in the register of voters in Form-17A and has put his signature or thumb impression thereon as required under sub-rule (1) of rule 49L, decided not to record his vote, a remark to this effect shall be made against the said entry in Form 17A by the presiding officer and the signature or thumb impression of the elector shall be obtained against such remark.

What is so special about this rule that it became a buzzword and a subject of debate in the web?

The hoax email that did round the web, apparently seems to state that 'if the number of people who invoke the right to 49-O is more than the winning candidates vote count, a re-poll is ordered with something amounting to a permanent ban on the previous candidature'. Having disillusioned with the voting system of the country to elect their representative whereby there was no option other than to choose the candidate which was less unappealing than the others; this gave some sense of power to elector to accept or not-to- accept or to reject the candidates altogether by putting 'Negative/Neutral' Vote. It was felt and hoped that by exercising this option, the wronged system can atleast be corrected. And ever since, people have been debating about the viability of this option.

Can a re-poll be ordered by invoking Rule 49-O?

No, with the present Rule 49-O, there is no option that a re-poll could be ordered if the vote count invoking Rule 49-O is greater than the vote count of winning candidates. In other words, it would be much similar to abstaining from exercising your franchise or to make your vote invalid. has succinct information on Rule 49-O. Go through the explanation of rule 49-O here.

So, not until the rule is amended based on EC recommendations and a clause inserted for re-poll and disqualification of candidature, it would be futile and 'waste' of vote to invoke 'Rule 49-O' except to compromise your identity and expose you to the vulnerability of being intimidated.

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  2. Right of negative voting.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Arunachal Anti-Corruption Sena fields its candidate for LS Polls

In an interesting development, Arunachal Anti-Corruption Sena has decided to join the fray for Lok Sabha seats along with INC, BJP, AC and Lok Bharti.

In a report appearing in ‘The Subansiri”-A weekly published from Ziro, it is reported that Arunachal Anti-Corruption Sena (AACS) has decided to field their President, Subu Kechi, a former government employee and lawyer by profession, to contest for Arunachal West Constituency as an independent candidate.

It is not clear from the report whether AACS has filed nomination for the same or not.

Watch this space for more updates on this.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Election Agenda of INC candidates from Arunachal for LS Polls

Apart from their party manifesto, access to education at all levels, self-employment avenues and self reliance of the state seems to be the main agenda of INC candidates contesting from 2 constituency seats in Arunachal for Lok Sabha election.

In 'know your candidate' column series carried out by The Arunachal Times, Takam Sanjoy, INC candidate from Arunachal West Constituency says his priorities are:

  1. Access to education at all level and to ensure each Arunachalee is educated.
  2. Implementation of SSA in right direction.
  3. To tap the untapped resources and distribute equally among all Arunachalees.
  4. To look at new avenues of self-employment and generation of employment.
  5. Implementation of 6th CPC recommendation would be pursued at all possible level. (Not surprising being included in election agenda, considering the row it created)
Given a chance, he says he will use the platform to get our state noticed for all the right reasons and will bridge the gap between New Delhi and Itanagar.

Also his other concern is to clear the misconception [sic] that Arunachal is a disputed territory.

He says apart from others, his immediate focus would be on misconception that Arunachal is a disputed territory. "This land belongs to India and no force on earth can dispute that."
Well, in this front I would say, it is not a misconception but a fact that Arunachal Pradesh is indeed a disputed territory which can only be resolved through diplomatic measures and not by shouting our lungs out that Arunachal Pradesh is not a disputed territory.

Further, he says that state needs to give up 'dependency syndrome' and has to become self reliant.

Similarly, Ninong Ering, INC Candidate from Arunachal East constituency has similar priorities as his counterpart Takam Sanjoy.

Besides stressing on access to education, improved health and sanitation, finding avenues for self-employment and making state self reliant, he stresses on bringing the state in the fold of Sixth Schedule. He also stresses on making Arunachal leap forward in IT sector.

Well, both of them has given a very good political rhetoric on why should we elect them, but none of them has mentioned anything on how they would achieve their agenda. Nevertheless, let's hope that they would keep their promises if elected.

Well, Mr. Sanjoy and Mr. Ering best of luck. We would be watching you if you keep your promise or not. :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Anti-Dam Movement gears up-IMCLS & AIMSU demands 'No Dam Zone in Dibang Valley'

Anti-Dam movement has geared up in Dibang Valley with Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society (IMCLS) and All Idu Mishmi Students' Union (AIMSU) stating "We don't want project in Dibang Valley and No further public hearing" in response to the notification for public hearing for 3000 MW Dibang Multipurpose Project which is scheduled to be held at New Anaya, Upper Dibang Valley on March, 27th.

The press release states that coinciding with the 'International Day of Actions against Dams, and for Rivers, Water and Life' on March 14th, the Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society (IMCLS) and All Idu Mishmi Students' Union (AIMSU) demands declaration of Dibang Valley as Ecologically Sensitive Zone according to the provision under Section 3 of the Environment Protection Act, 1986 similar to Aravalli Hills where mining is banned; and in line with that they have demanded banning of construction of Mega Projects such as Dams in the region and to declare Dibang Valley as 'No Dam Zone'.

In an open letter to Prime Minister (reproduced below) they have asked the government to stop the cruel circus of development in the name of national interest of which they have little understanding and which do not evoke interests in them considering the impact it would have on the Idu Mishmi community.

Open Letter to PM

(Click on the image for larger view)

They've further prepared a case for declaring Dibang Valley as 'No Dam Zone' under the provisions of Environment Protection Act, 1986. Find the case here.

Read related story on The Telegraph

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kiren Rijiju for a changed political atmosphere in Arunachal Pradesh

Off late, one politician of the state is drawing my attention and gaining appreciation from my side.

Earlier, he was named among top 5 opposition MP's reviewed by their peers in treasury bench based on high benchmark in debates, discussions and decorum and was placed along the stalwarts in the likes of L.K. Advani.

In a state where it is easier to change party affiliation then changing clothes and where there is no party ideology, he stick to his party rejecting the offer of joining the rival party and fighting the forthcoming Lok Sabha election in their ticket and that too when nine of his party member had defected to the rival party. His concern is not just about becoming an MP but bringing about a 'political change' in the state.

"But I preferred to remain in BJP. I feel only becoming MP should not be the sole objective. I may feel lonely losing all the party MLAs to Congress but I still feel that I should fight the system to bring about a change in the political atmosphere in the state,"he said.

Hmm.. I guess you might have guessed whom I'm referring to.

And yes Mr. Rijiju, if we've more legislator like you; certainly we would be having changed and better political atmosphere in the state.

What do you say?