Tuesday, January 20, 2009

'Arunachal Front' points out discrepancy in APPSC Results

The Arunachal Front has pointed out discrepancy in the results published in local dailies. The results at earlier post, which was sourced from 'The Arunachal Times' shows name of Hemu Rai at Sl. no. 97 which the Arunachal Front says is not there in the second daily; instead the name of Uglen Borang is there at Sl. No. 98 with Hage Yana at Sl. No. 97 which was at Sl. No. 98 in the earlier list. The Arunachal Front has reported that both the dailies has confirmed that there was no error in the publication of results. This has led the Arunachal Front to wonder if two different sets of results were given out by the Commission for publication.

While serial no. 97 of a daily carried the name of Hemu Rai (RN 104326), the other carried the name of Hage Yana (RN 104074), while this name was in serial no. 98 in the first paper. The second daily carried the name of Uglen Borang (RN 105437) in serial no. 98.

Both the dailies, however, confirmed that there was no error in their publication. Does that mean that two different sets of results were given out for publication?
-Arunachal Front

Well, kudos to them for bringing out the discrepancies but it would have been more appreciable if they had investigated into it more and gave the detailed report on whether it was typo on the part of local dailies or if two sets of results were indeed given out by the Commission.

On our part, we did looked around a bit but could not lay our hands on the official release of notification. It may be mentioned here that despite the results being notified on 17th of January, 2009; so far, the same has not been put up in their official site. And from the result notification that has been put up by Hornbill Express here (which looks like official release) it seems as if there are indeed some discrepancies as pointed out by 'Arunachal Front' but then, it ain't no official release as declared by the site, which says to confirm the results with the official release.


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