Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Has the hang over of New Year celebration died down yet? :)

Well, it's time to retrospect the past and plan for the New Year ahead, right. But before that, let me share how the Hapolians bode adieu to the year gone by.

31st December being designated as 'Donyi Polo Day' or rather 'Indigenous Faith's Day' and declared a state holiday, the day saw procession by believer of indigenous faith [sic] 'Donyi Polo' almost akin to the Christmas Carol procession some days earlier, and converging to 'Donyi Polo' ground. For others, as usual, it was a hectic day; a day filled with preparation for late night parties and for family picnic the next day. Also keeping the tradition of free concert by local bands, this year too saw the band 'Play Boy' performing in the evening and Hapolians enjoying the show. However, as the permission for the concert was till 6.00 pm the concert couldn't stretch beyond 7.30pm and people dispersed from the venue of the show for their late night parties. After the show (which I could witness only the last performance), Cho and myself returned to my home for a drink and dinner and drank till bit tipsy and dispersed after a late dinner.

Now retrospecting, the year 2008 saw Arunachal Diary not being updated at regular intervals unlike previous years. The blame goes entirely to me and partly on the disruption of broadband services at Ziro, owing to the June 14th torrential rain. However, as a part of New Year resolution, I've resolved to keep you updated more frequently on the happenings of the state, this year. Hope I'm able to keep my resolution. Also, I'm working on face lifting the site and hopefully you would see the face lifted Arunachal Diary soon :)

And once again, Happy New Year!!


  • PB

    Happy New Year to the whole AD team.

  • AG

    Happy New Year to you and your family too, PB.

  • Hornbill express

    Its a good start... but I hope they all know and are sure that they're not being played around by some Hindu elements.

  • AG

    Happy New Year Hornbill Express.

    Well...I've my reservations about this so called Donyi-Polo movement. Recently, I came across this news report in a local daily where it was reported that an idol of Donyi-Polo created from pebbles collected from Dikrong river was installed at Naharlagun Medar Nello/Nyidar Namlo (whatever it is ) and the head priest was contemplating installing idols of Shiva and Parvati too. So, I guess, it's anybody's guess how indigenous 'Donyi-Poloism' is, for which state government has declared 31st December as Indigenous Faiths Day or Donyi-Polo Day :P

  • AG

    But, I'm not sure if the naive followers of Donyi-Poloism knows anything about it except that it's their indigenous faith and they have to preserve it from onslaught of Christianity and Hinduism in the society :)

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