Tuesday, February 24, 2009

(Non) Implementation of 6th Pay Commision Recommendation- Arunachal find it's partner in Manipur

Hmm...employees in Arunachal Pradesh are not alone which is affected by (non) implementation of 6th Pay Commission recommendations. It has found a partner in Manipur.

The Government employees in Manipur along with it's family member has decided not to vote for the candidates of Congress and coalition partner CPI in the coming parliamentary elections, over their demand for implementation of 6th pay commission recommendation in Manipur.

Government employees in Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh, who have been demanding the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations, have now decided to take stronger action.

The 64,000 Manipur employees have announced that they and their families would not vote for the candidates of the Congress or its coalition partner CPI in the coming Parliamentary elections.

(Source: The Hindu)

Meanwhile, there is no sign of respite to the ongoing standoff between Government and CoSAAP with government not budging from their stand and threatening to emulate Tamil Nadu where around 100000 employees were terminated under this draconian act and CoSAAP deciding to intensify the ongoing democratic movement and continuing their agitation.


  • taj

    The Congress Government in Arunachal should know what happened to AIADMK Government of Jayalalita in Tamil Nadu in the aftermath of its employees agitation and the Assembly Election that followed. The AIADMK was wiped out from Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu, before that it had almost three-fourth majority.

  • AG

    Keeping aside what happened to AIADMK Government as an aftermath to employees agitation, I guess TN government had all the reasons to invoke ESMA as teacher's and secretarial employees were involved in the agitation and they were covered under 'essential service' act of TN. But I don't know if our government was right in invoking ESMA when all the essential services like education, medical etc., were exempted from this ongoing agitation.

    Would love to know, however, what services are defined as 'essential services' in 'Essential Service Maintenance (A.P.) Act of 1993.

  • Anonymous

    Some Points to ponder;
    a) Will the Government ( Labour Department ) allow anybody to pay less than fixed minimum wages to a worker just on the pretext of no money?
    b) Will it be justified if one employer pays less than minimum wages to a worker and punishes the worker for raising an objection for less payment?
    c) Can a free and democratic society be so blind?

  • AG


    Nice points raised. Here are some of my views to your points raised.

    a) In that case they (Labour Department) would not fail to invoke Minimum Wages Act. But what in case of Government if they fail to do so (fail to implement the recommendation of CPC)

    b) Going by what the Government is doing now, I guess so ;)

    c) Well, I guess we all are witnessing it now.

  • Nado(Tabyo) Michi

    Do you think its worth to implement 6th pay commision for our state government employee? i guess it would be another burden for centre as our state do not have source of income like some other state in country do.For functioning of state and salary of employee,it hugely depend on centre.so i wont think its wise to place demand after demand on centre. Instead of asking for raise in salary of employee,our state should ask for extra fund from center for development of natural resources so that we can turn it into source of revenue for state.once enought revenue is generated,one should think of implementing any pay commission.

  • AG


    All I can say and feel is that the employees should be paid for what they have been employed for by the government.

    Regarding, implementation of 6th pay commission recommendation, the government shouldn't have this CPC in first place and should have it's own pay commission, but may be because of hyper-enthusiasm of our policy maker, they just accepted that the pay structure of the state would be at par with CPC when we attained statehood, without considering the financial aspect of the state.

    Asking extra fund from center is no solution. In fact, centre is showering us with funds. What we have to do is utilize these funds judiciously and explore and exploit the resource of our state to generate revenue and become self sufficient.

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