Friday, February 20, 2009

On implementation of 6th CPC recommendations in Arunachal, Adamant Government, CoSAAP's agitation and ESMA

The logger-head between the CoSAAP and Arunachal Pradesh Government over implementation of 6th CPC recommendation is still continuing even after lapse of almost 2 months since the deadlock between the two parties over 6th CPC implementation reached and the solution still seems to be eluding. This tussle between the two parties, CoSAAP and A.P. Government has all the potential to bring the State to standstill and throw it into utter chaos; in fact it already has. With more than 85000 State's workforce going on 'Pen and Tool Down' agitation since January 5th, the government machinery has been brought to standstill and the common masses thrown into chaos.

With the Government not showing any interest to come to negotiation table over the December 20th pay package and taking hard-boiled stance over the agitating employees by imposing ESMA and the GBC CoSAAP not ready to take less than what was agreed upon on 10th of December, it seemed that the situation would further worsen without any solution in sight in near future. However, with the release of arrested leaders of GBC CoSAAP who were arrested under the provision of ESMA, on conditional bail, temporary suspension of 'Jail Bharo Andolan' by agitating employees in retaliation to arrest of their leaders and Chief Secretary finally relenting to reinstate the services of those employees who were terminated under ESMA and showing interest to talk with Chief Minister over the issue; it is hoped that the deadlock between the agitating employees and Government would tide over soon and an amicable solution reached.

Now after going through the press releases on the issue, it seems that this situation is the result of immature hurried promise made by the government which couldn't have otherwise been fulfilled, signing of agreement by selected few with the government as per government's wish contrary to earlier promise, which got signed, may be by putting the 'Second Party' under duress or under some personal arrangement as has been opined by some commentators, the government's adamant attitude to let it's employee follow the dictated terms which the employees couldn't come in agreement with and the crackdown technique (ESMA) that government adopted that backfired.

This entire episode has left few unanswered questions.

  • When it is said and stated by the Government that the State is not in a position to take the financial burden if the 6th Pay Commission Recommendation is implemented in toto, I wonder, why it reached upon an agreement of December 10th in first place, which was apparently arrived at after taking into consideration the financial position of the State? Was it on the basis of miscalculated financial implication that would have incurred to the State if 6th Pay Commission was implemented? Or was it deliberate move by the government to stall the agitation for time being and to buy time for preparing for next move?

  • Why CEC CoSAAP agreed to partial pay package contrary to December 10th agreement without consultation with it's District Unit's? Were they put under duress or had been subjected to some personal arrangements as has been opined by few commentators?

  • Was December 20th agreement arrived at after taking due consideration of financial implication to the State and it's financial poisition? If yes, then was the disagreement between different CoSAAP units the result of communication gap? Why CEC CoSAAP instead of clearing the differences amongst it's various units insisted upon other units to accept the pay package without giving proper reason and to bear the consequences if they goes ahead with agitation?

  • Was the Government right in using bullying tactic by imposing ESMA or did the situation indeed called for imposition of ESMA, in the first place? In fact, instead of breaking the morale of agitating employees it aggravated the agitation.


The Government has put itself into a very uncomfortable situation by taking 'adamant stance' and invoking Essential Service Maintenance (A.P.) Act, 1993, to crackdown on it's agitating employees. With Assembly election round the corner, this employer-employee issue has been turned into a political one by the likes of BJP, NCP, PPA etc., who are questioning the governance of the present Government and their handling of the situation and are showing solidarity with the agitating employees (though CoSAAP says it is a non-political organization and doesn't endorse any political patronage). This has also given chance to the political parties to group together and form an alliance to fight against the ruling Congress government in the ensuing Assembly elections. Besides, it has aggravated the agitation.

On CoSAAP's front, CoSAAP was disintegrated into two factions viz., CEC CoSAAP and GBC CoSAAP with one for the 20th December partial pay package and another for 10th December pay package with later faction spearheading the agitation now. Also, the hard-stance of government has brought almost all the District Units' under one umbrella called GBC CoSAAP.

And on common masses front, well.., we are only hoping that an amicable solution is reached between the Government and the agitating employees and are freed from further chaos.


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