Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vote for Tawang Monastery for 7 wonders of India

Tawang Town with monastery in background.Image via Wikipedia

Do you want to see Tawang Monastery as one of the wonders in '7 Wonders of India'?

Tawang Monastery is among the 20 natural or man made marvels in India that has been shortlisted to make it to the final 7 of the '7 Wonders of India'- a year long campaign initiated by NDTV in association with Union Tourism Ministry to unravel the 7 best natural and man-made marvels in the country.

The three monuments that's leading the race so far are:
  1. The Golden Temple
  2. Sun Temple, Konark and
  3. Meenakshi Temple

I've voted. So if you want to make Tawang Monastery stay in the race and make it to '7 Wonders of India' do vote here. Alternately, you can vote via your mobile phone. SMS 7 to 56388 or log on to on your phone browser.

Let's make Tawang Monastery a 'Wonder of India'. Vote now.

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