Saturday, February 21, 2009

Would the handling of CoSAAP's agitation by the Government affect the ruling Congress Party's prospect in forthcoming Assembly Elections?

Well, the ruling Congress in Arunachal Pradesh has finally decided to prepone the Assembly Elections which was due in October and to go in for polls simultaneously along with Lok Sabha Elections likely to be held during April-May. The decision was taken, apparently, in order to 'save time, energy and money'.

The ruling Congress in Arunachal Pradesh has decided to go in for polls for the 60-member state assembly simultaneously with that for the Lok Sabha to be held either in April or May.

The state cabinet at a meeting here last night endorsed the decision of the Congress Legislature Party and its associate members to prepone the assembly polls, due in October and hold it along with that for the Lok Sabha to "save time, energy and money", government spokesman and state Parliamentary Affairs Minister Tako Dabi told the press today.

Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, who is also the CLP leader, and Arunachal PCC President Nabam Tuki would visit Delhi soon to apprise the party high command and the Election Commission of the decision, he said.
(Source PTI)

Now, with present turmoil in the state where the Government's hard stance on it's employee over the implementation of 6th Pay Commission recommendation has become the subject of criticism from other political parties and employees discontentment, would the decision to pre-pone the 60-seat assembly elections backfire in their face? Would the handling of CoSAAP's agitation by the ruling Congress Government affect their prospect in this assembly election?

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  • Daachan

    My personal view is that at time of election electors rarely look back the deeds of Government weather its governance was good or bad. Only concern constituency's leaders count at that time.

    But this time, I expect some revolutionary type election, if some amicable solution is not come between Govt. and its employees; moreover, other political parties will certainly take advantage out of this issue.

    I am also a CoSAAP member, surely I will vote against the govt. if employee-employer tussle remain like this without any solution.

    Invocation of ESMA and arrest of CoSAAP's leaders under the Act has really made the Employees union UNITY, there was no feelings of such unitiness earlier. Govt. must have sensed it so; they must not overlook 86000 employees.

  • AG

    Whatever be the outcome of CoSAAP-Government standoff, it would be very interesting to watch the forthcoming assembly election. If people doesn't rise now then I guess it would never in future.

    I would love to have more inputs from you CoSAAP people regarding the CoSAAP & Governments standoff.

  • ruma

    attitude of govt towards cosaaf is very unfortunate and govt will have to bear ultimate brunt

  • AG


    Wish and hope Government would bring CoSAAP to negotiation table and would bring the standoff to an end once and for all.

  • Anonymous

    I think almost every house in Arunachal has a CoSSAP member who will motivate his family not to vote for such political party which is only interested in power and neither in a solution nor in people's welfare.

  • AG


    With more than 85000 employees and say 4 dependent each eligible to vote, which comes to 3,40,000 of total population...are we in for change in political party this coming election ???

  • Daachan

    See if we find few more opposition legislatures in assembly after election,
    unlike present 100% ruling MLAs.

  • AG


    The question is would the elected member stick to their party on whose ticket they contested? I'm afraid so. Because of lack of political ideology and for personal benefits, politicians changes party more often than they would change their clothes. In that case, I don't think we would be seeing bi-party or multi-party system in Arunachal.

    But, with the present turmoil in state would the political system in the state change for good? Well, keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Anonymous

    the bullshit leaders jump from one party to another without any shame and the muddle headed public hear them as they say. the era is of bustards and they will shine even in mud

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