Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Arunachal Anti-Corruption Sena fields its candidate for LS Polls

In an interesting development, Arunachal Anti-Corruption Sena has decided to join the fray for Lok Sabha seats along with INC, BJP, AC and Lok Bharti.

In a report appearing in ‘The Subansiri”-A weekly published from Ziro, it is reported that Arunachal Anti-Corruption Sena (AACS) has decided to field their President, Subu Kechi, a former government employee and lawyer by profession, to contest for Arunachal West Constituency as an independent candidate.

It is not clear from the report whether AACS has filed nomination for the same or not.

Watch this space for more updates on this.


  • Anonymous

    Hello Mr.Kechi. are you confident to represent the voice of all arunachal or it is a short of mockery. please convey.

  • Anonymous

    Dear AG,
    Could you throw some light on vote-not-to-vote ?

  • taj

    Anonymous above might be making a point, though not coherent enough. Even I too am personally confused. Is AACS a NOG working for greater cause? with no gains? Or is it a political party? of course it is no sin to be political party. If so it should declare itself so, most might not have heard of it still now.

    And everybody has the freedom

  • AG


    I've tried to explain about Rule 49-O. Find it here.

    Well, let's see if I'm able to contact Mr. Kechi to put his views on AACS decision to enter politics :) Keep watching the space.

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