Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Arunachal Assembly website goes live

Arunachal Pradesh Governor Gen (Retd.) JJ Singh today inaugurated the Arunachal Assembly website during the 3-day Budget session of State Assembly which began today.

When I came across statement by the Speaker Setong Sena in local daily that the website would be interactive allowing people to judge the performance of their elected representatives and to send their observations, I could not help myself from visiting the site of Arunachal Assembly.

I was greeted with the landing page as pictured at LHS above. When I clicked through the 'click here' link, instead of taking me to the main page I was taken to message from Governor's page and then to message from C.M. before I was finally taken to the main page. The main page has a brief history of Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly.

Contrary to Speaker's statement that the website is interactive allowing people to send in their observations on the government and the elected representatives, I did not find even single email id of the legislatures; leave alone how to interact with the government through the site.

Well, may be that is the case because the website has been launched today only and with passage of time, I hope they would add more interactivity :) to the site and would update information on proceedings of the house and various acts and motions passed in the house etc.


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