Saturday, March 21, 2009

Arunachal Democratic Alliance announces it's nominee (Updated)

Arunachal Democratic Alliance (ADA) has finally announced it's nominees for Lok Sabha Polls. The conglomeration of 6 political parties comprising Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), People's Party of Arunachal (PPA), Janata Dal (United), Arunachal Congress (AC), Lok Bharati and Lok Janasakthi Party, has decided to field Bida Taku (Lok Jansakthi) and Lowancha Wanglat (Arunachal Congress) in Arunachal West and Arunachal East constituency respectively. It may also be mentioned that earlier C.T. Manpoong (Arunachal Congress) and Taba Taku(Lok Bharati) had been nominated for Arunachal East and Arunachal West constituency respectively. Now, with announcement of names of L.Wanglat and Bida Taku by ADA, is it to be presumed that earlier nominated names of C.T. Manpoong and Taba Taku stands cancelled?

L.Wanglat, the former Congress Party member who resigned the party over his resentment on not being given party ticket for contesting the Lok Sabha Polls has said that he would give tough fight to Tapir Gao (BJP) and Ninong Ering (INC) and would give them crushing defeat as the constituency is his 'bastion' where he has more mass following than BJP or INC candidates contesting the poll. Also, reiterating the allegation of Kiren Rijuju where Kiren Rijiju had alleged Congress candidates of using muscle and money power to garner votes, Wanglat said that he would not contest the election with 'money power' unlike Congress candidate Ninong Ering but with support from the people.

"I vow to fight my opponent Ninong Ering, who lacks mass base in the Tirap, Changlang and Lohit districts, which is my bastion. Changlang, Lohit and my native district Tirap have more than two of the three lakh voters in Arunachal East. I have the unconditional support of the voters of Tirap and Changlang, which have been demanding Patkai Autonomous Council, for long. Unlike Ering, I will not fight with money but with the people’s support. I am confident of giving a crushing defeat to my opponents, the Congress’s Ninong Ering and the BJP’s Tapir Gao,” he said.

Now with the declaration of nominees by ADA, the updated list of candidates so far, who would be contesting the Lok Sabha Poll in Arunachal Pradesh are as follows:

Arunachal West

  1. Kiren Rijiju (BJP)
  2. Takam Sanjoy (INC)
  3. Taba Taku (Lok Bharati)--?
  4. Subu Kechi (Independent)
  5. Bida Taku (Lok Janasakthi)--?

Arunachal East

  1. Tapir Gao (BJP)
  2. Ninong Ering (INC)
  3. C.T. Manpoong (AC)--?
  4. Lowancha Wanglat (AC)--?

The candidate for Arunachal West is Taba Taku and not Bida Taku and Chou Tan Manpoong has surrendered his proposal for contesting from Arunachal East in favor of Lowancha Wanglat. (Source: Arunachal Front)


  • taj

    Wanglat is an old war horse of Arunachal Politics. He I think was a founder member of PPA (Peoples Party of Arunachal), lost may be two continuous Assembly election but still came back strongly. His star shone after the first fall of seemingly invincible Apang and he became a minister. He was always counted amongst the more popular and stronger politician with mass base (With likes of Bakin Pertin). And those in power were always wary of him.

    His claims may not be exaggerated and he might make this election of East AP tough, both for Congress and BJP.

  • sm

    good site like the post and pics

  • buru

    Re the West AP constituency only two names matter--Takam Sanjoy and Rijiju.Whereas Sanjoy has the advantage of being a Nyishi( i.e.largest voter base in AP), a Congress-I nominee, and plenty of money and muscle, Rijiju has turned Sanjoys strengths( and his own weaknesses)into his advantage!

    Prev I thought Rijiju was a goner, but the substantial negative-voting against Sanjoy, along with Rijijus own popularity has given him a slight edge and I expect him to emerge winner unless some drastic situation arises.

    If Rijiju wins, we can expect a Cabinet post for him at the centre if NDA comes to power. In addition, if BJP comes to power in AP again, we can expect him to be the pick for CM. Even Apangs group seem to be rooting for him( prob out of hate for DK&TS and not out of love for KR:)

    If Takam Sanjoy wins we can expect him to dethrone CM DK in next Congress cabinet, or atleast become deputy-CM.I dont foresee Congress giving him a berth at the centre, except maybe a ceremonial one.

    If Rijiju wins, I hope he tone down his abrasive India-China rhetoric and actually get down to do something that will help the state--such as, getting the centre to solve the China border problem, solving Assam-AP border, getting roads( not only on paper, like Manmohan gave).

    If Sanjoy wins, I hope maturity dawns on him and he performs his duty in a democratic manner and not via violent means.

  • AG


    May the best man win and hope good sense will prevail upon the winning candidate. :)

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