Friday, March 6, 2009

Arunachal feature film 'Oyaa' bags DDK Awards

After the Arunachalee feature film 'Sonam', it's turn of yet another Arunachalee feature film to make waves and win an award.

'Oyaa'- a Nyishi feature film based on Pill Topu's novel 'Oyaa' about the plight of typical village women in Nyishi community has bagged 4 awards in the best film, best cinematography, best sound and best editing categories of DDK National Awards which was awarded at an award function held at Jalandhar yesterday.

Produced by Arun Um Sakat and directed by Abhijit Das, a former student from FTII (Film and Television Institute of India), 'Oyaa' has been recommended by the Jury for International Film Festival.

“It is a great feeling. This is the first film from Arunachal, which bagged national awards in four categories. The whole unit is thrilled as the jury has recommended the film for the international film festival,” he said.

“The film speaks of the socio-cultural life of Nyishi tribesmen living in a nondescript village in Arunachal Pradesh and revolves around the life of a woman. It is the first such venture to capture Nyishi family life on celluloid. And our hard work has paid off,” Abhijit Das, the director, said from Guwahati.

(Source: The Telegraph)

The film stars Bengia Neye Likha as 'Oyaa' and Joram Papa as 'Podu' who had no formal training in acting.


  • vivian

    hi all, It it is a proud moment for all arunachalee. Its a great achievement for our film industry. I feel proud to be called Arunachalee....Congratulations to all the crew members of "OYAA"

  • Moli

    great news

  • Anonymous

    Was the Film shot in Celluloid ? Or it was just a video film ? The question may kindly be answered before I put some other questions.

  • AG

    Hope this achievement encourage the local producers and boost film industry in our state which is just restricted to sub-standard video films.

    Keep tuned :)

    Whatever I could make out of the press release, it was a 35mm film; I presume. Otherwise the film wouldn't have been screened at theaters in Delhi.

    So, go ahead with your other questions.

  • Anonymous

    It can never be a 35mm film. The film was never shot with a camera higher than Beta D30, DSR 450 or DSR 500 at the extreme. It is surprising how only the In-house productions of Doordarshan manage to get an award !! Other producers and directors are never given an opportunity to take part in any competition. Why ? I put this question to the higher authority of Doordarshan. Shall I get a reply ??

  • Anonymous

    hey mister "i know everything"... whether its Beta D30 or DSR450 u better keep ur knowledge within u....or else go and join some photo studio....hyper.... u are a e-waste!!!! u want to know about this from "higher" authority of doordarshan... let me tell u "**** of" they don't talk to loser's like u "Beta D30"....AG,please kill him with a rubber band...It was my pleasure to reply to u on behalf of doordarshan!!!!!!

  • AG

    @anony 2,
    I guess anony 1 has all the right to express his views. May be he was right when he said that 'it was never shot on camera higher than Beta D30, DSR 450 or DSR 500 at the extreme' because whatever I can make out of these term is, these are the cameras generally used in TV Production houses, right. And "Oyaa" being in-house production of DD, anony1 had this apprehension.

    I understand you have this understanding of film-making or of equipments used in film making, but how do you say that 'It can never be 35mm film'?

    Also, do you have any knowledge of other producers or directors pitching in for DDK awards and being denied the opportunity of being part of DDK competition despite being better film than the in-house DDK production? Well, I'd love to know from you.

  • Anonymous

    To "hey mister "i know everything"... whether its Beta D30 or DSR450" : You might be a DD funk. Else you are a lunatic to utter such words of
    pseudo high brows !! Dont yell with a little knowledge of film making. Hey "i know everything"..., don't teach me about the inside of DD. Cunning jackals like you are filling the rooms ( With an apology to those honest and clean ones in DD, whether Copernicus Marg or Itanagar )

  • Anonymous

    Reply to : "how do you say that 'It can never be 35mm film'?" Yes, it can never be. Because I know the Director, I know also the Producer Sakat who was the Station Director of Itanagar DDK. I also know the editor Bhupen Deka who has no knowledge of Non-Linear editing which is required for cut-list editing through telecine capture. I have some stills of their shooting which shows they used a video camera. And DD never have budget for any reverse-telecine process. Hope these are enough proof.

    If I tell you the names of some deprived producer-director of DD programmes making very good films, but not sending their films to any competition, I won't have been anonymous. Forgive me.

  • AG


    Well, I'm not much into film making or comfortable with the terminology used in film making. But, from the information given out by you on film making I do now agree with you that it couldn't have been a 35mm film :).

    Forgiven :). I wouldn't insist on you now to divulge the names of deprived talented producer-director making very good films but I do pray and hope that they get chance to showcase their talent in a days to come and get due recognition for their work.

  • Anonymous

    To AG @Anonymous : Thank you sir for your comments. You seem to be a gentleman and with high perception thought process. Thank you for your goodwill and good wishes for the deprived out-side producers of DD, specially the makers of better Commissioned Programmes of DD in North East India. But I agree, most producers & directors of DD make such horrible, unpalatable and undigestible films assigned to them under commissioned category that one cannot watch those for more than three minutes and are forced to switch-off the TV, and DD accept those without any objection. For your information DD pays them Rs. 2 lakhs for each 22.5 minute episode This is a open secret that they grab 20% bribe from them and accept these horrible productions where they spend hardly 30/40 thousand in making those productions. Still, DD assign them works again and again. I have proofs of this nexus. We are ashamed of this. That's why wrote "Cunning jackals....are filling the (DD) rooms" to one Anonymous. And all will agree with me. But there are honest producers-directors too who make far better films than "Oyaa" but there is no system in DD's ethics to praise, to grade or upholding such makers, keep aside selecting them for any competition.

  • AG

    Sorry to know about the irregularities in DD and how the deserving candidates are sidelined because of so-called 'producers'-authority' nexus for awarding commissioned programmes.

    I'd appreciate if you could help us break this producer's authority nexus in DD by giving out more details so that we may carry a story on it. Are you game?

  • Anonymous

    Though I haven't seen the film, i am quite sure it must have been good. Coz I happen to know what the crew went through during the shoot. I cant help but notice that many of us debating whether it was celluliod or not. For me it dosent realy matter coz films means story telling and if you can manage to grip the audience, people wont notice if it was shot in digital camera or celluloid. Let me tell you that the Osacar winning "SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE" was shot in 2-K (Digital) and it outran all the movies that were shot in celluloid.


  • AG

    Adopting 2-k Digital cinema camera or 35mm film camera is, I guess matter of choice for the director or producers keeping in view the output of the final product and the cost factor, after all, if I'm not wrong 35mm film can also be converted into digital format to be beamed across theaters using digital projection systems.

    I completely agree with you that film means story telling via whatever media you choose; be it digital or analogous but I guess what was discussed earlier was not..I repeat not about whether the movie was on celluloid or was more on if the genuine talented film makers was deprived of the deserved opportunity because of rot in the system...

    And yes, Oyaa wouldn't have won the awards had it not been good and caught the attention of juries. :)

  • OZZY

    Thanks for agreeing with my views.We all know that the system of our country! we cant fight it. All we can do is try to find other way where we can showcase our talent. There are numerous film fest sites in the web and one can showcase their films for about 100 dollars. so if we are real serious about out films we can forget about DD and show it somewhere else. anyways not everyone can afford celluloid but even big directors from west are opting for digital film making. Like Apocalypso by Mel Gibson and even films by Spielberg.

  • AG

    How long would we think that we are helpless and let the system rot further? Shouldn't we step forward and try to clean the rot in the system?

    I do agree with you that DD is not the only media where one can showcase their talent and there are other medias too where one can showcase their talent and may be, would get better recognition, too. But then, for that one has to kill their commercial aspiration and concentrate more on critical value of film which I'm afraid if the local (video) film producers would do. Anyway, let's hope there are producers' who truly aspire to make films of critical value. :)

    I'm not sure how much difference is there cost-wise to make a digital film and to make film in 35mm. What I feel why producers are opting to digital film making has got something to do with may be post-production process like editing, sound-mixing etc..etc. and of course the ease with which the digital content can be transmitted worldwide for simultaneous screening unlike it's 35mm counterpart, thereby reducing transportation costs and even piracy. But then, this is just a view of non-technical person having no knowledge about film making and whatever I've expressed may be totally do correct me.

    Lastly, do you really feel that we Arunachalee film producers' are ready to embrace digital film making both financially and technically? What do you say?

  • Anonymous

    Although I am from Sikkim, I know the frustration you guys are facing. But believe me if you can give quality products, even the corrupt has to agree with you sometime in future. The real breakthrough in digital media (Film making) is with RED- ONE camera which boasts of a resolution of 4-K !! you can imagine it offers 4 times better resolution than high definition and I read it that it can outrun even a panavision celluloid cam! The cost is quite high though... around 35 Lakhs for the whole set. But it is worth it coz it records on hard drive! and uses RAW (Uncompressed format) it can be edited using Mac Quad core machies with FInal cut Studio 6.SO check out the RED site, to make ur pulse racing.!! chow!! and keep making gud movies...


  • AG

    Oh! I took it for granted that you are another Arunachalee and started pouring in questions after questions in the context of Arunachal, so am sorry for that. Nevertheless thanks for visiting Arunachal Diary and enlightening us with the equipments used in film making.

    I do completely agree with you that hard and sincere work do eventually pays over time and if you keep on serving quality products your work will be noticed sooner than later.

    Having said that I'm afraid that if film makers of our state are ready to embrace the equipment and latest technology used in film making with Arunachal film industry (if you may call it) in a very nascent stage. What would be challenging would be producing/making quality films with whatever resources available. In this context we may take example of Indian Ad film makers who make ad films of comparable if not higher quality than it's western counterpart with rather pre-historic equipments compared with the equipments used by their western counterparts.:)

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