Thursday, March 12, 2009

Candidates from Arunachal Pradesh for Lok Sabha Polls

The nominated candidates, so far, of the various political parties in the state to contest for 2 seats in Arunachal Pradesh during the single phase poll on April 16th are:

  1. Kiren Rijiju (Western Constituency)
  2. Tapir Gao (Eastern Constituency)

  1. Takam Sanjoy (Western Constituency)
  2. Ninong Ering (Eastern Cconstituency)

AC & Lok Bharti:
  1. C.T. Manpoong (Eastern Constituency) (Arunachal Congress)
  2. Taba Taku (Western Constituency) (Lok Bharti)

Arunachal Democratic Alliance (ADA) is likely to announce its nominee by tomorrow.


  • TABA

    Among All the candidates Taba Taku Shall be winning, because of his vision to build Arunachal pradesh.
    1. corrupt free state
    2.Accountable Government
    3.Self dependent and revenue generating state
    4.Industralized and employment generating state.

  • TABA

    I would like to appeal my friends let us root out the traditional ways of politics being practiced in the state and traditional political parties which fails to live upto the mark for our people, long live Arunachal pradesh, long live to all educated youths of our state.

  • Anonymous

    i appeal to ppl to vote across party lines for a brighter n better arunachal..!! let more deservi ng candidates go to the centre as our reps.... so hereby ma views ll be to send kiren again from west constituency < no way takom sanjay should win>.... ! ommak apang ll make a good rep from the east side....!!!! vote for the rit one.!

  • sogimuri

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  • Tasso

    many went to & many came back from parliament house in dilli but khiren has made some imprints.

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