Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Election Agenda of INC candidates from Arunachal for LS Polls

Apart from their party manifesto, access to education at all levels, self-employment avenues and self reliance of the state seems to be the main agenda of INC candidates contesting from 2 constituency seats in Arunachal for Lok Sabha election.

In 'know your candidate' column series carried out by The Arunachal Times, Takam Sanjoy, INC candidate from Arunachal West Constituency says his priorities are:

  1. Access to education at all level and to ensure each Arunachalee is educated.
  2. Implementation of SSA in right direction.
  3. To tap the untapped resources and distribute equally among all Arunachalees.
  4. To look at new avenues of self-employment and generation of employment.
  5. Implementation of 6th CPC recommendation would be pursued at all possible level. (Not surprising being included in election agenda, considering the row it created)
Given a chance, he says he will use the platform to get our state noticed for all the right reasons and will bridge the gap between New Delhi and Itanagar.

Also his other concern is to clear the misconception [sic] that Arunachal is a disputed territory.

He says apart from others, his immediate focus would be on misconception that Arunachal is a disputed territory. "This land belongs to India and no force on earth can dispute that."
Well, in this front I would say, it is not a misconception but a fact that Arunachal Pradesh is indeed a disputed territory which can only be resolved through diplomatic measures and not by shouting our lungs out that Arunachal Pradesh is not a disputed territory.

Further, he says that state needs to give up 'dependency syndrome' and has to become self reliant.

Similarly, Ninong Ering, INC Candidate from Arunachal East constituency has similar priorities as his counterpart Takam Sanjoy.

Besides stressing on access to education, improved health and sanitation, finding avenues for self-employment and making state self reliant, he stresses on bringing the state in the fold of Sixth Schedule. He also stresses on making Arunachal leap forward in IT sector.

Well, both of them has given a very good political rhetoric on why should we elect them, but none of them has mentioned anything on how they would achieve their agenda. Nevertheless, let's hope that they would keep their promises if elected.

Well, Mr. Sanjoy and Mr. Ering best of luck. We would be watching you if you keep your promise or not. :)



    Ctrl C and Ctrl V the main tool in IT industry is also used by our candidates...but what they copy and paste is only the key words..we definitely need the details..how they gonna do it.

    MP election has always been a low key affair in our state, but i think MP is only post which can bring the focus to our state.

    No doubt Khiren did his part.


  • mobin

    To give comment is very simple and easiest way in the political platform, everybody can comment that i will do this or that for the welfare of the society but i think all this are just rumors and only for gaining votes, Talking about SSA,education,resources etc in the agenda,i think now they felt during Assembly election, where they went earlier as they were the sitting body, even now they can work for the uplift the societies even if not elected. To choose/elect we need a desirable candidate.i think kiren rijiju is best among the contestant M.P candidate,but friend don't forget M.P one who sleep in the back sit of the parliament house.i appeal to all my friends, pliz do vote for Mr.Kiren Rijiju.

  • AG


    "No doubt Khiren did his part." May be that's why he gained my attention and appreciation.


    You raised the point that I failed to raise in my post. What were they doing when they held the position in state assembly and what would they do that they couldn't do while in state ministry if voted to LS?

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