Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Myoko

Seems like yesterday when we observed 'Myoko' but I've to come out of stupor and believe that a year has passed by since we observed 'Myoko' and it is now turn of 'Hiichi' belt to observe 'Myoko' this year and they would be officially declaring 'Myoko' open with 'Sama Piniing' tonight.

Well, wish you all a Happy Myoko from team Arunachal Diary.

So, what now? Being guest this year, we are planning to do a round to host villages to taste their 'O'-local rice beer, that they had so diligently prepared this past couple of weeks to welcome us, what else :).

Here we come host villages, keep your 'O' ready ;)

For uninitiated, find about relevance of 'Myoko' here or you can go through a bit of mythology on 'Myoko' and a Photo-feature here.


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