Monday, March 30, 2009

Land of 'Khusi-Khusi'?

This re-affirms Arunachal Pradesh is a land of 'Khusi-Khusi' (Assamese term loosely translated to 'at one's own will').

Anything is possible in Arunachal, buddy. ;)


  • Anonymous

    Please,Stop publishing these all, am fed up with this all illegal appointments in Ar.P
    (Huh !! don't you have better story to publish ??).
    Ok, it is published in local dailies and reaches almost every Hd.Qtr of various district... but what's public's response ??...I think most of readers skips Headline "ILLEGAL APPOINTMENT ONCE AGAIN". And even there is no use of RTI Act(Right to information)in Ar.P. Most of informations furnished are Modified-one where no fault can be detected(Mine is pending since 9(nine) months (I wonder where it is gone "rules to furnish within 1 Month") and even Information commission is not taking action.... What could one do if Justice provider are doing injustice to him ).
    It would be not too far when our youth(Not atleast at my generation) will take up arms and apply the rule "The Land of KHUSI-KHUSI"........"OUR GOVERNMENT SHOULD THINK OVER IT".

    Please keep update on "NES denies issuing press statement supporting candidature of Rijiju-Saturday, March 28, 2009"

  • Daachan

    Land of Khusi-Khusi !!!!

  • AG

    Like you, I guess most of us is fed up with such discrepancies in government departments and such discrepancies being too common we've cultivated an attitude of 'Chalta Hai' and don't question the authorities.

    Though such story may seem quite inconsequential to some (like you felt), what I feel is by raising such issues, may be we would be able to stir up the public conscience and break the 'Chalta Hai' attitude that we have cultivated over time, some day or the other and make them take notice of the discrepancies and question the authorities.

    Regarding your request for information under RTI Act and information sought being not provided even after the lapse of 9 months.. well, probably the SPIO has refused your request under Clause 7 sub-clause 2 of the RTI, Act 2005. However, I'm not sure if the SPIO had given you reason for the refusal to provide information and the information about appellate authority in case you intend to appeal against the rejection, which under sub-clause 8 of clause 7, they have to provide.

    I'm bit confused when you say "Most of informations furnished are Modified-one where no fault can be detected...". How did you come to conclusion that the information furnished are fabricated one or are modified one? If that is the case I guess you have the right to inspect their records under this Act.

    And I must say this RTI Act is such an act that can be used or misused and in our state's case I would say it has been grossly misused for personal gain to harass the concerned officials and not to rectify the system. :(

  • wiian

    Please,Stop publishing these all, am fed up with this all illegal appointments in Ar.P

    that's quite telling of the rot in my state :(

  • Anonymous

    as says goes, "every dog has his day" the perpetrator of law or destroyer/s of our state have to pay for what they have done. May be not immediately, but some day or the other truth will triumph. His stick is soundless and nobody can escape. Such corrupt political leaders or government officers may live very peacefully today. But god will certainly punish them in whatever form. It is for them to recall their misdeeds. I have personnaly witnessed many influencial people surrounding me who were once very strong and feared none.Drunk with might and power they tortured many people directly or indirectly. But before they could enjoy their illegally acquired wealth some have to left this world leaving their booty here and other are paying in the form of spoiled children and broken famalies. So beware.

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