Saturday, March 28, 2009

NES denies issuing press statement supporting candidature of Rijiju

This had to come.

I was in for a shock, when I came across this news item carried in local dailies yesterday where it was stated that NES along with ANSU and Central Nyokum Committee has decided to support candidature of Kiren Rijiju, BJP candidate from Arunachal West Constituency for the coming Lok Sabha Election.

Nyishi Elite Society has decided to support the candidature of Kiren Rijiju in the ensuing parliamentary election for the western seat. The state would go to the polls on April 16.

Its president Bengia Tolum said that decision to this effect was taken at a joint meeting of Nyishi Elite Society, All Nyishi students Union , Central Nyokum Committee.

He said that NES is grateful to Rijiju for fulfilling long pending demands of the community by changing its nomenclature from Dafla to Nyishi last year during his tenure as a Member of Parliament.
(Source: Arunachal Times)

The reason being:

Can a non-government non-political organization, which I presume NES or ANSU is, show support to any political party openly?

And true to the apprehension, NES came out with a statement today in local dailies stating that yesterdays press statement was 'forged' and has demanded the state government to find out the culprit within seven days.

The Nyishi Elite Society today disowned the press statement that appeared in cross section of local dailies where it declared that NES is supporting Kiren Rijiju as the West Parliamentary candidate in the coming election.

In a press conference today at ANSU office, NES president Bengia Tolum clarified that press statement did not emanate from the NES but by some miscreants.

Expressing shock and anguish at the same time, he said that he was in Yazali since March 10 last so question of writing the press release on March 20 does not arise.

Meanwhile, the NES said that it will lodge complaint in the nearest police station against fake press statement and demanded the state govt to find out the culprit within seven days.
(Source: Arunachal Times)


  • Anonymous

    Huh !!! Land of khusi-khusi. Its or such kind is nothing new for people of Ar.P. Hoping culprit will be caught within seven days and "HANGED TILL DEATH".
    I'll back in seven days, please keep update on this and will be very glad to see headline "Culprit Hanged".
    Did you ever heard of any case being solved fully in Ar.P ??
    Anyway, hope this coming MP and SA election will bring some(atleast at nano level) Changes to our state.

  • AG


    Hope your wish of atleast 'nano' level change becomes true this ensuing elections. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)

  • taj

    IN SHORT THIS SHOWS HOW MUCH NES & ANSU is seem to be a political instrument!! or the worst how much it is going to be!!!!!!


  • buru

    It was an open secret for a long time that NES & ANSU supported I am surprised that AG is surprised.

    KR is after all married to Joram Begi's daughter, and NES is JBs fief.ANSU seem to have some powerful grievances against TS, stretching to the distant past( better not discuss it here). I was not sure however what is the role of the Nyokum committee...

    However the ' news ' is not a welcome one, for these organisations will demand their pound of flesh once their choice candidate is elected.

  • AG


    It was speculated that these organizations would support KR for the reasons you have stated above and I was not surprised of this fact. I was rather surprised of the fact that how could these organizations make such an immature move by showing their solidarity to KR openly by giving statement in the local media. And I was expecting a press statement soon, may be in a couple of days denying their statement; but it came very early the next day. And as expected, it was refuted by the organization to be 'forged', the truth of which will not be known until investigation report is out as demanded to be solved within 7 days by them or till not the press come out with a statement that the press release was forged or not.

    On a second thought, when media said that "Its president Bengia Tolum said that decision to this effect was taken at a joint meeting of Nyishi Elite Society, All Nyishi students Union , Central Nyokum Committee."--was it a report on the meeting or the press statement released by the organization?

    I would just say like Buru had stated earlier "it's an open secret" ;)

  • yakar

    Hello.... NES is not Mr Begi pvt org so buru's assumption does not hit the mark...

  • yakar

    as for the culprit,he must be duly punished because i always believed that people of arunachal are intillegent but not cunnin,hot blooded but not malicious...may b this dawns the arrival of KALYUG in arunachal...

  • buru

    What I meant was that Mr JB has an unduly high amount of influence over the NES. It is of course not his pvt org( even though he was one of its founding fathers).

    who is the 'culprit' you are referring to, and why is he a 'culprit'?

  • yakar

    whoever got the siganture scanned and made the press release......cause i think thats what this topic s talkin bout.....

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