Monday, April 20, 2009

Arunachal goes for re-poll

This was expected.

In a state where the Lok Sabha seats are almost always secured by the candidates of a ruling government and with a candidate, whose popularity amongst the masses rose to an extent that it threatened to crumble the 60 member team, it was expected that there would be instances of poll rigging, booth capturing and damage of EVM's during this Lok Sabha polls in the interiors of the 1-Arunachal West Parliamentary Constituency considering the fact that the security would be lax at the polling stations due to logistical problems owing to difficult terrain.

But it came as a surprise when majority of the polling stations, where re-polling was ordered owing to instances of booth capturing and damage of EVM's was from the polling stations situated in and around the state Capital and not from the interiors as was expected. Where was the security arrangement? It was reported that at each polling stations only 2 to 3 security personnel's were deployed. Did the administration thought that this arrangement would be enough to thwart any attempt of disturbing the poll process? Or was there shortage of security personnel to be deployed? But then, why additional para-military forces was not asked for, if that was the case?


  • taj

    It is not that booth capturing did not occur in the interiors, only that they did not get reported. Try asking polling personal deputed in interior places, they might have had to save their skins by hair breadth.

    In capital complex area it was in retail, in interior places it might have been in wholesale.

  • AG

    Your assumption could very well be right that there was large scale rigging of votes in the interiors that was not reported.

    Wished I got chance to interview some polling officials deputed in those interior areas. But would they have told the fact 'on-record'? I doubt. :)

  • taj

    On record they would never come, but I got to hear many interesting tales of rigging from many of them. Seems Lalu's Bihar has cometh in AP. Wannabe booth capturer of other states might well learn some indigenous rigging method employed here in AP.

  • AG

    And yes, who doesn't love their job to come on record about vote rigging ;)

  • wiian

    Politics in AP is surely leaning towards the bad ways of mainland India. Booth capturing, Rigging.. I never thought it could happen in Arunachal.

  • dani sulu

    Hi wiian,
    As far as I remember, booth capturing and rigging has been part of election process in AP. Its just that it has neither been widely covered nor taken as exception though it had various forms and methods. I mean ever since 1977/80 when I first heard of election and voting process.

  • buru

    True. Previously booth capturing used to be a common practice in the strongholds of leaders.They would simply take over the booth early on, put their fingerprints in all the ballot papers in one go, then stuff it in and send it back with the agents..

  • AG

    The good sign is that the people are protesting now. Take for instance the protest at Doimukh over booth capturing incident on April 16. Earlier it would have been between the political parties where voter's would be a mute spectator...

  • taj

    One interesting after effect of re-poll via booth capturing and rigging - it is an open secret, how much money was distributed to each voter by both political party. Though rate of one might have been lesser than the other. It was double payment time for voters of those polling booths that went for re-poll. They were kings now and the rate was for voters to demand.

    Who says booth capturing and rigging doesn't pay!! LOL

  • Tejaswy

    So who won?

  • buru

    "so who won?"

    Tejaswy, buzurgo ne kahan hain " jiski lathi uski bhains":)
    ..Main bas majak kar raha hoon.Congress-wale jeet gei.

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