Thursday, April 9, 2009

Awareness and Change is the need of hour says Rijiju

Kiren Rijiju addressing the rally at ZiroQuite frankly I had never attended or rather never tried to attend any election rallies in the state for I expected that there would be the same political rhetoric of development that the party has brought about which in actuality wouldn’t have been achieved; for there would be same political bashing of the opponent whether truth or cooked up; for we have known all the time that the contesting candidates are the same sheep in different garbs (read different political parties) and for they would be promising us stars which would vanish as soon as their sun shines.

But having heard so much about one particular candidate who had been named one of the most powerful debater in the opposition bench of the parliament earlier, who didn’t change his garb but stuck to his garb even when tempted to and who have been designated as ‘one man army’ in his quest for re-election to the same seat by the oh-so powerful party in the state having cent percent majority in the state assembly, I couldn’t stop myself from attending his rally to hear him live, what he has to offer/say. And yes, I’m talking about Kiren Rijiju, the BJP candidate from Arunachal (West) constituency who brought his campaigning trail to Ziro-Hapoli yesterday. And here I must tell you that I didn’t attended the rally because I’m staunch follower of BJP or it’s ideology or I’m a huge admirer of Kiren Rijiju, though I’ve said earlier that off late he is gaining appreciation from me, but because I wanted to hear an Arunachalee and not a BJP member, who has brought Arunachal Pradesh to national attention by his oratory or his debating prowess, whatever you may say.

Ziro Rally
And to my amazement and delight, he didn’t resorted to making sky high promises that could never be achieved but rather his speech was more or less concentrated on his performance during his tenure as an opposition MP and what he did to highlight the issues of the people in the parliament and to bring Arunachal Pradesh to national attention and why one should elect him as their representative. For instance, he explained how he brought about nomenclature change of Nyishi from Dafla, an issue pending since 1978, by coaxing the member of parliaments to the 2/3 majority to pass the Bill.

But as expected, he however, didn't fail to utilize the opportunity to take a dig at the Congress either. He questioned, when the Congress government is not able to enhance the GB honorarium, enhance the minimum wages of the labor which is apparently lowest in the country and when they are not able to implement 6th Pay Commission Recommendation due to fund crunch, from where did they generated INR 3 billion to be distributed to the voters to defeat him in this Lok Sabha Election? And why the Congress is so afraid of this ‘one man army’ so as to utilize money and muscle power when they say that peoples’ support is there for the party and the party is backed by 60 MLA’s? “Let’s fight the election in a democratic way by winning the peoples’ heart with one’s performance and not with money and muscle power”, said Rijiju.

It was soothing to ears to hear him say that it’s time that people become aware, aware of their rights and challenge the government when the funds are misappropriated and make them accountable. It’s time people distance themselves from petty ‘money’ politics and elect the right representatives. It’s time people bring about change and reverse the attitude that government is above the people. Only when people are able to make government realize that it is for the people, of the people and by the people then only we would be able to see the development in Arunachal in a true sense.

Rightly said Mr. Rijiju. It’s indeed right time that we became aware. Time to introspect and see who would be the right candidate to represent us in the parliament irrespective of the party affiliation. It’s the right time we bring about change by exercising our rights and electing the right candidate. If we are able to send the right candidate to the parliament, it would be one step towards change, towards taking Arunachal in a developmental path.

So guys, have you decided your right candidate?


  • vinay

    Arunachal needs more leaders like Rijju.
    All the best and lets hope development reaches to the common people of Arunachal.

  • Daachan

    Lets see how much our arunachalee are aware.... I'm in favour of Rijiju, I won't say that T Sanjoy do not have abilities As I I've seen him as AAPSU president,...ANSU President and MLA, Minister ...But its matter of Center Government (As an MP)..... He would not be able to use ANSU/ANYA as in Arunachal (I'm sorry its purely my perception.)
    But Rijiju He was noting till Mithi Govt. fall (As someone claim) He show his abilities now.
    I like him.
    God knows who will be our next MP ???????????

  • tdtara

    Good said, I'll go with Daachan.

  • abu

    may the best representative win who would work for our people, personally I m in favour of RIJIJU, Best of luck for him

  • Anonymous

    if i were from Rijiju’s constituency i would have definitely go for him..... personally i don't like BJP's ideology...Hindutva. but i hv seen and hear Rijiju many time and i do believe he represents not only Arunachal but whole North east better than any other MP in the parliament. i hope that people of west will choose a right person like him.... especially young educated fellows.... BEST OF LUCK RIJIJU…

  • Bomken Basar

    Kiren Rijiju is the right candidate. Please vote for him. Baki sab dusro ka khoon chusne mein mahir hai.

  • Anonymous

    Well, its so heartening to see the powress of net and the people of this beautiful state using it to express their views and thoughts. The lack of (i)freedom of speech (ii) potent and impartial media has been one of the main botteleneck hampering the pace of development in this state.At least forum like this is reaching out some people and keeping them abreast of facts and figures.
    This is high time that the state come out of the clutches of few families or people who has been at the helm of affairs. We need "change" that too "change" for good. Because "change" could be volatile, abbrasive and suicidal too.
    And in my opinion there cant be better option then Mr. Rijiju who has proved that he can bring about the much desired "change" and bring this non-descript,un-cared and unaccounted region to the fore front of the national polity.We need someone who can provide right impetus and vision to realize the huge potentiality of this state.

  • buru

    well, before people get too emotional about the 'qualities' of Rijiju I may mention that his 'achievements' to date has been to be elevated as a poster-boy for the BJP, who found in him a convenient stick to beat the Congress with,on the Indo-China issue.This also makes him wildly popular with all mainland Indians(even non-BJP walas) since he is from the disputed area, and also contrasts greatly with the usual anti-India sentiments of the region.
    My personal opinion is that his abrasive rhetorics does more harm than good for AP( ie it makes rapprochment harder).But I give him credit for resisting the offer to defect by the Congress.Also he is a less divisive figure within AP than Sanjoy.
    So lets keep our feet firmly grounded..

  • Anonymous

    "This also makes him wildly popular with all mainland Indians(even non-BJP walas) since he is from the disputed area, and also contrasts greatly with the usual anti-India sentiments of the region.
    My personal opinion is that his abrasive rhetorics does more harm than good for AP( ie it makes rapprochment harder)."

    THis statements are indeed very true. I have met some politicians who informed that its difficult today to speak out for the interest of tribals of Arunachal. A pan-indian identity of a politician makes him more succesful. Good rapport with New Delhi and working for policies favourable to them makes a aruanchal leader successful and powerful.

  • Tejaswy

    So tell me...what are the domestic problems of Arunanchal...Is it like UP... you know jobs road and infra structure

  • buru

    haan bhai theek samjha aapne, karcha paani aur roji roti.Magar Arun-achal kehiyega, Arun-anchal nahin:)Shubhchintak hone ke liye dhanyabad.

    Bahujan Samaj ki raaj kaise hain udhar pey?

    Ram Ram

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