Thursday, April 2, 2009

Election Agenda of BJP Candidate from Arunachal for Lok Sabha Polls

I was quite appreciative of the initiative of 'The Arunachal Times' to let the citizen know about their candidates for better decision making this Lok Sabha Election, when they started a series called 'Know your Candidate'. However, after carrying a series on INC candidates namely, Takam Sanjoy and Ninong Ering who are in the fray for LS seats from Arunachal (West) and Arunachal (East) constituency respectively, they altogether discontinued their series; well, this was what I felt having waited...waited and still waiting for the article on other party candidates vying for the 2 LS seats, in their 'Know your Candidate' series. This has made me wonder if this local daily is affiliated to particular political party and is not unbiased in their reporting as was thought of earlier. But then, this didn't come as a surprise either considering the fact that most of the major national media are affiliated to one political party or the other.

Now, having gone through the election agenda of INC candidates for Lok Sabha seats from Arunachal earlier, let's see what BJP candidates has to offer if they are elected to represent us in the parliament.

In an advertorial appearing in 'Arunachal Front' Kiren Rijiju, the BJP candidate from Arunachal (West) has to say:

Vote NDA to Power and I assure the following commitments for Arunachal Pradesh:
  1. Complete payment of 36 months arrears for Government Employees as per 6th pay commission recommendation.
  2. Regularisation of services under SSA.
  3. Creation of Labour Welfare Fund.
  4. Declaration of special status for Arunachal Pradesh for fast development.
  5. Enhancement of Gaon Burah Honorarium
  6. Enhancement of Student's stipend.
After the discontentment of state employees over the implementation of 6th Pay Commission recommendation, this issue seem to have become 'hot cake' among various political parties with each party trying to make the most out of this issue by promising to implement the 6th Pay Commission Recommendation in toto, if voted to power. And with more than 85,000 state workforce along with their family members and relatives (which equates to a large chunk of votes), no wonder if prospective candidates are trying to woo them with their promise.

Like INC agenda, it appears that the agenda of BJP is also more of a political rhetoric than that can be achieved or fulfilled in reality with no logical instances on how they are going to achieve it.

For instance, how's BJP going to implement 6th CPC recommendation in toto if they are voted to power? Considering the financial crunch the state is in, are they planning to divert 'Peace and Green Bonus' to pay the arrears? But then, would the people allow it?

No doubt the services of the SSA teachers are required and indeed calls for their regularization but, how they are going to pay for the regularized SSA teachers? How they are going to mitigate the 90% funding from Center for this initiative when SSA teachers' are regularized? Is there any action plan?

I only wished if the politicians instead of giving their political rhetoric convince us with proper action plan that they are going to adopt if voted to power, to make Arunachal Pradesh developed, self-reliant and prosperous.


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