Monday, April 6, 2009

Provision for online processing and application for ILP to enter Arunachal Pradesh, soon

Apart from poor infrastructure and lack of knowledge about the region it was always thought that one of the major deterrents to tourists intending to visit Arunachal Pradesh has been the cumbersome and complex entry formalities.

The other day one of the readers of AD commented why not provision for applying and processing ILP be made online? And as if his thought had been heard, the Government is contemplating putting into place the online processing and application of ILP just after the Lok Sabha elections.

State tourism department sources said the Central government has given the go-ahead to it for setting up an online system to process and clear permits, a move, they said, will bring rich dividends to the state known for its mountains and monasteries. Visitors entering Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Mizoram need the inner-line permit issued by the respective State governments.

The permits were presently being obtained after filling up necessary formalities at designated offices in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Guwahati besides others. The department has already made a blue-print for the project and the real work on the schem e will start soon after the Lok Sabha elections, sources said. (Source: The Hindu Business Line)

Hope the blue-print of this scheme includes online tracking of the application too, which would help the potential visitors to finalize their itinerary. :)


  • wiian

    Mark my word for it. We are going to witness a huge surge in tourists should the online system be put in place. I pray the web application is live soon.

  • AG

    Let's hope the project doesn't gets confined to blueprint only and the web application is indeed made live after this LS election.

  • buru

    I believe there would be a surge in tourists, but not a 'huge' one.You have to have a huge drainage basin for a large torrent to form, which is absent.Regular bombs and such on the route is not going to help either.However a 'huge' surge of illegal migrants is a possibility as the scope for scrutiny of particulars come down.

  • Jongo Lee

    How about phase wise lifting of ILP for faster growth and development of A.P.?

  • Dorjee K Thungon

    i dont know much about the current IPL categories..
    i feel the strong need to have categories as in VISA.

    1)tourist IPL (expiring in a week)
    2)Work IPL (like work permit)

    advantage of categorizing is that we can set up benchmark for scrutiny. higher for work ipl and minimal for tourist.

    this way we can avoid too much influx of immigrants.

  • AG

    Considering the fact that NE states are not considered safe for leisure trip even though Arunachal is quite peaceful than others, your apprehension that the surge would not be a 'huge' one seems justifiable to me and there is also, as you say, this absence of huge drainage basin for a large torrent to form :). However, I'm not sure if making the application process available online would have any effect on the influx of illegal immigrants into the state.

    @Jongo Lee,
    Your suggestion seem quite ok for me considering the fact that despite having this strict 'entry formalities' there is this huge influx of illegal immigrants. The ILP or PAP has served only as a deterrent to the genuine visitors to the state.

    @Dorjee K Thungon,
    Whatever you have suggested is presently there in ILP with tourist permit for 15 days now relaxed to a month and those serving the central government in the state gets ILP for a year after which they have to renew their permit. Though I'm not sure about the state government employees. I guess instead of ILP only their service ID card suffice for permit to cross the check gate.

  • tdtara

    Hi, all the team of AD.
    Its good news that online processing for ILP will soon available, Hoping it will boost tourism in our state and revenue too.


    By this time, i hope you all tracked me down(seen in Site meter),this was me who was posting as anonymous in your last post "Land of 'Khusi-Khusi'?" and in "HANGED TILL DEATH"
    sorry to all if i hurt you all in any sense.

    Hoping you all could bring some changes to our rickety state(Ar. P) before its too late.

  • buru

    AG..I told about illegal migrants mostly for effect:)

    Safety..sometime back I was in Guwahati when a bomb blew up people..most of the places I frequented have been blown up at some bus I frequently travelled-in was blown to bits..even I feel so unsafe in NE (even Itanagar for that matter) so theres no use asking tourists to come without preparing the ground first

  • AG

    Hmmm...quite logically deduced ;) Yes, besides sitemeter there are other tools to pin point from where one is commenting. And no your comment did never hurt. :)

    Regarding online provision of ILP, I'm just keeping my finger crossed hoping that it would materialize and would not fizz out.

    What I meant to say was that even without the provision of online processing of ILP, there is this huge influx of illegal migrants which is continuing unabated and I felt the provision of online processing of ILP would have much effect on influx of illegal migrants. Besides, don't you feel that the illegal migrants are basically a daily wage earners who have no access to the net or can't afford PC and internet connectivity?

    Regarding safety, yeah I agree with you that Itanagar too is not that safe as was used to be considering the report of murders, robbery etc., appearing quite off and on in local dailies. And this safety aspect would no doubt deter the potential tourists to make their mind to visit NE.

  • Uttam Pegu

    Its indeed a great news that ILP application will be processed online!

    How ever, I do not agree that ILP should be removed. Also I disagree that suggestion to remove it as a good idea. ILP is not a deterrent to travelers. A traveler will always find a way to visit a place.

    Failure to stop illegal immigration is mainly due to corruption in law enforcing agencies, I think. Also may be lack of public awareness.

  • dani sulu

    Well said, U P.

  • Raju Mimi

    Recently Mukut Mithi suggested that ILP should be made avialble at the check post itself similar to some countries that issue visa at the ariport.

    But going by comments, i feel that online ILP or Checkgate ILP will increase exodus of unwanted illegal migrants.

    Even with difficult to procure ILP system in place, here in ROing we see domestic tourists who brings no change to local economy instead they make the scenario look more ugly.

    people from beighbouring state entering arunachal wihtout ILP has only led to more law and order problems in Roing.

  • buru

    "here in ROing we see domestic tourists who brings no change to local economy instead they make the scenario look more ugly.

    people from beighbouring state entering arunachal wihtout ILP has only led to more law and order problems in Roing."

    a very pertinent point.Personally I have no love for tourism; we are not yet ready to reap its benefits or repel its ugly side.

  • yasiyalow

    @ buru
    "Personally I have no love for tourism; we are not yet ready to reap its benefits or repel its ugly side."

    Nothing is truer. I have taken the same stand in numerous forums and interwiews. Rhetoric is something and reality something else.
    Before the ILP is eased or done away with,first we all need to be matured mentally, psychologically,philosphically and intellectually so as to understand the nuances that goes with people who have been polishing their life for last five - six thsousand years in a competataive society. May be three or four generation down the line, we can open up ourselves a bit more.
    I really dont undersatnd why so many people wants to do away with ILP, where as all the north eastern states wants it implented in their respective states.
    People need to understand why we are much better off than many tribess of Assam, Bengal and other part of the country is only because of ILP. Tribals in other parts of country are in the midst of civilization, without civilization caring for them. It just passes by them.
    ILP is the greatest gift bestowed on us by destiny.


    "@Jongo Lee,Your suggestion seem quite ok for me considering the fact that despite having this strict 'entry formalities' there is this huge influx of illegal immigrants. The ILP or PAP has served only as a deterrent to the genuine visitors to the state."

    Sorry to defer with you on this. Removal of ILP will ensure influx of illegal immigrants in torrents and I assure you, our people will not be able to bear the brunt of this force.
    Of RAP, I agree. It really is of no use. Foreigners can also be granted ILP on production of genuine visa, in the same line ILP is extended to rest of Indian brothers.
    Just remember, with ILP and occasinal police harassment and deportation there is so much influx, with doors opened what will be the condition of People of AP.

  • Jongo Lee

    Isn't it ironic that our state with ILP system has kept 20% of the seats in open category, in exams conducted by our Public Service Commission, while in states without ILP it is the residents of that state who sits for such exams? Isn't it ironic that it is we who pressurise the officials to issue ILP to the laboureres/domestic helpers that we daily bring in to our state even without the requisite documents? Isn't it ironic that despite the fear of influx of immigrants to our state, we constantly demand for Non-Tribal teachers in our schools and even going to the extent of bandh calls for it at times?
    Ironies apart, it has verywell been said that we have to be matured in every spheres first, but then why arn't we getting matured inspite of the long years gone by? Why arn't we getting matured inspite of so much of central funds being pumped in for our growth and development? Why the winds of change in our urban pockets have bypassed our remote villages everytime and continues to do so? Why the gap of have and have not's have widen so much inspite of ILP, breaking apart our close knit social fabrics?
    Where have we really gone wrong? Is continueing with ILP the solution to it? Is living in isolation the solution to our growth? How would it be to follow the time tested examples of Sikkim, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh where lands can not be acquired by the outsiders and jobs are reserved 100% for the locals? It is agreed that the topic is debatable and we have to go about cautiously but it is high time that we introspect lest we remain forever a non-performing state.

  • Raju Mimi


    U need to put that questions to govt of india. not to the innocent people of arunachal.

    and Sikkim, 90% are nepalis where once lepchas and bhutias were the rulers. heard Sikkim CM P chamling still retains nepali citizenship.

    to understand the politics of development in northeast i would suggest you read a book by Sanjib Baruah "Durable Disorder-understanding the politics of northeast".

    If you fail to understand despite that then i can only feel that your heart fails to beat for arunachal and its innocent tribal people.

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