Monday, April 27, 2009

Shopping online

I don't know how many of you are comfortable with shopping online? I never had.

Though the advent of online stores has given consumers the convenience to shop for product/s from the comfort of their homes and with a mouse click, I had never preferred shopping online but rather always preferred the conventional way of shopping. The reason may be because I was and am apprehensive that my account would be compromised while transacting online, that I don't get chance to see and feel the product before making purchase as in conventional way, that I would not be delivered with the same quality product that I ordered for or that the product may not be delivered to you safely.

However, putting aside my apprehensions, I thought of finally to give online shopping a try-at least for experimental sake. So I Googled for online stores. Apart from plethora of online stores thrown at by Google to me, I quite liked this site, which though basically not an online store, but nevertheless which helped me in carrying out my first purchase online.

Now you would ask how's that so? Well, apart from listings of online stores ShopWiki has an user or rather consumer generated product guides on plethora of products like cameras, kitchen appliances, books, clothing, movies and music, food processors, consumer electronics, hand mixers, stand mixers, memorablia, dinnerware, flatware, appliances, computers and softwares, and so on. And the product buying guide listed over the site helped me in selection of products to buy.

Now that I have carried out my maiden online shopping, let's see if the experience will wash away all my apprehension about online shopping or would it embolden my apprehensions.

And coming to you, share with us how was your online shopping experience?


  • Arunachali

    I shop online all the time. There's nothing to be worried. just look for the https:// in the url when you are entering credit card/debit card data.

    Your post just reminded me to call the customer care of an online portal from where i recently purchased a laptop stand. They shipped me the wrong product. headache.. once in a while.

  • AG

    Thanks for the tip Arunachali. Hope my experimentation with online shopping would be a pleasant one. :)

  • Daachan

    Online shopping...It seems interesting but my problem is I don't know what exactly are credit/debit card ? ;)

  • taj

    I am still scared to even experiment with online shopping. Though online shopping has its own advantage, for me disadvantages weigh more. Take the case if I don't get the product I ordered for or a damaged product on transit. The hassle of contacting them for replacement and warranty etc will drive me mad. So the old method suffice me, though I may be paying through my nose!

    Nevertheless buying software product might be more convenient through online, since replacement or trouble shooting will be just a mouse click away.

  • speechmaker

    As for "shopping", have only bought some books and had flowers delivered through online shopping. However, paying for utilities is now 100% through the net.
    Would never be able to order something like a camera which could be damaged in transit as taj has pointed out above, and ebay is a no-no.

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