Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tawang Monastery named 'The Spiritual Wonder of India'

Tawang Monastery has been named 'The Spiritual Wonder of India' along with Taj Mahal and Golden Temple which has been named 'The Wonder of India' and 'Peace and Harmony Wonder of India' respectively in the finals of '7 Wonders of India'

The year long campaign initiated by NDTV in association with Union Tourism Ministry to unravel the 7 best natural and man-made marvels in the country came to an end with the announcement of 7 Wonders of India at a gala ceremony held at Delhi on Monday, the 30th of March.

The '7 Wonders of India' chosen through nationwide poll are:

  1. Sun Temple, Konark
  2. Khajuraho
  3. Red Fort, Delhi
  4. Jaisalmer Fort
  5. Meenakshi Temple
  6. Nalanda University
  7. Dholavira site.

Arunachal Diary thank all it's reader who had voted for Tawang Monastery in the race for '7 Wonders of India'.



    congrates to arunachal pradesh and tawang monastery.

    this will help to pull some crowd to our state. hope the state govt. frame easy and tourist friendly norms.we still lack basic infrastructure for tourist, starting with ILP(inner line pass). south india still doesnt have any Residence Commissioner.bangalore and chennai needs one.I dont see much point in keeping Residence Commissioner in tezpur,jorhat,dibrugarh. other than they being the entry point to the state.

    when PAN( permanent account number) can go online why not our IPL.

  • AG

    "when PAN( permanent account number) can go online why not our IPL"

    Good thought Dorjee. Easier process of applying for ILP would indeed boost tourism in our state, is what I feel too.

    Let's see how much naming of Tawang Monastery as Spiritual Wonder of India helps boost tourism in our state.

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