Friday, July 24, 2009

A farce reporting in NE TV

Electronic media resorting to farce and unverified report is not new. This time around NE TV has shown that it is not far behind.

The special report on a new insurgent outfit National Liberation Council of Taniland is a headline of the channel since last 24 hours. The report says:

  • the outfit is active in Arunachal Pradesh as well in Assam-Arunachal border areas;
  • it receves aids and training from China;
  • it has forged links with ULFA;
  • it’s headquarter is at Ziro (which the report says is only 15 km from Indo-China boder);
  • the outfit is fighting for cause of Apatanis and demands separate homeland for Apatanis;
  • H Tamang, SP Papumpare denied having report of the outfit being active as of now. He said that there was instances of extortion notice being served in name of this outfit by some misguided youth who got training from NSCN(IM) in the April last. The Commander in Chief along with 19 others and some youths from NSCN(IM) outfit were arrested and the outfit was cracked down. He also was not in opinion that this outfit received training and aids from China.

The reporters of NE TV whosoever they are should know while preparing the report that:

· Ziro is hundreds of km away from Indo-China border;

· ‘TANI’ in National Liberation Council of Taniland is nothing to do with Apatanis. TANILAND as I could understand from various media report is the area comprising a part of Arunachal and of Assam inhabited by so called descendents of Abo Tani such as Adi, Apatani, Nyishi, Galo, Mishings etc.;

· Dragging the good name of Apatani community into the report is being resented by Apatanis across the country.


  • Tutho

    Interesting!! he(reporter) must be one of mainland Indian.

  • wiian

    ha ha .. the News guy these days will just about do anything for trp.

    Poor NE TV. I think they are in acute shortage of programming.

  • Bomken Basar

    Apatani community should file a case against NE TV or the reporter/concerned person should be beaten nicely like the one demonstrated by Lijum Ronya's son to the Dawnlit Post's journalist...

  • Tashi

    National Liberation Council of Taniland should be created ,apatani people should fully patronise and support the cause of its people.This is the right time to take right steps towards newer objectives of future and pals and rest of tani bros too should help us.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to believe you are kidding.

    What do you think people have to liberate themselves from? There's no place for these cheap talks and any such outfits in Arunachal.

    People willing to lodge a complaint can write to NE TV Newsdesk: netvnews @, newsbureau @

  • G Tallo

    @ tashi

    i don't see any reason why we should support and patronise such outfit. we know such outfits have only been compounding the problems...there are better and more acceptable ways to fight for genuine grievances.

    let's not encourage such movements, atleast in this forum.

  • buru

    While there is no doubt that this so-called NLCT is nothing but a group of school dropouts indulging in extortion, I wonder what is the necessity to invoke NSA against these people for airing their genuine grievances? Instead of taking their frustrated outbursts as a timely warning for corrective action an infamous law is being invoked to punish them.Is it too much to ask for air-dropping of subsistence FOOD 62 years after independence??
    As such I believe the likeliest place for a genuine insurgency springing up in AP is Kurung Kumey(Hope not).

  • Uttam Pegu

    Most probably, Mr. Tashi is right in his opinion. While NLCT as a terrorist group may be a wrong thing to exist or start, but what is wrong in creating an outfit for Apatani people who would raise genuine grievances and struggle to get justice for them and all other Tanis supporting it ?

    Mr. Buru's link is an eye opener! I would like the echo his voice, is it too much to ask for air dropping of subsistence FOOD 62 years after independence ?

    And most probably, not highlighting this news but the NLCT, NETV may be playing some dirty politics here ..

  • buru


    no sane person should ask for an insurgency ,esp after seeing the results in NE that it brings.It is bound to degenerate with time and bring untold misery.

  • Tutho

    @ Buru I agree , these 2 guys was not at all necessary to be booked under NSA, Its only precaution adapted by Govt of India to show exemplary punishment (forget murderer) but they are actual scapegoat.

  • AG

    Outfit as in gun totting groups?...Well, if thats what you meant by outfit then I totally disagree with you. There are better means to get your grievances heard and guess Arunachal Diary is trying just that ;)

  • The Mising Tani

    There must be a larger conspiracy behind it by some selfish politicians of AP.If not,from where did the journalist gathered the strength to present such a false report?Even then,the NETV reporter based at Itangar should be brought to book immediately and grill him.

  • Uttam Pegu

    Hi AG,
    Good to see you back in action!

    No sir, I never support any form of terrorism, and I condemn state terrorism the most.

    By an outfit means, an organization as united voice for Apatani people, may be in line with NGO, not in line with any terrorist organisation, Gun Totting or not.

  • taj

    Somebody has hit the nail on its head. I agree with "buru"'s observation. This is the truth!

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