Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kiren Rijiju joins Congress

The BJP ex-MP from Arunachal Pradesh, Kiren Rijiju has joined Congress ahead of forthcoming assembly election scheduled about 2 months from now.

Considering the political history of Arunachal, it is not surprising but it was not expected either.

I remember, when I chanced to meet him at Ziro during his poll campaign of recently concluded Parliamentary election, I heard him saying to public, “What come may, I would never change my party.” He even went on to say that he was tempted by Congressmen with money to join Congress but he declined. This had put him in my high esteem and I thought this is the right man, the man who would take Arunachal in the right path; who refuses the monetary benefit offered to join the rival party because he feels that Congress is responsible for all the mess that we are in. If you remember, I even vouched for him in my earlier post, even though I’m not a staunch supporter of BJP.

But now if I get chance to vote for him, I would not do so. He has shown that all the politicians of the state are the same who change color based on the color at the centre. He has shown that he is no exception but sheep of the same flock.

Now, the question is why did he took this step after hope was pinned on him, that may be our state would see a change; come this assembly election. Was his step a fallout of the turmoil in the central BJP leadership? Was it because he was not projected as CM candidate for forthcoming Assembly election by the state BJP unit? After all who does not want power? Or is there any exception?

Well, putting aside the speculation, let’s see what Kiren Rijiju has to say on his joining Congress.

Explaining the reason for his joining the Congress, Rijiju said he was determined to serve the people of the state at maximum capacity and after thorough retrospection, he felt Congress was the right platform for the purpose, keeping in mind the political scenario of the country where people’s mandate were in favour of the party after the recent Lok Sabha polls.

-Source Echo of Arunachal

I’m not sure whether there is any connection between serving the people of the state at maximum capacity and changing of party. Or is there any?

Further, he says,

“I don’t see much role as member of BJP to serve the people and the state,” he commented. Stating that his joining was ‘unconditional’, Rijiju said he has decided not to contest in the Assembly polls due in October next.

-Source Echo of Arunachal

Well, Mr. Rijiju, you could have served better to the people of the state if you had become leader of opposition if your party (BJP) is not able to form government in ensuing assembly election rather than changing party. And I would not be surprised if you contest in Congress ticket even though you have said that joining Congress was ‘unconditional’ and that you would refrain from contesting the poll due this October.

This very act of 'Rijiju joining Congress' has once again proved that our politicians has no political ideology or loyalty to any political party.

Thanks Rijiju for disillusioning us.


  • Moli

    he is a shithead too ... has no ideology either like everyone else. Our acknowledgment that he was doing good .. wasn't enough I guess.

  • From Roing

    Thanks Rijiju for guiding us to light. We are indeed happy with ur decision and enlightened us on politics.

  • NS

    This is really saddening (but not unexpected of course) after what we saw a glimpse of the fire brand and youth icon in Mr Rijiju earlier as a representative of the state of Arunachal Pradesh in the Parliament.

    I just hope that our politicians were less predictable.

  • tdtara

    Never hoped he will be like this, but still hope he is on right track and will bring light to us.

  • taj

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  • Anonymous

    may be his intention is to make money and to gain power, as BJP is sinking ship as happening recently(Raje Episode,Jaswant Episode ETC.....,..)

  • buru

    I remember cautioning the excessive praise he received from our posters in a previous post...;)

    Is it a simple case of an Aya Ram Gaya Ram or a rat deserting a sinking ship? Still, I would say he is a better rat than most rats(politicos)in our state:))

  • Bomken Basar

    Rijiju's changing party hurts the educated youth of AP a lot. But it ll not matter for majority of our people there at home. Rather, many ll be happy that they ll b benefiting personally from him now.

    Moral of the story is that no politician can survive without money and backup/support in our state.

  • yy

    I understand the thoughts that must be passing through you all. But than, he is a man like us, with our life and future to deal with. And like everyone of us, he has the right to choose which path to take to realise his goal. If he thinks congress is the right vehicle he may ver well board to reach his goal let him. Not that I ever commented in his favour or voted for him(have never had the opportunity to vote in my hometown), we need to see him as a person first and his politics as his profession. Having adjusted our view as such, we may take a re-look.
    Moreover, like everyone, even AG says he voted for Kiren, not BJP. So, how does it matter whether he is in BJP or Congress, or for that matter, whatever party he decides to join till he delivers the goods he is suppose to deliver as a leader.
    All too often we are given to ridicule the politicians on the slightest of the pretext without realising we dont fare better than them when measured in the scale of morality,
    honesty or sincerity.
    Why do we ridicule their good deeds or nice words and publcise it as a vote bank gimmick. Why dont we understand that as a leader and politician, it is his profession to do good and speak nice to get vote so that he can do more and go ahead in his profession. Do we realise that we work hard in our office to get reognition and promotion. Do we ridicule at writers who put all his efforts to impress his readers, or singers who go all out to enthral his audience as a mere gimmick to impress his audience. No. No, because that simply is part of the profession. So, is the work of the politicians.

  • yy

    Continued .......

    Last month I had a visitor from Arunachal Pradesh who is a senior bureaucrat in Arunachal Govt. Over a numerous glass of wine, we drifty into analysing politicians and their antics as naturally as the rain falling on the hills joins the stream below.( Those of you, who are not part of this process, let me consider you all a class above we ordinary mortals).
    Discussion turned into point where, in his opinion, polticians became the cause of all the evils in the society and the state, he became the root of all evil, and source of all the dark forces that have kept the humanity-especially the p[eople of Arunachal bonded to eternal poverty and wretchedness.
    "Well, I said,"You must be right as you are in the thick of administration that runs arunachal govt and you see at the closet quarter."
    "Yes, he said.
    "Than how many of the leaders you know in Ziro are rich, and how much of the big buildings and assets in Ziro are the politicians." I asked.

    He thought for sometime and said, " Most of the politicians and leaders I know of have sold their properties and are worse off than when they started. And of course, the most- most of the big establisments belongs to government servants."
    "Well, than, whose pockets do you think, the maximimum public money flows into"

    "Oh yeah, point to be thought."
    "Have the politicians who have gone out of favour been voted out."
    "Yes, many a time."
    "What about the bureaucrats, doctors, engineers and babus"
    " None so whatever as they are government servants."
    " So, in the safety of their service they cheat and mint money as opposed to politicians whose survival depends on how much goods he can deliver to the people of his constituency." (Something in my tone indicates I have had a peg more than my senses require)

    "Yes, yes", he says unwittingly, and than he sees the trap and baulks back.


    Another incident was among the engineer officers of a very reputed Government of India organisation where every one was joking at Lalloo and his 750 Crore fodder scam. Everyone concluded such is the fate of Indians to bear with cheat and scoundrel politicians.
    Simple question I posed them was that having known them in and out, they having known each other, is it because their cuts/percetage did not match lallo's cuts or that they all are saints who are satisfied with their own pay and people up there are robbing them off their rightfull dues. Everyone of them became evasive.
    Nothing that I am better or I have close connection with any of the politicians till now. Both are as far as possible from me as of now.
    But, I have lots of admiration for the politicians, if not for other reasons, but for the simple reason, that everyone of us can become leaders and politicians if we want to change the system, but most of us dare not, but not everyone can become engineers or doctors. And in the safety of their profession people by and large are taken for ride.


    Lets give Kiren and all other politicians the breather they need.

  • PA

    Like others he also jump on the safer side. if he really does something good for the public from congress side too, then we can say he is different or better from the other politicians of Arunachal..esle he is also like other..... Money... Power...a self-centered politician.

  • jomin

    Lets not give the final verdict yet, about Mr.Rijiju's decision.We might have done the same,had we been in his place.The odds were against him but he has clarified himself well. As we had given him the chance earlier,lets give him a chance again.Be it as a Congressman or as a BJP candidate,because what matters ultimately are the developmental changes brought to our state.Let him prove himself once again as a promising leader and then only should we dare judge him!!

  • Kada Tabu

    A BJP veteran from West Arunachal Parliamentary constituency has joined the main political rival of the BJP. How about the ernest voters' reaction to this development? mr. Rijiju to tender explanation through this medium.

  • Anonymous

    It ain't what party he be in. The crux of the matter as a politician is public service through representation. i am sure Rijiju will prove all naysayers wrong. Party change is about pragmatism and survival. Afterall the saying goes, 'survival of the fittest'. Politicians are the favourite punch bag for all for everything that goes wrong with the society. We overlook the fact that we as commoner have that burden to share starting from spitting at wrong places to tax evasion. It's just a comeback for Kiren and I am sure he will serve the people of Arunachal as he always did.

  • AG


    Apologies for putting in lopsided view on Mr. Rijiju joining the Congress which was the outcome of emotional outburst. And you are right that he has all the right in the universe to choose whatever party he likes to be his political vehicle.

    Also, you are right in saying that when people voted for Mr. Kiren Rijiju and not BJP during the recently concluded LS election, then why should it matter whether he is in BJP or Congress. But here, YY, you are missing a point that people voted for the person with high morale unlike the rest of breed of Arunachal politicians or should I say not for Mr. Rijiju either. So, when he shows his true color that he is no exception than the rest of state politicians, people starts questioning his high morale credential.

    And I’m not sure if I understand what point you are trying to make by comparing writing or singing or for that matter office work with politics. Yes, people do work hard at office not only to get recognition and promotion but because he/she is paid for the work. Writer writes for his/her creative satisfaction and singer sings just for the same reason and if they have the ability to entertain and enthral the audience, they get paid for that. What I mean is if someone chooses a profession, he gets paid for his professional service. Likewise, politicians don’t give free service to the people; they are paid for the services to the people. And if you consider the salary and perks that politicians draw you would be surprised that they are one among the highest paid individuals. So, I would say only speaking nice and playing with the sentiments of the people shouldn’t be the profession of the politicians.

    I agree with you that whenever we talk of rot in the system, it’s the politician only, that are being blamed when bureaucrats and technocrats too are in hands in glove with the politician. But, on a second thought, don’t you think if the politicians are right the system would be set right? After all, it’s them who run the system and not the bureaucrats or the technocrats.

    On your last point that everyone can become leader or politicians, I would beg to differ because not everyone is born with leadership quality or else we wouldn’t have looked upto Mr. Rijiju; instead we would have jumped on the bandwagon. Wouldn't we?


    Hope your hope comes true and Mr. Rijiju is able to prove the naysayers wrong, including yours truly. Good Luck Rijiju.

  • tom

    Before blaming Rijiju why don't we see inside ourself. What we've done with one of the great leader in making, we just kicked him out from the Lok Sabha. Now we are crying foul, when he needed our support we just denied him that.

  • AG


    Hey there! I don't subscribe to your view that people kicked out Mr. Rijiju from Lok Sabha. In fact, what I felt was people wholeheartedly voted for him and he would have been representing Arunachal today had it not been for the alleged poll rigging. Besides, going by the political history of Arunachal where ruling party candidate win the election with a huge margin; it was a rare feat that he lost just by a whisker which indicates that people didn't kicked him out from the Lok Sabha.

    Had he stick to his ideology, I guess people were ready to support him this Assembly Election also; but now, I'm not sure.

  • speechmaker

    I think the whole issue is about intent. If he has shifted parties for personal gain, woe befall on him; but if he has done so to be in a position where he is better able to utilise his expertise and abilities to do good for the people of Arunachal, then kudos to him and his strategy of changing parties!

    (When am near enough to him to be able to grill him on this issue, will return back to the post with a more definite statement) :)

  • Bomken Basar

    He told that he was neglected by BJP both at Home and Delhi. People (his close aides and close supporters) got scared to be seen with him in public and the party at the center didn't response to his request in helping coming election at AP. We ll be waiting for concrete answers from speechmaker..

  • Moli

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  • Rome Mele

    Hi AG,
    Taking cues from the all time low credibility of BJP at the centre and the circus rhetorics of Arunachal politics - It would make sense to make shift, when the whole rationale is about being in authority that enables serving people.
    The idea of Democracy and the crude wisdoms of the usability of a 'good opposition party' in India is quite entrenched to the power plays when we see with our gullible eyes. And the picture goes in for a bigger toss when Arunachal comes into picture.

    I remember my days in AP, when people would talk about how the whole equations of giving away contracts to the people goes in a complete reversal mode. The pragmatic thoughts attached to the reverberated feelings of being led by a good leader from whatsoever political affiliation is taken for a ride. So, we never get to see a leader who would really serve the 90+% , since a proportion of that magnitude would be about accommodating parts of the voters who never voted for him/her as well.
    But, on a different note...could we see a fruition in terms of results when its about a leader, who certainly did catch our attention, even if it meant for a year or so( which none of the other AP politicians would have ever garnered)?
    Well, atleast we can assign higher probability to Kiren Rijiju doing a better job than any other!
    Then why not we wait and watch how the ball rolls! Give him a chance...and maybe we can take cues from our frustrated wisdom that 'to change the system one needs to get into it'. And Rijiju getting into the dirtied cloaks of congress in AP, could be the first of the many drops that we could see in near future.

  • Vikram

    Kiren Rijiju impressed me in the Lok Sabha with his sincerity and vocal attitude. He was already to start and participate in a discussion, which is one of the main purposes of having a legislature and a Parliament. I must say I was very surprised when he lost. I dont think it matters a lot what party he is in, but the fact that he resigned from a the post of national secretary of the BJP, shows that he did not do this just for blatant self-gain.

    He was not seeing eye to eye with the BJP on a number of issues, and really being from a minority in a majoritarian party like the BJP would have been tough in the long run.

    Which is not to say that the Congress is a much better alternative, it is a corrupt, sycophantic party and my hope is that Rijiju takes over the Congress in AP.

    I think in the future Rijiju can be a great leader on the national stage. He is articulate, well educated and has good potential to spear head grass roots movements (as evidenced by the pro-Tibetan rallies he would co-ordinate in Delhi).

  • buru

    Enuff; lets cut to the Real McCoy: Kiren Rijiju has simply recognized the Universal Rule of Survival(TM) which the AP public recognized long ago: you cannot survive outside the ruling party in AP( read Congress I).Esp if you are a real threat(like Rijiju)you will be cutdown to size literally; non of your 'permits' will be granted,no work contracts, no pay for work already done,no Govt(or private)Jobs for you or anyone supporting you, no loans,no grants of licences/allocations, raids and demolitions of 'illegal' constructions made by you( found out after combing through your records),no admissions in govt schools for your kids,litigations and police harassment etc etc.
    We are in no position to judge him.So lets welcome him back to the crowd.Similarly he has forfeited his moral high ground.

  • yy

    Well AG, Rijiju certainly came as a whiff of fresh air in the arid zone of political system as Arunachal has known for a long time.
    But this was always built on the conception of Rijiju by the masses, not on the inherent character of his, or the contributions that he had made. It was never tested nor verfied, he was a green horn who was never tested by the fire that the tough life of politicians are baptised. The first wind that came by, he was blown away with it. It seems so. Doesnt it?
    Well let me try to clarify my previous stand point to point as you have questioned.


    AG Said
    But here, YY, you are missing a point that people voted for the person with high morale unlike the rest of breed of Arunachal politicians or should I say not for Mr. Rijiju either. So, when he shows his true color that he is no exception than the rest of state politicians, people starts questioning his high morale credential.

    What was it that made you think that Rijiju had a high moral. What act of his prompted you to think that his morality was above the rest of the politicians. Didnt the public entrap him in that castle of high morality, which had nothing to do with his actual self? Why than blame him.


    AG SAID,
    And I’m not sure if I understand what point you are trying to make by comparing writing or singing or for that matter office work with politics.

    I mean to say writers write, singers sing, workers work because these are their passion, and their profession, they try all means to reach the pinnacle of their profession by all means.

    In the same vein, politicians politic,, and politics by no means is a baby's game. If you are into it, you have to be in real politics, not in make believe world. So, when you see politicians playing politics, take it in your stride and dont be surprised. I am sure, you will understand how difficult it is to control the subordinates within a specified parameter rules of obedience and insubordination. How more difficult will it be for politicians to convince free willing people to his points of view and make them obey and lead them.

    Likewise, politicians don’t give free service to the people; they are paid for the services to the people. And if you consider the salary and perks that politicians draw you would be surprised that they are one among the highest paid individuals.

    Considering MLAS pay is around Rs17000/-, I dont think it can be said to be high. Even their perks. Just compare by trying to quantify perks of government officials and those MLAS. I mean within your vicinity. I dont think there is any comparison.
    I remember a comment of an MLA's wife in Ziro, of how she wished she were wife of a JE/AE or for that matter some babus who can employ so many people to carry out their personal works, and they, they, supposed to be leaders have to think of every evening's and every tomorrows meal and other personal works. In a way, I felt sorry for her. Those of us who are so sure of our pay at the end of month dont know the fear of where to get our next meal.

    Continued ...

  • yy

    Continued .....

    AG SAID.
    But, on a second thought, don’t you think if the politicians are right the system would be set right? After all, it’s them who run the system and not the bureaucrats or the technocrats.

    I will just tell you of what Shri Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, the then Chief Minister of Rajasthan told a Civil Servant conclave.
    He said," You, bureaucrats dont listen to us and keep doing what you like even if we ask you to implementpolicies as per our design. You dont care except for your whim, simply because nothing can be done to you, your livelihood and your career, as they are secured with so many bureaucratic rules. You bide your time knowing full well that we politicians will only go to general public for renewal of our career(license), every five year, not you."

    Another one is that of Bill Clinton, who lamented that during his Presidency, he was like a grave keeper. He had lots of people under him, but no one listened to him.

    So blame can never be one sided, especially when we have people at the helms of affair, whom we have chosen by free will, not imposed on, and whose continuance depends on us.


    On your last point that everyone can become leader or politicians, I would beg to differ because not everyone is born with leadership quality or else we wouldn’t have looked upto Mr. Rijiju; instead we would have jumped on the bandwagon. Wouldn't we?

    What I meant was , for the simple fact that they have courage and quality to become leaders, therefore they are there, so lets give them their due respect.
    Each of us can become leader or try to effect a change in the system if we are so frustrated with present leadership, but it is not possible for everyone to become a bureaucrat or a doctor, or and engineer or any other government officials, even if they are frustrated with them. And the general public is ill equipped to take on the whimsical government servants who is at the implementing end, unlike their elected leaders, to whom they can express their frustration through ballot box.

    Let me surmise that if we have created a personality of a person far from what he really is, lets not blame him, if he is comfortable being himself. Lets have a re look and try to look at that person from what he really is.
    Kirren Rijuju, for all his popularity, has not won from either his constituency, or from his inlaws constituencies. I am told that when people of his constituency requested him not to interfer with Panchayat elections so that they can remain behind him as one during MP elections, he scoffed and misbehaved with them. Infact, it is alleged that he physically mishandled Shri Jappu Deru, four time MLA from his constituency during Panchayat elections. NB. THIS MAY BE VERIFIED FROM PEOPLE OF HIS CONSTITUENCY.
    Under such circumstances, lets not judge and blame him for what we made out of him. Lets judge him from what he is and what his acts are.
    One swallow doesnt make a summer, nor does some rhetoric speech, bereft of action make great leaders.

    For all that I know, he might be a great person, or an ordinary person like char ana, aath ana leaders.
    It will be interesting to see how he will fare in the absence of wave created by sixth pay commission imroglio.

  • Bangalore

    He is only the politician who has inspired me in whole of the state. I believed in him and will believe in him. His speech for Arunachal in parliament and Mumbai was outstanding, fierce as if he seriously wanna do something for us. I am sure he has switch for a cause, for a better arunachal. Its obvious tat he is like a lamb of slaughter without power.

    Common guys give him a second chance before ur final verdict.

    He is the leader we were long waiting for.
    All the best Mr. Rijiju

  • myarunachal

    As expected. Disappointing!

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