Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wrong depiction of Arunachal Pradesh due to mistake in processing new data says Google Spokesperson

Google spokesperson via his comment in Arunachal Diary has stated that wrong depiction of Arunachal Pradesh map data was due to processing of new data wrongly and that it would be reverted back to it's old data shortly.

"Earlier this week, as part of a routine update to Google Earth, we published new data for the Arunachal Pradesh region that changed the depiction of certain place names in the product. The change was a result of a mistake in our processing of new map data .We are in the process of reverting the data to its previous state, and expect the change to be visible in the product shortly. We would like to clarify that this issue did not impact our depiction of international borders.

Google spokesperson"

Can we expect now that Google would become wise and would update it's data sensibly instead of fuelling the boundary dispute issue between India and China when both the countries are trying hard to settle the age old boundary dispute?


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