Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Arunachal Pradesh to go on poll on October 13

Arunachal Pradesh along with  Maharashtra and Haryana would go to poll on October 13th, as declared by Chief Election Commissioner Navin Chawla on Monday. The counting of votes would be done on October, 22nd and the entire process will be completed by 25th of October. Below is the schedule:

  • Issue of notification — September 18
  • Last date for nominations — September 25
  • Date for scrutiny of nominations — September 26
  • Last date for withdrawal of candidature — September 29
  • Date of poll — October 13 (Tuesday)
  • Counting — October 22 (Thursday)
  • Date before which the entire election process will be completed — October 25 (Sunday)
  • Model code of conduct comes into force with immediate effect
  • Poll in these states will be conducted at all polling stations using EVMs


  • Bomken Basar

    People at my hometown, Basar are going crazy.
    hope this gets over soon..

  • AG

    So, whom would you vote for?

  • Bomken Basar

    That's a very tough question to answer AG. It's a very sensitive issue for we guys now, especially after the raid at Dr. Tajum Basar's house.
    I think the candidate with congress ticket will have much more chance to win. So lets wait and see..

  • AG

    Yes, it indeed is hard to answer right now. I forgot about the incident that took place during Basar Bandh. Now I guess, I understand why you people want poll process to end soon...

  • Anonymous

    When n why was Dr. Tajum Basar's house raided? It is such a odd news to hear some one's house has been raided by law enforcement officials in Ar.P

  • M

    Yay AG, we want more coverage, especially on Rijiju :))

  • AG


    I'm afraid if I know much or would be able to throw more light on why Dr. Tajum Basar's (DHS and first gynaecologist of the state) house was raided on 27th of August by SIC? If to go by the press statement appearing in the local dailies, the raid was politically motivated to tarnish the image of Dr. Basar. GSU had even questioned why 'show cause' notice was not served to Dr. Basar to put his side of story before raiding his house.

    I guess Bomken would be in a better position to comment on the issue, he being at the heart where the incident took place. So, let's see what Bomken or anyone who was there at Basar at the time of incidence has to say.


    Do keep visiting and I would let you updated :)

  • jomin

    Arise and awake,dear friends!The "JUDGEMENT DAY" has finally come.so instead of sitting in our chair comfortably and passing comments,lets show some initiative towards casting our valuable vote on the 13th of OCTOBER.our precious votes can help set up a stronger government in our state.lets spread this awareness to everyone!!

  • Anonymous

    The raid on dr.basar's house is an extreme example of misuse of political and police machinery for personal and political warfare.It is a blatant and ILLEGAL misuse of power with no legal standing. What are the chances of a common man of Arunachal when a highranking and prominent personality of the state can be harassed in his own home? If Dr.Basars wife is a political aspirant, is it justified to target him personally when he has no political ambitions? The raid was solely undertaken as a show of muscle power to stop his wife from contesting the elections.

    For those who know Dr.basar he has possibly one of the cleanest records with no mega bungalows, fancy cars or fancy lifestyle. Him and his wife have worked in their regular jobs for over 3 decades, all their children having studied on their own merit on scholarships. A prime example is how none of his children have any government jobs which he could have easily bestowed on them given the level of nepotism and corruption in Arunachal.

    Leaving aside this particular incident...Is this really the nature of politics that the new generation of Arunachal wants? Do we want politicians who fight over personal gains and use government machinery to exploit people instead of working for the greater good?

  • Anonymous

    We heard this case was going on for a long time. There were Dr. Basar's signature in many fake documents related to NRHM. He along with few nyishi bhais were involved in this and it is heard that one of the bhais got a less share and the matter came up. Unfortunately, it's the election time and the issue has come up publicly.

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