Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How much is "enough"?

When it comes to Arunachal Politicos', it seems sky is the limit of their desires/requirements. Why would an individual need 50 or 25 or for that matter even 1o gun licenses?

In its' September 26th edition, The Arunachal Times reported that Education Minister Tatar Kipa, sitting MLA Lokam Tassar and ex-Minister Kafa Bengia had got issued 50, 10 and 25 arms license respectively against their names vide government order dated August 24th under special quota; barely a week before the enforcement of Model Code of Conduct. This has drawn the attention of Arunachal Pradesh Trinamool Congress Party who questioned the state Chief Secretary regarding issuance of the same and has sought action against the issuing authority.
On one hand Election Commission of India make it mandatory to deposit arms with the Police while on the others the government has issued 85 new gun licenses under special quota against three individuals. Education minister Tater Kipa requested for 50 gun licenses, sitting MLA Lokam Tassar asked for 10 while former minister Kapa bengia had 25 issued against his name. The government orders are dated Aug 24 barely a week before Model Code of Conduct was enforced.

The issuance of such large number of arms license has raised so many questions in my mind? Why would any politico need such large cache of arms? For personal security? But why 50 or 25 or 10 and not 1?  Has it got anything to do with the assembly polls slated for October 13th? If issuance of such large number of arms licenses to an individual (even under special quota) is permissible under Arms Act/Rule? (I would need an input on this from legal experts.) Whatever I've read or come across about the Arms Act/Rule, there is provision of only 3 (three) arms to be possessed or carried by an individual. So, has the issuing authority flaunted the Act/Rule?


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