Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dorjee Khandu to retire from politics after five years?


Well, it seems Dorjee Khandu has suggested in a recent interview to Taro Chatung that he would retire from active politics after 5 years.
Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, in an interview said that he would retire from active politics after five years, ruling out chances to stand for the 2014 Assembly Election. He said that he wanted to quit from active politics but he made up his mind to continue in order to implement the Prime Minister Mega Package and devote some more time for the development of the state.

-Source The Arunachal Times.

But what if after five years, implementation of Prime Minister Mega Package is not complete and say, if center decides to give another mega-mega package to the state, would then his decision to retire from active politics change?


  • Bomken Basar

    Hmmmmm..interesting. May be a tactics to become more favourite for the public..

  • Dr. Livingstone

    Dorjee Khandu said that he would resign from CM post if Kiren Rijiju gets 2000 votes from Tawang during last Lok sabha election. Kiren got above 2000 votes. Did he resigned? He said after the election that he was misquoted.

  • AG

    This is just a political gimmicky. Sure he would not resign and may be again after five years he would say he was misqouted :)

  • Keti

    Reitrement is for those who have completed his/her job of a lifetime. Politics is a job without retirement. So, there is no way, our humble CM's declaration of retirement makes any sense. He tasted, consumed and nearly digested the flavour of CM'hood. Any other taker among the top leaders of Arunachal?

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