Saturday, October 24, 2009

Outcome of Election Result brings Capital of Arunachal to standstill

Have you been following Arunachal Diary's tweet recently? Then, you might remember that yesterday I tweeted (1, 2, 3) about commotion at Itanagar which resulted in closure of shops and deployment of para-military forces all along Itanagar and Naharlagun township.

The commotion at twin-township of capital complex, according to report appearing in today’s edition of The Arunachal Times, was resultant of the outcome of result for the candidature of Itanagar constituency. The supporters of losing party i.e., INC went on rampage threatening the shops at Naharlagun, Itanagar and Ganga to down their shutters moving in a group in about 10 vehicles. The reporter, who was witness to the entire mayhem at Akashdeep complex at Itanagar, put their act akin to the act of ‘Taliban’.
Group of people in around 10 vehicles zooms past market area and asks all the shops to close their shutters. In helter-skelter everybody close shops and run for the cover. Well, this is not the scene from any Hindi Movie; this was the scene at Akashdeep Market in central Itanagar on Friday.


Capital Complex police have arrested 7 people in this regard and all have been put behind the bar.

According to the police all the detained men are supporters of Indian National Congress (INC) and further investigation is on.


Those guys sitting in a car and shouting all shops to close, was so much behaving like way Taliban often does in Afghanistan. They had no regards for law of the state and were having fun by creating terror.

-The Arunachal Times.

Now I wonder, why was Cr.PC 144 withdrawn just after the counting day by the district administration when it was clamped anticipating disturbance owing to outcome of result of Itanagar constituency? Had it been enforced for another couple of days, I guess we would have not witnessed the commotion as we witnessed yesterday; luckily no loss of life or property was reported.

Also it has made me wonder, why can't the losing party or it's supporter take the defeat gracefully?


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