Friday, October 2, 2009

Was the report by Times Now news channel on Chinese incursion into Arunachal Pradesh farce?

I had never been a fan of Indian private news channel because of their insensible reporting and their dubious distinction of sensationalizing the case to increase their TRP ratings. And when it comes to reporting on North-Eastern states (which is negligible), these news channel has almost made us to believe that the news report would always be far from the truth and would be based on concocted facts to make the viewers believe what they want to project.

Take for example the case of NETV that we reported earlier. The news channel in order to sensationalize the case, reported that National Liberation Front of Taniland (NLFT) is an ‘Apatani’ underground outfit fighting for separate homeland for Apatani Community. That, their headquarter is based at Ziro-the primary dwelling place of Apatani community, which is some 15 kms from China border. The report-all farce and based on concocted facts.

Now, it is turn of yet another news channel, Times Now, who I presume, in their over-zealousness to report on recent Chinese incursion into Indian territory had presented a report based on concocted facts to the viewers.

How do I say that?

Well, let’s first watch the Times Now news report on Chinese incursion into Sikkim and Arunachal embedded below and dissect it bit by bit to see if the report is based on facts or concocted facts:

Here, I would not comment on report by Sambit Pal on Chinese incursion into Sikkim and would concentrate on report on Arunachal rather.

First let’s see the transcriptions of interviews carried out with the local residents of so-called border-village Poma of Arunachal Pradesh by correspondent Jabaakhi Borthakur to substantiate that Chinese had indeed transgressed into Arunachal Pradesh.


Resident 1: Haan..haan hum khud dekha hai, woh log border cross karke idhar aa gaya hai.

Yes..yes..I’ve seen it by myself that they (Chinese) have crossed the border and reached here (Arunachal).

Resident 2: China Arunachal ko wanted hai woh log chahiye bolta hai survey karne ke liye… thoda CID karne ke liye aata ho[(ga)…muffled]..

Arunachal is wanted by China and they (China) says they want (Arunachal), to carry out espionage [they might have come..]

Resident 3: China yahan aa jayega toh na..apna nahin hai toh freedom nahin milega na

If Chinese occupies Arunachal..there would be no freedom as they are not one of us (ours).


Except for the Resident 1, the other residents doesn't seem to say that they have indeed seen Chinese crossing the border. Their statement is based on speculation rather than the fact. So, is the statement of one so-called resident of border village enough to substantiate their claim that Chinese has indeed made inroad into Arunachal Pradesh?

Now, coming to so-called Resident1 of border village, he seem to be non-local and from his accent he seem more of Assamese than an Arunachalee. So, how on earth he said for sure that he has seen Chinese entering into Arunachal Pradesh? Was he tutored to say that?

In fact, the whole interview with locals seemed stage managed to put the Channels point of view on Chinese incursion because the so-called border village 'Poma' is no where near 'Mc Mohan Line' but rather an hour drive from state capital Itanagar, which is closer to Assam than to LAC. If you look at the video carefully, you can see the location of Poma Village marked in Arunachal Pradesh Map.


From the report, it seem it was never based on the facts but was prepared on concocted facts to put channels point of view on Chinese incursion into Arunachal Pradesh. How did the correspondent Jabaakhi Borthakur deduced from interview with the residents of village bordering Assam rather than China that Chinese has made inroad into Indian territory? I'd have appreciated her and the channel had she gone to the border areas and took stock of the real situation before presenting the viewers with such insensible report which, as National Security Advisor M.K. Narayanan has put it, could lead to unwarranted incident or accident that could create problems with the neighbour.


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