Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2010: Magic Continues

by Tom Simai

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival LogoIn 2007, a simple idea of then Legislative Speaker, Setong Sena resurrected the ebbed period of the bucolic tribes, which was lost somewhere in search of contemporary comforts. Thankfully, three years later, the petite perception now offers international exposure to not one tribe but most of the tribes of Arunachal, including the neighboring nation, Myanmar. Traditions has altered Arunachal, changed the modern mindsets of Changlang District. It has also modified a sweet sleepy town like Nampong and its neighborhoods into global village or tourism hub, integrating the distinct tribes and cultures that once drifted due to religious differences. It’s admirable that the sincere efforts of Tangsa community has coalesced the countless tribes of Arunachal to script together, the triumphs of tribal legacy. Interestingly, this mammoth fair has been able to flatten the many fallacious myths that persisted prior to its origination which was hampering the harmonious subsistence and socio-cultural growth of the tranquil state.

It’s an enchanting voyage to the distant land. An adventurous journey to the hidden terrain. The mystic soil ofPangsau Pass Winter Festival

Tangsas, they are one of the major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, inhabiting in most part of Changlang districts. An unforgettable occasion is unfolding, offering the pleasure to blend the New Year with ethnic amusements. An enriching experiences of Arunachal Cultures and Cuisines. The Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2010 is the gateway to the shrouded paradise - Arunachal Pradesh

As the odyssey of discovery penetrates the heart of the ethnic extravaganza, events spontaneously begin to weave unforgettable memories. The rustic lanes, the endless greeneries, the dense foliage obscuring the motor tracks, the plummeting rivulets near the historic Stillwell Road, the birds diving through the tree canopies and the insects in the forest floor makes the visit worthwhile.

During the three-day extravaganza from January 20 to 22nd 2010, survive the heady thrill of the folk songs and dances, fashion shows, the ethnic food fiesta, traditional sports, the Pangsau Pass expedition, sightseeing, eco-trekking, boating on the Rima & Namchik river, Burmese culture, as well as visits to the World War-II Cemetery, the Border bazaar, The Lake of No Return & The Hell Gate etc.

“Secy. Tourism informed that cultural troupes from other parts of the North East will participate in the festival, adding that she will also invite cultural troupes from North India to give a boost to cultural understanding with other parts of country.”

For more details on this festival visit Amazing Arunachal or Contact:

Director Tourism
Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar.

Additional Deputy Commissioner, Jairampur
Fax – 03800-223000


  • Taba Kaha

    Setong Sena's initiative was good and visionary. But lately he has churned this festival as a way to make crores of money in the name of asking for funds from Congress govt. His relatives are pain in ass bullies interfering and meddling with central arunachal tribes working in changlang. He is a oppurtunist. Tangsa people should wake up and vote against him in next election. He is a NSCN promoter. Make money for himself and make changlang people poorer. Down with him.

  • buru

    "lately he has churned this festival as a way to make crores of money in the name of asking for funds from Congress govt. "

    True or untrue, this scenario is going to be the future of all 'Tourism' initiatives in future too. 'Tourism' in AP has no chance of breaking even, forget the chances of profit..

  • izmir

    Well why so sarcastic dear fren!!!

    I believe parameters of development is not only the roads, bridges and schools...... one should culturally be active in promoting presenting a heritage and history of the land....and i believe through PPWF it showcases best of Arunachal to the nation and the world .. Politics should be left aside and festivities be enjoyed at the best...Do come to PPWF my fren and Know this Eastern part of arunachal at its best.

  • Arif Siddiqui

    Ooops…’s very discouraging and damaging.

    Since inception of PPWF in 2007, I am personally very much involved with all the events, management, planning, publicity, budgeting and many other things together with many youth of the area. This festival successfully carried over two years without any govt. in the picture. It was the best example of determination of the local people under the initiative of Mr. Sena. People set the example that things can be done and rolling even if govt. money is not involved. People contributed according to their capacity as they usually contribute and donate for the Mohl. Owe to its success and responses from every corner of the earth, department of tourism itself approaches to the organizers to undertake the festival under its wings otherwise organizers had decided not to have it in year 2009. The effort of Ms. Bandhana Deori is highly appreciated in this regard who took personal attention, visualizing the huge potential of the tourism in it. Even that this the only festival which is a Private- Public venture, not depending wholly on the Govt. Funds. Still, more than 60% of budget is being contributed by local tribal people only and perhaps since these things cannot be happen in other parts of Arunachal, so looks unbelievable. Believe it or not…it’s all transparent….even I know everything….every concerned people know it.
    Being an outsider who finds Arunachal a second home is deeply in love with the place and its people and only interested in the promotion of tourism in the state, running a website since last three years showcasing the beauty of Arunachal. This website is not being funded by any Govt. /Congress funds but by Mr. Setong Sena, who has a vision and love for the state. This site is not projecting him anywhere but whole state and its culture.
    It’s a real tragedy that a man who should be largely applauded for taking all this initiations, pain and efforts is now in question, Why?????

    Decide yourself.

    Sincere Regards.

  • buru

    let my views not be confused with hose of first contention is purely economic..and which should be the case in one of the poorest Indian states likes AP.

  • Tit for Tat

    I was waiting for this moment to comment on what Mr Kaha has said about PPWF. That truth is out there now, the tourism department paid only 3 lacs and CM gave 2.5 lakhs as donantion for the festival. So i dont really understand how he have assumed that crores of rupees has been pocketed by Mr Sena in the name of the festval.
    For your information please, I hope his constituecy is the most developed then any other constituency in the state. Go and look for yourself.
    Sir, i pressume that you are making fool of yourself by fabricating your own concept about PPWF.

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