Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Echo of Arunachal goes online

I've been bit late in informing you about this. Perhaps by now, quite few of you might be knowing that apart from The Arunachal Times, Epitome and yours only Arunachal Diary, there is yet another site that you can visit to satiate your news updates on Arunachal Pradesh.

But for those who are not yet aware, another vernacular of the state has gone online and this time, it's Echo of Arunachal which went online couple of week back. Not only did it went online but it's paper version has become 8 pages color daily.

P.S. I'd be doing short posts till I get my broadband connection.

Friday, July 24, 2009

A farce reporting in NE TV


Electronic media resorting to farce and unverified report is not new. This time around NE TV has shown that it is not far behind.

The special report on a new insurgent outfit National Liberation Council of Taniland is a headline of the channel since last 24 hours. The report says:

  • the outfit is active in Arunachal Pradesh as well in Assam-Arunachal border areas;
  • it receves aids and training from China;
  • it has forged links with ULFA;
  • it’s headquarter is at Ziro (which the report says is only 15 km from Indo-China boder);
  • the outfit is fighting for cause of Apatanis and demands separate homeland for Apatanis;
  • H Tamang, SP Papumpare denied having report of the outfit being active as of now. He said that there was instances of extortion notice being served in name of this outfit by some misguided youth who got training from NSCN(IM) in the April last. The Commander in Chief along with 19 others and some youths from NSCN(IM) outfit were arrested and the outfit was cracked down. He also was not in opinion that this outfit received training and aids from China.

The reporters of NE TV whosoever they are should know while preparing the report that:

· Ziro is hundreds of km away from Indo-China border;

· ‘TANI’ in National Liberation Council of Taniland is nothing to do with Apatanis. TANILAND as I could understand from various media report is the area comprising a part of Arunachal and of Assam inhabited by so called descendents of Abo Tani such as Adi, Apatani, Nyishi, Galo, Mishings etc.;

· Dragging the good name of Apatani community into the report is being resented by Apatanis across the country.