Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dorjee Khandu set to become CM for second term

Putting rest to speculation surfaced prior to Arunachal Pradesh going to polls on October 13th that the Pradesh Congress was divided over post of Chief Ministership with Dorjee Khandu and Nabam Tuki trying to outdo each other, the newly elected Congress legislators in a CLP meeting today unanimously elected Dorjee Khandu as the leader of Congress Legislature Party.

He is set to become Chief Minister for second term once a formal nod is given by the party president.

Should Dorjee Khandu continue as CM of Arunachal?

No, says the Arunachal Youth Federation, when media speculates that Dorjee Khandu is set to take over the reign of the state for second term.

The reasons (source -The Arunachal Times):

  1. The state has seen deteriorating law and order problem, nepotisms and corruption reaching its peak under his regime.

  2. His close affinity with the spiritual leader Dalai Lama and his cultural and social similarity and his deep concerned for the Tibetan cause.

  3. Highest rate of corruption especially in department of Hydropower and civil supply during his regime and

  4. Repeated Chinese claim during his regime.

Well, what do you think about their allegations?

Outcome of Election Result brings Capital of Arunachal to standstill

Have you been following Arunachal Diary's tweet recently? Then, you might remember that yesterday I tweeted (1, 2, 3) about commotion at Itanagar which resulted in closure of shops and deployment of para-military forces all along Itanagar and Naharlagun township.

The commotion at twin-township of capital complex, according to report appearing in today’s edition of The Arunachal Times, was resultant of the outcome of result for the candidature of Itanagar constituency. The supporters of losing party i.e., INC went on rampage threatening the shops at Naharlagun, Itanagar and Ganga to down their shutters moving in a group in about 10 vehicles. The reporter, who was witness to the entire mayhem at Akashdeep complex at Itanagar, put their act akin to the act of ‘Taliban’.
Group of people in around 10 vehicles zooms past market area and asks all the shops to close their shutters. In helter-skelter everybody close shops and run for the cover. Well, this is not the scene from any Hindi Movie; this was the scene at Akashdeep Market in central Itanagar on Friday.


Capital Complex police have arrested 7 people in this regard and all have been put behind the bar.

According to the police all the detained men are supporters of Indian National Congress (INC) and further investigation is on.


Those guys sitting in a car and shouting all shops to close, was so much behaving like way Taliban often does in Afghanistan. They had no regards for law of the state and were having fun by creating terror.

-The Arunachal Times.

Now I wonder, why was Cr.PC 144 withdrawn just after the counting day by the district administration when it was clamped anticipating disturbance owing to outcome of result of Itanagar constituency? Had it been enforced for another couple of days, I guess we would have not witnessed the commotion as we witnessed yesterday; luckily no loss of life or property was reported.

Also it has made me wonder, why can't the losing party or it's supporter take the defeat gracefully?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Arunachal Assembly Election-2009 Results-Live Update

Counting of votes has started and by evening fate of the contesting candidates would be known. Arunachal Diary would try to update the Assembly Election -2009 Results live. Do watch this space.

I'd also like to request readers of Arunachal Diary to help Arunachal Diary in updation of results live by putting in the data of results from their constituency in the comments section below.

In the meantime Arunachal Diary has closed the poll on "Which Party would form the next government in Arunachal Pradesh?" the result of which is follows:

Majority of people voted feels that INC would be back in power.

Let's see if the people's prediction tally's with the actual result.

Result Arunachal Assembly Election-2009-Live Update

  1. INC-Leading in 8 seats. (Already won -3)

  2. NCP - 0

  3. AITC- 0

  4. BJP - 0

  5. Others - 0

Update: 9.22 am

  1. INC - Leading in 15 seats

  2. NCP- 0

  3. BJP- 0

  4. Others- 1

Update: 10.27 am

Karikho Kri and Chow Tewa Mein both INC candidate wins from Tezu and Chowkham Assembly Constituency respectively.

Update: 10.33 am

Nacho- Tanga Byaling, INC wins

Liromoba - Jarbom Gamlin INC wins

Sagalee- Nabam Tuki, INC wins

Panging-Tapang Taloh, INC wins

Hayuliang- Kalikho Pul, INC wins

Namsang- Wangki Lowang, INC wins

Update: Phurpa Tsering, PPA wins from Dirang, Kumar Waii, INC wins from Bameng, Jarbom Gamlin INC wins from Liromoba, J.K. Panggeng INC wins from Mariyang-Geku

Update: 10.54 am

Khamta Lowang, AITC wins from Khonsa

Update: 12.02 pm

List of Winning Candidates- Updated: 1930 hrs

1LumlaJambey TashiINC
2TawangTsewang DhondupINC
3MuktoDorjee KhanduINC
4DirangPhurpa TseringPPA
5KalaktangTenzing Norbu ThongdokINC
6Thrizino-BuragaonKumsi SidisowPPA
7BomdilaR.T. KhunjujuINC
8BamengKumar WaiiINC
9Chayang TajoKarya BagangAITC
10Seppa EastTapuk TakuAITC
11Seppa WestTani LoffaAITC
12Pakke KesangAtum WellyINC
13ItanagarTechi KasoNCP
14DoimukhNabam RebiaINC
15SagaleeNabam TukiINC
16YachuliLikha SaayaINC
17Ziro-HapoliPadi RichoINC
18PalinTakam TagarPPA
19NyapinBamang FelixNCP
20TaliMarkio TadoPPA
21KoloriangLokam TasarINC
22NachoTanga ByalingINC
23TalihaPunji MaraINC
24DaporijoTapen SigaBJP
25RagaNido PavitraINC
26DumporijoTakar MardeINC
27LiromobaJarbom GamlinINC
28LikabaliJomde KenaINC
29BasarGojen GadiINC
30Along WestGadam EteINC
31Along-EastJarkar GamlinINC
32RumgongTamiyo TagaBJP
33MechukaPasang Dorjee SonaINC
34Tuting-YingkiongAlo LibangNCP
35PanggingTapang TalohINC
36Nari-KoyuTako DabiINC
37Pasighat-WestDr. Tangor TapakBJP
38Pasighat-EastBosiram SiramINC
39MeboRalom BorangNCP
40Mariyang-GekuJ.K. PanggengINC
41AniniRajesh TachoINC
42DambukJomin TayengNCP
43RoingLaeta UmbreyAITC
44TezuKarikho KriINC
45HayuliangKalikho PulINC
46ChowkhamChow Tewa MeinINC
47NamsaiNang Sati MeinIndependent
48LekangChowna MeinINC
49Bordumsa-DiyunC.C. SingphoINC
50MiaoKamlung MosangINC
51NampongSetong SenaINC
52Changlang SouthPhosum KhimhunINC
53Changlang NorthThinghaap TaijuINC
54NamsangWangki LowangINC
55Khonsa EastKhamtak LowangAITC
56Khonsa WestYumsum MateyINC
57Borduria-BogapaniWanglin LowangdongINC
58KanubariNewlai TingkhatraINC
59Longding-PumaoThangwang WanghamINC
60Pongchau-WakkaHonchun NgandamINC

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Poll Officials suspended in Arunachal

Six Presiding Officers of Likabali Constituency under West Siang District has reportedly been put under suspension for dereliction of duty by the District Election Officer Amjad Tak. Read the full story here.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creativity at its best during Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Election, 2009


This Assembly Election, Arunachal Pradesh was witness to two very different kind of creativity. On the one hand creativity was applied for smooth poll process whereas on the other hand creativity was applied to disrupt the poll process.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Glitch

Arunachal Diary is in the process of fixing a glitch that this site encountered recently...We promise we would be back soon with all the lost posts posted since September 2nd and with new updates.

Do bear with us till Arunachal Diary is back in it's normal self.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Prime Minister to address election meeting at Arunachal today

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would be addressing an election meeting at Pasighat today in support of party candidate for October 13th Poll.

I wonder what would be Beijing's reaction to this visit considering the resentment shown by Beijing when he visited Arunachal the last time.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Was the report by Times Now news channel on Chinese incursion into Arunachal Pradesh farce?

I had never been a fan of Indian private news channel because of their insensible reporting and their dubious distinction of sensationalizing the case to increase their TRP ratings. And when it comes to reporting on North-Eastern states (which is negligible), these news channel has almost made us to believe that the news report would always be far from the truth and would be based on concocted facts to make the viewers believe what they want to project.

Take for example the case of NETV that we reported earlier. The news channel in order to sensationalize the case, reported that National Liberation Front of Taniland (NLFT) is an ‘Apatani’ underground outfit fighting for separate homeland for Apatani Community. That, their headquarter is based at Ziro-the primary dwelling place of Apatani community, which is some 15 kms from China border. The report-all farce and based on concocted facts.

Now, it is turn of yet another news channel, Times Now, who I presume, in their over-zealousness to report on recent Chinese incursion into Indian territory had presented a report based on concocted facts to the viewers.

How do I say that?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dorjee Khandu to retire from politics after five years?


Well, it seems Dorjee Khandu has suggested in a recent interview to Taro Chatung that he would retire from active politics after 5 years.
Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu, in an interview said that he would retire from active politics after five years, ruling out chances to stand for the 2014 Assembly Election. He said that he wanted to quit from active politics but he made up his mind to continue in order to implement the Prime Minister Mega Package and devote some more time for the development of the state.

-Source The Arunachal Times.

But what if after five years, implementation of Prime Minister Mega Package is not complete and say, if center decides to give another mega-mega package to the state, would then his decision to retire from active politics change?

Which party would form the next government in Arunachal Pradesh?

During the midst of CoSAAP’s agitation and seeing how the government was handling the situation, Arunachal Diary had run a poll asking it’s reader if at all the handling of CoSAAP’s agitation by the ruling Congress government would have any effect on Party’s prospect in the ensuing assembly election slated for October, 13th. The readers of Arunachal Diary voted wholeheartedly and total of 126 votes were polled, which is the second highest number of votes polled in any poll that was run in Arunachal Diary so far. So, what does the reader of Arunachal Diary felt? The result is given below (see snapshot):

[caption id="attachment_434" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Result of Poll on Would the present handling of CoSAAP's agitation by the Government affect their prospects in forthcoming Assembly Elections?"]Result of Poll on Would the present handling of CoSAAP's agitation by the Government affect their prospects in forthcoming Assembly Elections?[/caption]


88% of the voters felt that it would certainly affect Congress Party’s prospect in the ensuing assembly election, while fraction of the voters, precisely 6% felt that it would not have any effect on INC’s prospect and remaining voters were unsure if it would have any effect. The details of poll result can be found here.

With ‘anti-incumbency factor’ running high, the general notion that it would affect the prospect of ruling INC government in ensuing election felt somewhat true. Then there was this (once regarded) dynamic leader in Mr. Rijiju, who people thought would be the factor in unbalancing the equation of power in the Assembly Election slated for October, 13th. But with his joining INC shortly after the Lok Sabha election, it has left the people disillusioned. Nevertheless, the 'anti-incumbency' factor may play a major role this assembly election.

What is the present equation?

Indian National Congress (INC) has fielded 60 candidates of which 3 candidates viz., Present Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu (Mukto Constituency), sitting MLA Tsewang Dhondup (Tawang Town constituency) and debutant Jambey Tashi (Lumla constituency) has been elected unopposed.

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) - 36 candidates.

All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) – 26 Candidates.

Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) – 18 Candidates.

Peoples’ Party of Arunachal (PPA) – 11 Candidates

Janata Dal (United) (JDU) – 3 Candidates.

Independent – 3 Candidates.

Which Party would form the next government?

With INC already securing 3 seats even prior to state goes to poll on October 13th and the party being the present ruling government, it is speculated that INC would garner enough seats from the rest 57 constituencies that they fielded their candidate from, so as to form the next government. However, the equation may be disturbed by other parties and by the 'anti-incumbency factor' running high among the general masses. The result will only be known only when the state goes to poll on October 13th and poll results declared.

In the meantime, Arunachal Diary has started a new poll (see sidebar). Do vote in and let's know which political party do you feel would form the next government.