Friday, March 26, 2010

Where were the students' community when AU was being re-christened to RGU? - A second thought

In my earlier post I had questioned the students' community where were they when Arunachal University was being re-christened to Rajiv Gandhi University. In fact, I was  wrong when I questioned that, because it has been learnt from sources that while the Government was re-christening Arunachal University to Rajiv Gandhi University, not only did the students' community protested but the teaching fraternity of the then Arunachal University did protested too. But then, why the protest was not so strong so as to stop re-christening of the University? Was it because the legislators had assured them that this was the only way to get deemed University status? Or were there other reasons? Now, on second thought, would Arunachal University hadn't got University status had it not changed it's name?


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