Friday, January 1, 2010

Which online edition of local paper would throw you with latest content at 3 in the morning?

So you've 3 online versions of local newspaper to dig into to quench your appetite on latest happening of the state. T-H-R-E-E ? Yes, you've heard me right. For those who didn't know, Arunachal Front has finally gone live with their .org domain quite recently.

Have you ever wondered which of these sites would present you with latest content if you happen to bump into their site, say at 3.00 am in the morning? Any guesses?

Well, it could be any or all of the online edition of The Arunachal TimesEcho of Arunachal and Arunachal Front.

But, on the first day of Year 2010, when I visited these sites at around 2.30 am in the morning, I only found Echo of Arunachal updated with its days content, beating the two. Great going EoA. Below are the screen shots.

Echo of ArunachalArunachal TimesAFront

(Click on thumbnails for larger view)

By the time I ran this post, The Arunachal Times has also updated. So cheers. :)

And yes, A Very Happy New Year to you all from team Arunachal Diary.