Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Quintessence of Apatani Language (Prelude)-Book Released


-Dr. Hano Hailang

[caption id="attachment_679" align="alignleft" width="148"]The Quintessence of Apatani Language (Prelude) Book Cover[/caption]A book on Apatani Language titled “The Quintessence of Apatani Language (Prelude)” was launched by Hon’ble Minister for Power, Forest, Environment and Parliamentary Affairs, Setong Sena on Dree, July 5 last at Ziro.

The Book is authored by Nending Ommo, a young Linguist serving as Assistant Professor at Rang–Frah Government College, Changlang. He has two Masters of Arts in English and Linguistics and an MPhil in English. He is registered for PhD at Deccan College Post Graduate & Research Institute, Pune.

The book underscores on the importance of preserving Apatani language, talks on the linguistic affiliation of Tani Languages, spotlights on the dialectal variations in Apatani, highlights on the provisional phonetics of Apatani language, accentuates on the exigency to standardize orthography, discusses the limitations of Tani Lipi with regards to Apatani etc.

[caption id="attachment_680" align="alignright" width="300"] Hon'ble Minister for Power, Forestry, Environment and Parliamentary Affairs, Setong Sena releasing the book on the occassion of Dree[/caption]

The writing of the book is sociolinguistic in nature and it challenges the readers to contemplate on saving of one’s mother tongue. The copies of books are now available in all leading book stands in Arunachal.