Monday, October 10, 2011

An open-letter to all the "Bandh" callers of Arunachal Pradesh

Dear President of [put your organisation's name],

Lest you feel that I'm against your organization and invite unnecessary attention to myself, let me make myself clear at the very outset that I'm not writing in to protest or to criticize your organization's act of repeated call of "Bandhs". In fact, I'm writing in to show my solidarity and gratitude for your frequent "Bandh-Calls". You are doing yeomen service to the people of Arunachal Pradesh by calling "Bandhs" and I highly respect and support your cause/s-be it political, apolitical, personal, non-personal, profit, non-profit or even the "Bandh-Call" against "Bandh-Call", of which I believe that even the Apatani Protagonist would surely agree with.

Had it not been for your "Bandh" call, we wouldn't have this "quality time" with our family that we forgot in the midst of our daily chores of running around to make our ends meet. Now that you've called a "Marathon Bandh" giving us whopping 4 days of "quality time" with our family, we are really indebted to your organization.

The general public is of the opinion that the development of the state has taken a backseat due to your organizations's frequent "Bandh Calls". I say, to hell with your opinion. You and your organization are doing great job by letting the public servants of the state avail paid absence from their duty and they are indebted to you and your organization. Their only complaint though, is that two of your organizations are calling the "Bandh" on same day, therby depriving them of one more paid absence from their duty. They would really appreciate if one of your organization defer their "Bandh" call to another day not coinciding with any other organization's "Bandh" call. Further, they have a request that kindly prepare your annual schedule of "Bandh Calls" and circulate in the greater interest of the salaried personnels so that they can plan their station leave in advance taking into consideration the scheduled "Bandhs".

The Business Communities of Arunachal Pradesh are complaining that their business are dipping owing to your frequent "Bandh Calls". I say, are you kidding! What abour the profit made by you during the non-"Bandh" period by charging us above MRP's in the product/goods, huh! You and your organization are doing great service to the consumers' by making the business establishment shut down their shutters and letting the consumers' pay back the businessmen by not letting the consumers' making any purchase during the "Bandh" period. The consumers' of Arunachal Pradesh thank you for your kind act.

Elected representatives of Arunachal Pradesh are complaining that their business of developing the state is getting hampered owing to your frequent "Bandh-Calls". I say, excuse me, sir! But for their organizations' frequent "Bandh Calls", you are getting this opportunity to remain absent from your duty and head off to foreign tour or to some farm houses in some exotic location. So, you and your organization are doing great services to our politicos too.

I say, keep-on doing the good work that you are doing and don't listen to what your detractors have to say about your act. After all, you are doing the act in the interest of the people and the development of Arunachal Pradesh and one day, who knows, you and your organization may bring laurel to the state by making Arunachal Pradesh a numero-uno state in the country in terms of number of "Bandh" calls in a year. Amen.

Long live "Bandh culture".

Indebtedly yours,



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