Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Mystery Caller at Large

April 30, 2011, Pawan Hans helicopter carrying CM Dorjee Khandu and two passengers took off from Tawang at 9:56 am and lost radio communication after 20 minutes. By around 12:30 pm news of the missing chopper was broke out in news channels. Search operations were pressed on. Meanwhile, Principal Secretary to CM received a call informing him about the safe emergency landing of the chopper somewhere in eastern Bhutan in a place called Tapurejho. Similar information is reported to have received by IG SSB and IG Law and Order Assam. Then around 3 pm interviews were given by top brass of the state, including Governor Gen (retd.) JJ Singh, to various news channels about safe landing of the choppers. Later sources from Bhutan denied having any report of emergency landing of the chopper in Bhutan. Thereafter, in following days based on the images taken by ISRO satellite and IAF Sukhoi 30, search operations were finally zeroed in to Nagajiji area in Indo-Bhutan border west of Sela Pass. On the fifth day, some villagers spotted the debris of the chopper some kilometers east of Sela Pass.

Appears like a plot of mystery movie.

Who is this anonymous caller? Did he have prior information that the chopper is going to crash on its route? Did he call all these important persons to misguide and delay the search and rescue operations so that the survival possibilities from the crash are minimized? Whoever be this anonymous caller, he doesn't appear to be ordinary mischief monger who made prank call for fun. He knew the contact numbers of persons who matter. The Principal Secretary to CM even thought he was Khandu himself.

How could the likes of the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, the Principal Secretary to CM and others be so easily duped by the anonymous call? Have any effort being made to trace the caller? Indeed the inclement weather and the terrains of Tawang and West Kameng Districts made ISRO's satellite and IAF aircraft so difficult to trace helicopter which crashed only few kilometers away from where it lost the radio communication?

Indeed, was there conspiracy behind the chopper crash which killed the CM of Arunachal Pradesh? Or is it just a wild speculation?