1. What’s this blog about?

Initially, it started something like this:

“This blog is a small attempt to highlight issues related to Arunachal Pradesh as a whole and Ziro-Hapoli in particular that this author feels needs to be raised or the smallest of happening in this whole universe that has made this author ponder twice.”

But now, this blog has entries ranging from personal accounts to travellog to poems to photography to cartoons, sketches and digital illustrations and even tips on blogger besides issues related to what it (blog) started for. So, now the blog has become, should I say, ‘a little bit of everything’ with more emphasis on issues related to Arunachal Pradesh.

2. How all it started?

When I returned back to my hometown-Ziro (Hapoli), to my state-Arunachal Pradesh, after spending about a decade away from home, I was quite shocked to see the state of affairs here. Actually, I couldn’t understand how the system was running. I tried to reason out with the so called bureaucrats, technocrats, social workers, politicians and even the common populace, but in vain. All they were interested in was to stuff their coffers at the expense of development and the society and state as a whole. So, I thought, why not reach out to the younger generations, those pursuing their studies or working outside the state. May be I could connect with them and put my views forward; who knows, in future we may have a better society, a better system and a better Arunachal.

Apart from that I wanted to shed my inhibition in putting my views and had this urge to improve my writing. Hope I would be able to achieve that through this blog.

3. Who’s this AG?

Well, for now, I’m as concerned an Arunachalee as you are who want to see my state at par with other states of the country. Besides the above the question, I’ve been asked:

Are you a Journo?

No, I’m not.

Are you a philanthropist?

Donate me your money, and you bet I could turn one. Jokes apart, may be, say after a decade or so, I may turn towards philanthropic works but as of now ‘No’.

Are you a social worker?

Hmmm….some sort of. Don’t you think I’m doing social service by raising the issues that normally people would ignore, through my blog ;)

Why don’t you come out in open? Are you a chicken?

May be, but then, I’ve my personal reasons not to come out in open yet.

25 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello AG,
    I really appreciate your effort in highlighting the plight condition of our state , Arunachal Pradesh. I am from Chakma tribe. I m born in AP but brought up outside the state. My heart beat for the Arunachal.
    Whenever i go home I feel like crying seeing the poor people of the state.
    Our state is so rich with natural resources but lack a visionary
    leader who can transform the state into a model state.

    There are somany problems plaguing the states which must be solved on
    priority basis.
    First is the Chakma problem.Don’t u think that the politicians are
    making fool of all the other Arunachalees( I a Arunachalee too) of
    driving these people away. During every election time the made this
    promise but in vain. Do you think it is possible to drive away some
    50,000 people , from the place where they are dwelling for around 45 years.
    So according to me , all the polical parties should try to find a just
    politcal solution to the problem. Acceptable to all the people concern.

    Second, education . Our state is still lagging behind in the literacy
    rate.According to the census only aroung 45-50 % of our people are

    Thirdly, roads. It there are no roads there will not be any developmant.
    They are the basis for any development in the area.

    And many more .

    Thank you.

  2. I do completely agree with you that there is enormous dearth of visionary leaders in our state making our state poor in terms of infrastructure, education, health care etc.

    Regarding Chakma and Hajong issue, I do feel that this issue should be put to an end once and for all, instead of putting undue dilemma of being Arunachalee or not, in the minds of youngsters like you, who have been born and brought up at Arunachal and who feels themselves as much Arunachalee as we feel ourselves. But you have to prove yourself to the people that you are as much an Arunachalee as others by giving back to the people by involving yourself in community building/development activities instead of fighting for your rights (?). Though, it is easier said than done but until and unless you prove yourself, the paranoia and xenophobia in the minds of the people are there to remain and politicians wouldn’t stop taking advantage of this mindset to garner vote banks during election time.

    And yes driving out about 50,000 people from the state would be a Herculean task, if not impossible and I feel it would be futile exercise at this juncture with only politicians gaining from this exercise.

  3. Dear Ag…
    its a novel initiative you got out here…i learned about it a tad late through my friend about Arunachal Diary…i really appreciate what you are doing, as you have created a platform not only to discuss and share various issues related to our state but also give needed information and news/whereabouts of happenings going around in our state..
    as we are far away from our state it is an immense help that you have provided for us students as well as for the people from A.P, who’s residing elsewhere.

    keep up the good work…

  4. and about the events that occurred at KIMIN…it is really intriguing one, hope the peoples from Geological Society of India is taking avid interest in them..

    also about FUMAROLES…if u want to know more please click the direct link provided.http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/Products/Pglossary/fumarole.html

    if its not workin then please copy it and paste it on the address/site bar………

    hope this is useful for u all

  5. Vivian,

    yes u are true that every election time the chakma-Hajong issue rises from nowhere.

    For 45 years these people are residing in AP,can these people call other place their home?

    the last resort is to accept them as OUR people..

  6. @anonymous….
    I don’t know whether that anonymous person is a Chakmas or not. But it is disheartening to read at the comment made by the above anonymous person.

    hi AG ….. i still go through your blog regularly. Your blog gives very useful information to the homesick, news starving Arunachalee like me.
    thanx. have a nice day.

  7. Hi, AG

    Chakmas are not a refugee as per our Indian constitution, the word refugee is used in a wrong manner who doesn’t have a brain to understand the word refugee.

    Chakmas are originally from India ( in India a place called Patiliputra in Bihar 7 UP ), and had been stayed there during Mughal kingdom if you look back to pre-ancient Indian history, chakmas belongs to sakyas race in which our Lord Buddha born. So chakmas are true Indian according to this context. As we all know that Bangladesh was earlier east pakistan which was within the territory of India, but after the partition of India ,its no longer of Indian territory in which Mughal king / Suddhadhana (Siddharth) king was rulling.

  8. Anony,

    Thanks for finding the site 'fantastic', but what made you think that I'm Takam Sanjoy. I'll be glad to know why you thought so :)

  9. Hello AD,

    I have been visiting your web site with pleasure for the past year. This coming January I will be visiting Arunachal and I would like to visit Ziro and possibly have a meet up with you. I live in the USA, and this will be my 5th trip to India, but the first time to the North East. I will be traveling to Arunachal with my friend Ritesh from Mumbai.
    Could you send me an email as I have questions about the RAP I must get to visit Arunachal. I am pretty sure I can get the RAP permit in Mumbai?
    I am also planning to go to the PPWF 2010 and I have contacted Arif S. by email.
    Please look at my flickr photo page also,

    Byron A

    1. Hello Byron,

      Details of Entry formalities can be found at official tourism site of Government of Arunachal. The link is here.

      If you’ve any further queries/doubt, you can contact me at arunachaldiary[at]gmail.com or ag[at]arunachaldiary.com


  10. Hi AG,

    Arunachal Pradesh State is a home to diverse ethnic nationalities so everyone should lives in harmony rather than competing/oppressing/neglecting each other. I am sick of one ethnic oppressing other. AR should have a leader who can harmonize the whole ethnics/tribes in the State.

    Peace and love be upon everyone.

  11. Accidentally bumped into your blog while researching about Stuart Blackburn. Keep up the good work and information worth sharing.
    Another Concerned Zirohiites.

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