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Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2010: Magic Continues

by Tom Simai

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival LogoIn 2007, a simple idea of then Legislative Speaker, Setong Sena resurrected the ebbed period of the bucolic tribes, which was lost somewhere in search of contemporary comforts. Thankfully, three years later, the petite perception now offers international exposure to not one tribe but most of the tribes of Arunachal, including the neighboring nation, Myanmar. Traditions has altered Arunachal, changed the modern mindsets of Changlang District. It has also modified a sweet sleepy town like Nampong and its neighborhoods into global village or tourism hub, integrating the distinct tribes and cultures that once drifted due to religious differences. It’s admirable that the sincere efforts of Tangsa community has coalesced the countless tribes of Arunachal to script together, the triumphs of tribal legacy. Interestingly, this mammoth fair has been able to flatten the many fallacious myths that persisted prior to its origination which was hampering the harmonious subsistence and socio-cultural growth of the tranquil state.

It’s an enchanting voyage to the distant land. An adventurous journey to the hidden terrain. The mystic soil ofPangsau Pass Winter Festival

Tangsas, they are one of the major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, inhabiting in most part of Changlang districts. An unforgettable occasion is unfolding, offering the pleasure to blend the New Year with ethnic amusements. An enriching experiences of Arunachal Cultures and Cuisines. The Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2010 is the gateway to the shrouded paradise – Arunachal Pradesh

As the odyssey of discovery penetrates the heart of the ethnic extravaganza, events spontaneously begin to weave unforgettable memories. The rustic lanes, the endless greeneries, the dense foliage obscuring the motor tracks, the plummeting rivulets near the historic Stillwell Road, the birds diving through the tree canopies and the insects in the forest floor makes the visit worthwhile.

During the three-day extravaganza from January 20 to 22nd 2010, survive the heady thrill of the folk songs and dances, fashion shows, the ethnic food fiesta, traditional sports, the Pangsau Pass expedition, sightseeing, eco-trekking, boating on the Rima & Namchik river, Burmese culture, as well as visits to the World War-II Cemetery, the Border bazaar, The Lake of No Return & The Hell Gate etc.

“Secy. Tourism informed that cultural troupes from other parts of the North East will participate in the festival, adding that she will also invite cultural troupes from North India to give a boost to cultural understanding with other parts of country.”

For more details on this festival visit Amazing Arunachal or Contact:

Director Tourism
Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar.

Additional Deputy Commissioner, Jairampur
Fax – 03800-223000

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2009-Transcending Boundaries

Down the memory lane by Tom Simai

As I flip through the nostalgic pages, I feel glad to tread down the memory lane and find myself striving diligently like many others to accomplish the petite and simple concept called Pangsau Pass Winter Festival (PPWF) to reinstate the ‘Cultural Identity’ of the Tangsas as well to reinvent this picturesque precinct as the base for ‘Tourism Industry’. I presume, every individual involved will reckon the truth that the grueling itinerary of ‘Cultural Resurrections’ was an emotional journey mingled with pain, pride and pleasures. In fact, the year 2007 was an incredible phase of indigenous awakening and ethnic bonding, all the breathing souls of Tangsa community regardless of age, status and religion amalgamated with committed intentions to revive and celebrate the spirits of ethnicity as well to disclose the serenity of Tangsas Inhabitation. Gradually, PPWF has revolutionized the conventional mindsets and social taboos of a generation. Without any controversies, it has alighted to prove that any religion and many tribal traditions can commingle and co-exist together. As a result, the social merger of all the tribal communities without any religious differences has rejuvenated the social sentiments of unity, integrity and communal harmony, delineating the worthiness of tribal heritages.

Two remarkable years down the line, I’m in cloud nine because of the ripples the 3rd edition of PPWF’09 is creating worldwide. The credit for this grand success goes to every members of the tribal society, the business fraternities and the Govt. Employees because they’ve toiled together to glide PPWF to the pinnacle. From a petite fete, depicting the Tangsa ethos to the colossal canvas, limning the many colorful tribes of the dawn lit mountains, the journey has been gorgeous and gratifying. Fortunately, the assiduous attitudes of the local inhabitants have coerced the utopian dreams as PPWF to transmute into pleasant reality. Now it sails upon the sea of changes, the Department of Tourism (DoT) has sponsored this to expand the perimeter of PPWF to the next level, signifying the beginning of a new era. I believe, with the fleeting years, under the aegis of Tourism Department it’ll rectify the past flaws and augment it’s horizon by transcending the unknown frontiers.

In fact, if exploited by the book the assorted aspects PPWF renders, then perhaps in the next decade it’ll change into an ample source of economic amplifications as the timely undertaking or change of guard has meliorated the vast scopes of commerce and culture. Optimistically, it is definite to influence the local economy as in the days to come; it is speculated that the economy will revolve around the several scopes created by it. Of course, the widening of commercial spheres will broaden the merry grins, demising the financial groans. “Winning starts with beginning”

Photo Feature by Arif Siddiqui

H.E. Governor of AP is accepting the welcome offered by gathering at festival ground

H.E. Governor of AP is accepting the welcome offered by gathering at festival ground.

H.E. Gen. (Retd.) J.J. Singh in full Tangsa Traditional attires

H.E. Gen. (Retd.) J.J. Singh in full Tangsa Traditional attires.

PPWF is being declared open by beating the traditional Gong by H.E.

PPWF is being declared open by beating the traditional Gong by H.E.

A Tangsa damsel in cheering mood

A Tangsa damsel in cheering mood.

Adi dancers performing a spectacular dance

Adi dancers performing a spectacular dance.

Dynamic war dance of Wanchos was the best attraction of the day

Dynamic war dance of Wanchos was the best attraction of the day.

Apatani dancers delighted the audience by their fascinating performance

Apatani dancers delighted the audience by their fascinating performance.

Lesser known Lisu (Yobin) man with his traditional guitar

Lesser known Lisu (Yobin) man with his traditional guitar.

Lisu men and women were admired by every one for their musical talent and handicraft skills

Lisu men and women were admired by every one for their musical talent and handicraft skills.

Longri youths presented a breathtaking dance sequence

Longri youths presented a breathtaking dance sequence.

A Tibetan lady enjoying the PPWF

A Tibetan lady enjoying the PPWF.

Enticing Aji-Lhamu dance drew great attraction of crowds as it was never seen before in the vicinty

Enticing Aji-Lhamu dance drew great attraction of crowds as it was never seen before in the vicinty.

The Burmese Naga tribe of Sagiang Division of Mayanmar

The Burmese Naga tribe of Sagiang Division of Mayanmar.

Pretty Lisu girls were the point and shoot targets for all shutterbugs

Pretty Lisu girls were the point and shoot targets for all shutterbugs.

This gentleman is in awe and mesmerized by seeing such ethnic extravaganza

This gentleman is in awe and mesmerized by seeing such ethnic extravaganza.

Let Peace Prevail signature campaign

Lady Governor drawing a sketch of tribal man on the “Let Peace Prevail” signature campaign.

Retd. General of Army admiring the rare collection of WWII photographs

Retd. General of Army admiring the rare collection of WWII photographs.

A decorated food stall

A decorated food stall of Tangsa’s delicious foods.

Run for Peace Marathon

Assam Rifles located in Jairampur promoted the youths’ cultural and sports activities and sponsored the  marathon “Run for Peace”.

Bikers expedition from Itafort to Lake of No Return

Riders from Itanagar on expedition from Itafort to “Lake of No Return” added a new flavor to the PPWF 2009.

ABC Bikers on Stilwell Road

Arunachal Bullet Club thumping the historic Stilwell road on their way to “Lake of No Return

Group Photo of ABC with Myanmar Army personnels

Bikers of ABC (Arunachal Bullet Club) near mysterious lake along with Speaker A.P. Legislative Assembly, Secretary Tourism, Sri Kipa Babu MLA, Itanagar and officials of Myanmar Army.

Kids from Golden Land enjoying the sail in

Kids from Golden Land enjoying the sail in “Lake of No Return”

On the concluding day, Tangsa beauties presented a tantalizing fashion show choreographed by Pinna and Aton.

Abhinanda Sarkar performing at concluding night

Abhinanda Sarkar, a Bollywood singer magnetized Nampong by her rocking performance on concluding night.


The “Driving Dorce” behind the success of PPWF, Sri Setong Sena, Speaker A.P. Legislative Assembly and Ms. Bandhana Deori, Secy. Tourism & UD, Government of Arunachal Pradesh.

Find more pictures of PPWF 2009 here.
P.S. -Thanks Tom and Arif -AG

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival’09 to embark on schedule

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival LogoThe ethnic extravaganza, the spectacular Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2009 will be officially unveiled to mesmerize the globe as per its annual schedule i.e. 20th to 22nd January, acquaints the Organizing Committee of the PPWF’09 here, today.

With the éclat celebrations of previous year still enduring, the Organizers are optimistic that the PPWF’09 will magnetize more global guests this year as it has decided to introduce some new fascinating formats into the festival frames. The Organizers enlightens blithely that the PPWF’09 has
determined to broaden its scope by incorporating more incredible tribes and traditionPangsau Pass Winter Festivals of amazing Arunachal and mesmerizing North East, respectively. The resurrection of the ancient heritages of exodus era in these 3 delightful days of ethnic celebration is presumed to entice and entertain the global back packers and culture hunters. Besides, experiencing the exuberant spirits of multi-culture amalgamation and nibbling the indigenous cuisines, the mega event will also exert superfluous efforts to regale the eco-aficionados by opening its enthralling corridors to explore the nature’s treasure house and it’ll also proffer the rarest opportunities to wreath and revere on the grave of bravest soldiers of the war at the World War- II Cemetery, adds the report.

MapTwo splendid years down the line, with little flaws and prudence’s, the assiduous endeavors to depict the tribal heritages, indigenous cuisines and ethnic etiquette along with the sighting of mindboggling bio-assets have become the hallmark of this mammoth carnival and as ever, it is sure enough to mesmerize with its flamboyant presentation and extensive ecoexploration, says the release.

Visit Amazing Arunachal for more information.


Tom Simai | Jairampur

Nampong 20th January: Phusum Kimhun Chairman DoTC strikes the traditional gong to inaugurate the long awaited 2nd Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2008 here in Nampong today. On this propitious occasion he released the POI (souvenir) and two audio albums. He further added that this kind of festivals augments cross culture relations and exposes tourism potential of the area. The other guests were DC, Changlang, SP Changlang and many others were also present in the inauguration.

Chief Guest Sri Poshum Khimhun inugurating the PPWF by striking the Gong

It has been highlighted that the PPWF 2008 is the gateway to the shrouded paradise of Arunachal Pradesh and it has been able to showcase the disparate tribes of the state. For the first time the locals and the guest have been able to witness such huge throngs of tribes belonging to different part of AP. Breathtaking performances by the indigenous groups mesmerized the audiences.

Setong Sena, Speaker Arunachal Pradesh Assembly in his speech extended his apologies on behalf of Tako Dabi, who cancelled his trip due to bad weather and thanked Sri. Khimhun for gracing the occasion in such a short notice. He also extended his appreciation to all the crowds and the workers who made this festival a reality. Further more, he said that this kind of cross cultural festivals will definitely enhance the relationship with Myanmar. Sri Tonko Bahadur Rai, Speaker Assam Assembly also graced the occasion and inaugurated the Indigenous Food Fiesta.

The traditional dances presented by the various tribes of AP enthralled the audiences specially the Foreigners who were high in numbers loitering around the festival ground appreciating the breathtaking displays of ethnicity. The Masses also enjoyed the performances of the Myanmar’s cultural troops.

The dignitaries signed for Peace, a signature campaign entitled “We stand and Sign for Peace and Unity”. It was a successful campaign as almost all the visitors present in the festival ground left their signatures and massages.

Sri Setong Sena and Sri Tonko Bahadur Rai, Speakers from Arunachal and Assam signing the “We stand and sign for pece and unity campaign” organised by PPWF

The VIP entourage than went to visit the Tangsa Hut where the people belonging to various sub-tribes of Tangsa performed SAWI (old traditional songs) that elaborated the histories of migration. Thereafter he inaugurated the Photo Exhibition presented by Arif Siddiqui. The timeless pictures of Stillwell Construction period and Contemporary Jairampur, collected from various sources, throughout the day it was the major attraction of the visitors.

The Pangsau Pass Winter Festival has so much to proffer. The extravagant event unveils the shroud from the concealed world of the Tangsa. The warm smiles of the Tangsas let forget the freezing temperature. Appreciate and admire the simplicity and hospitality. The myriad sub-tribes of Tangsas hypnotizes with the foot tapping beats of drums to the haunting melodies.

The grand event fascinated the visitors and the locals alike. The blazon of Tangsas spirit was on full swing. The multi-cultured traditions flaunted. The brandish of age-old traditions captivates the imaginations. The PPWF highlighted the cultures and cuisines of the Tangsas and the various tribes of AP. The War Cry and gunshots of the Tikhaks enthralled the audiences and the haunting song of the Pangwas, which expressed the saddest thoughts, compelled to recuperate the bygone era of nomadic life.

As the festivals attracts hundreds of visitors from in and out of AP, the remaining two days promises many more visitors from far and near. Practically its economic boom for local traders and if the things persisted the way it is now than the future of this festival is bright enough to enhance the economy and cross border relations.


Tom Simai | Jairampur:

The final countdown of 2nd Pangsau Pass Winter Festival (PPWF) 2008 has commenced. Six more days (20th to 22nd January) and the spectacular PPWF 2008 will be officially unveiled for the whole world to glimpse the spectacular display of cultural carnival, traditional sports and indigenous delicacies. The ethnic extravaganza is geared up to enthrall the guests from across the globe. Its festive time as the New Years begins blended with ethnic amusement celebrating ethnic diversity. The dedication, determination and perspiration of the locals have created a magnificent stage for the ethnic cultures to hurtle the hurdles and triumph over the emotions. The concept of the PPWF is not to get contained within an area & favor a tribe, but it desires to spread its wings and fly beyond the horizons to disclose the mysteries of amazing AP.

Sri Tako Dabi, Minister for Water Resources Development and Parliamentary affairs has consented to grace the occasion as chief guest and will inaugurate the three days Winter Festival at Nampong starting on 20th January.

The decisive moment has arrived that the youths of Arunachal consider and defend sincerely their ancient heritage because it’s a marvelous endowment from the exodus era. Few years back who might have thought that the forgotten customs of the isolated tribal people dwelling far away from the maddening crowd would fascinate the urban masses to travel around the secluded countryside just to witness the indigenous dances, traditional dresses and taste a glass of U or Apong? It’s a moment of truth, a triumph of tribal heritage and a time to celebrate ethnicity. Disregard the craze of highlife, overlook being highly qualified, forget the appetite of urbanism but be proud and be grateful that somehow ethnicity still survive and thrives in this part of the world. So, be there to celebrate the moment of pride. Don’t be stunned or surprised of inheriting the primeval legacy but be pompous and proud that you are one of the tribes that still can cause ripples worldwide.

Unfortunately, AP is not renowned for its nightlife or fast life but it is famous for the lively tribes, the organic foods, the terrace cultivations, the incredible landscapes, the thatched bamboo houses, the unique dialects, the innocent smiles, affable natures etc. The PPWF 2008 is working on this track to promote or showcase the matchless characteristics of tribal peoples and the indigenous resources used for survival. The cultural carnival is sure enough to mesmerize with its colorful presentation.

As PPWF is synonyms to Eco-tourism thus the ADC Sri M.Roy, Jairampur, has decided to keep the entire area POLY FREE ZONE and in this regard he has prohibited the use of POLY BAGS within the Festival area. This will gradually be implemented in entire Sub Division very shortly. It is a huge step towards creating an unpolluted and greener environment.

Curious Children looking at the hoarding of festival: The Nampong and Jairampur are excited and inspired for the 2nd PPWF – Photo : Arif Siddiqui

Find more on Pangsau Pass Winter Festival here.

Mr. Stefen Loose Visiting Pangsau Pass

Tom Simai | Jairampur

Jairampur December 12: An odyssey of discovery, unfolds a fascinating tale of attraction involving the global jetsetters and the alluring tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. The sturdy temptation to comprehend about the ways of ethnic subsistence is inspiring the globetrotter to scout the remotest areas of the pristine state. To research and dilate the unassuming lifestyles of the naïve natives, their complex cultures and perplexing rituals, celebrated traveling scribes from Germany will arrive here on 14 December.

Mr. Stefen Loose a famous German writer whose Handbook is the most popular travel guide book, mainly read in German speaking countries, Mrs. Renate Loose (travel photographer & writer) and Mr. Klaus also a German national and an expert on rural tourism waste management in Nepal Himalayas, will meander through the verdure woods of Jairampur, Nampong, Manmao and Pangsau Pass to retrace the routes of migration, research the nomadic past and the ethnic heritage of the tribes residing near the Indo-Myanmar border.

In 2009, Mr. Loose will accomplish glorious 50 years of traveling and the Eastern India and the Northeast India will be the major attraction to commemorate his astounding achievement. But prior to that with three famous travel writers including Mr. Tony Wheeler the founder of Lonely Planet Guide, he desires to traverse Myanmar and Thailand via Pangsau Pass.

The convoluted indigenous culture attracts worldwide attention that inspires to stoutly append the glorious past with the mystified present. Apparently, the popularity of spectacular Pangsau Pass Winter Festival has been successful to impress inquisitiveness that obligates undivided attention of curious minds and gallivanting souls and enforces them to travel towards the panoramic valley dwelled by wonderful tribes renowned for their heartening hospitality.

Gradually, the legendary tribal hospitalities are crossing geographical barriers, connecting peoples from across the globe and winning admiration.