Election Agenda of INC candidates from Arunachal for LS Polls

Apart from their party manifesto, access to education at all levels, self-employment avenues and self reliance of the state seems to be the main agenda of INC candidates contesting from 2 constituency seats in Arunachal for Lok Sabha election.

In ‘know your candidate’ column series carried out by The Arunachal Times, Takam Sanjoy, INC candidate from Arunachal West Constituency says his priorities are:

  1. Access to education at all level and to ensure each Arunachalee is educated.
  2. Implementation of SSA in right direction.
  3. To tap the untapped resources and distribute equally among all Arunachalees.
  4. To look at new avenues of self-employment and generation of employment.
  5. Implementation of 6th CPC recommendation would be pursued at all possible level. (Not surprising being included in election agenda, considering the row it created)

Given a chance, he says he will use the platform to get our state noticed for all the right reasons and will bridge the gap between New Delhi and Itanagar.

Also his other concern is to clear the misconception [sic] that Arunachal is a disputed territory.

He says apart from others, his immediate focus would be on misconception that Arunachal is a disputed territory. “This land belongs to India and no force on earth can dispute that.”

Well, in this front I would say, it is not a misconception but a fact that Arunachal Pradesh is indeed a disputed territory which can only be resolved through diplomatic measures and not by shouting our lungs out that Arunachal Pradesh is not a disputed territory.

Further, he says that state needs to give up ‘dependency syndrome’ and has to become self reliant.

Similarly, Ninong Ering, INC Candidate from Arunachal East constituency has similar priorities as his counterpart Takam Sanjoy.

Besides stressing on access to education, improved health and sanitation, finding avenues for self-employment and making state self reliant, he stresses on bringing the state in the fold of Sixth Schedule. He also stresses on making Arunachal leap forward in IT sector.

Well, both of them has given a very good political rhetoric on why should we elect them, but none of them has mentioned anything on how they would achieve their agenda. Nevertheless, let’s hope that they would keep their promises if elected.

Well, Mr. Sanjoy and Mr. Ering best of luck. We would be watching you if you keep your promise or not. :)

Anti-Dam Movement gears up-IMCLS & AIMSU demands ‘No Dam Zone in Dibang Valley’

Anti-Dam movement has geared up in Dibang Valley with Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society (IMCLS) and All Idu Mishmi Students’ Union (AIMSU) stating “We don’t want project in Dibang Valley and No further public hearing” in response to the notification for public hearing for 3000 MW Dibang Multipurpose Project which is scheduled to be held at New Anaya, Upper Dibang Valley on March, 27th.

The press release states that coinciding with the ‘International Day of Actions against Dams, and for Rivers, Water and Life‘ on March 14th, the Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society (IMCLS) and All Idu Mishmi Students’ Union (AIMSU) demands declaration of Dibang Valley as Ecologically Sensitive Zone according to the provision under Section 3 of the Environment Protection Act, 1986 similar to Aravalli Hills where mining is banned; and in line with that they have demanded banning of construction of Mega Projects such as Dams in the region and to declare Dibang Valley as ‘No Dam Zone‘.

In an open letter to Prime Minister (reproduced below) they have asked the government to stop the cruel circus of development in the name of national interest of which they have little understanding and which do not evoke interests in them considering the impact it would have on the Idu Mishmi community.

Open Letter to PM

(Click on the image for larger view)

They’ve further prepared a case for declaring Dibang Valley as ‘No Dam Zone’ under the provisions of Environment Protection Act, 1986. Find the case here.

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Kiren Rijiju for a changed political atmosphere in Arunachal Pradesh

Off late, one politician of the state is drawing my attention and gaining appreciation from my side.

Earlier, he was named among top 5 opposition MP’s reviewed by their peers in treasury bench based on high benchmark in debates, discussions and decorum and was placed along the stalwarts in the likes of L.K. Advani.

In a state where it is easier to change party affiliation then changing clothes and where there is no party ideology, he stick to his party rejecting the offer of joining the rival party and fighting the forthcoming Lok Sabha election in their ticket and that too when nine of his party member had defected to the rival party. His concern is not just about becoming an MP but bringing about a ‘political change’ in the state.

“But I preferred to remain in BJP. I feel only becoming MP should not be the sole objective. I may feel lonely losing all the party MLAs to Congress but I still feel that I should fight the system to bring about a change in the political atmosphere in the state,”he said.

Hmm.. I guess you might have guessed whom I’m referring to.

And yes Mr. Rijiju, if we’ve more legislator like you; certainly we would be having changed and better political atmosphere in the state.

What do you say?

Candidates from Arunachal Pradesh for Lok Sabha Polls

The nominated candidates, so far, of the various political parties in the state to contest for 2 seats in Arunachal Pradesh during the single phase poll on April 16th are:


  1. Kiren Rijiju (Western Constituency)
  2. Tapir Gao (Eastern Constituency)


  1. Takam Sanjoy (Western Constituency)
  2. Ninong Ering (Eastern Cconstituency)

AC & Lok Bharti:

  1. C.T. Manpoong (Eastern Constituency) (Arunachal Congress)
  2. Taba Taku (Western Constituency) (Lok Bharti)

Arunachal Democratic Alliance (ADA) is likely to announce its nominee by tomorrow.

Arunachal feature film ‘Oyaa’ bags DDK Awards

After the Arunachalee feature film ‘Sonam‘, it’s turn of yet another Arunachalee feature film to make waves and win an award.

‘Oyaa’- a Nyishi feature film based on Pill Topu’s novel ‘Oyaa’ about the plight of typical village women in Nyishi community has bagged 4 awards in the best film, best cinematography, best sound and best editing categories of DDK National Awards which was awarded at an award function held at Jalandhar yesterday.

Produced by Arun Um Sakat and directed by Abhijit Das, a former student from FTII (Film and Television Institute of India), ‘Oyaa’ has been recommended by the Jury for International Film Festival.

“It is a great feeling. This is the first film from Arunachal, which bagged national awards in four categories. The whole unit is thrilled as the jury has recommended the film for the international film festival,” he said.

“The film speaks of the socio-cultural life of Nyishi tribesmen living in a nondescript village in Arunachal Pradesh and revolves around the life of a woman. It is the first such venture to capture Nyishi family life on celluloid. And our hard work has paid off,” Abhijit Das, the director, said from Guwahati.

(Source:The Telegraph)

The film stars Bengia Neye Likha as ‘Oyaa’ and Joram Papa as ‘Podu’ who had no formal training in acting.

Would pooling in of 5 aircrafts from Civil Aviation Ministry improve intra-region air connectivity in the North East?

In a landlocked region where air connectivity is very poor as compared to rest of the country and where there is almost virtually no intra-region air connectivity so far, it is a welcome gesture from DoNER ministry to ask Union Ministry of Civil Aviation to pool in five aircrafts to provide intra-regional air connectivity in the North Eastern States to connect all the state capitals and the major towns in the region under new scheme ‘North East Airlines Services’.

DoNER Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar had written a letter to Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel requesting him to extend the services of Alliance Air to connect all the state capitals and major towns in the region under a new scheme – ‘North East Airlines Service’.

This service is proposed to be run in ‘Hub and Spoke‘ model with hubs at Guwahati for Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Sikkim and Agartala for Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura.

Now as mentioned earlier, it is a welcome gesture by DoNER ministry; but would pooling of 5 aircrafts from Ministry of Civil Aviation indeed improve intra-region air connectivity? Well, I’m afraid so.


Consider this.

The northeastern region currently has 23 airports, out of which as many as 12 are non-operational. These include airports at Along, Daporijo, Kailashahar, Kamalpur, Khowai, Pasighat, Rupsi, Tezu, Tura, Turial, Ziro and Shella.

Also, all the 11 operational airports at Agartala, Aizwal, Dibrugarh, Dimapur, Guwahati, Imphal, Jorhat,Lilabari, Shillong, Silchar and Tezpur incur annual losses worth Rs 61 crore in terms of expenditure incurred on them and the revenue generated.

With only 11 operational airports, the need of the hour is to make these 12 non-operational airports operational, if at all the state capitals and major towns of the North-Eastern states are proposed to be connected by air.

Under ‘Vision 2020 for North East’- an ambitious plan of union government to remove isolation of NE Region by improving connectivity and infrastructural development; the government has though, undertaken to upgrade 10 airports in the region with an investment of INR 50 million and has also undertaken to upgrade non-operational airport during the 11th plan.

So, until and unless the operational and non-operational airports upgraded and proposed greenfield airports completed, it has to be seen how pooling in of additional aircrafts would have effect in improving intra-regional air connectivity of the North-Eastern region. However, it may help people from the region traveling to other sectors if these additional aircrafts are used for routes in other sectors.

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